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Valentines Day

Best Ways to Ask a Girl Out on Valentine's Day
Valentines Day

Best Ways to Ask a Girl Out on Valentine’s Day

Romantic Ideas for Asking Her Out this Valentine‘s Day So, now it has been quite a while since you are observing her, following her, and perhaps stalking her on Facebook and Instagram. Most often, she shoots a smile at you, tries to strike a…

January 30, 2023
hug day 2023
Valentines Day

Hug Day 2023 – Hug Your Partner and Spread Your Love

In the week of Valentine’s day, the sixth day is the hug day. On this day, billions of people embrace their partners, family, and friends. Hug day is celebrated as a way of expressing warmth and love. Often, hugging is also people’s love language,…

January 24, 2023
Valentine's Day Gift Ideas for Men
Valentines Day

Top 10 Valentine’s Gifts Men Actually Want From You

Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas for Men Like how Christmas celebrations never end, we start the New Year with a healthy dose of greetings before focusing on keeping our resolutions alive. As the year goes on and the first month ends, love permeates the air,…

January 20, 2023
promise day 2023
Valentines Day

Promise Day 2023 – Keeping Promises with Your Partner

Celebrate Promise Day 2023 Keeping Promises with Your Partner The importance of promise day comes from couples making promises to each other for unconditional love for the entirety of their lives. On this day, the dedication you display and the emotional promises you may…

January 20, 2023
kiss day date
Valentines Day

Kiss Day 2023 – History, Date and Unique Ideas to Celebrate

Strengthen Your Relationship by Celebrating Kiss Day  Significance of Kiss Day 2023 Originating from the United Kingdom, kiss day is an official day celebrated every year in Valentine’s week on 13th February. The concept of kissing shows your affection towards your love mate instead…

January 16, 2023
Great Date Ideas for Valentine's Day
Valentines Day

06 Unique Date Ideas for Valentine’s Day

If your relationship is new, you are standing on a thin line separating the date from being fun and a bit too intimate. In case your relationship is somewhere along the road, you would want a date which is memorable and intimate, but also…

February 10, 2022
Why Teddy Bears Make a Best Valentine Gift
Valentines Day

Why Teddy Bears make the Best Valentine Gift

Teddy Bear for Valentine: Cuddle Your Way to Expressing Love Soft toys spread smiles all around and are packages of love. They are soft, cuddly and fun making them a hit among everyone, whether adults or children. They serve as an ideal gift which…

February 8, 2022
Valentines Day

07 Most Popular Roses to Give On Valentine’s Day

How to Choose the Right Floral Roses for Valentine’s Day Translation of red rose is deep love. It took on the meaning due to affiliation with the love goddess, Aphrodite. According to Greek mythology, rose bushes used to grow from her tears and her…

February 6, 2022
Valentine's Day Gift Ideas for Men
Valentines Day

How to Make Valentine’s Day Special for Your Boyfriend?

Valentine’s Day Surprises for Your Boyfriend: Show Your Love with These Special Ideas With Valentine’s Day approaching, the weather turns gorgeous with love all around. Even though every day may be filled with love, this magical day of love makes people do something a…

February 3, 2022
Celebrate Valentine's Day if You are Single
Valentines Day

How to Celebrate Valentine’s Day if You are Single?

Valentine’s Day is filled with happiness, excitement and genuine gratitude for the special loved ones in everybody’s life. However, in case you have very recently turned single and went through an unfortunate breakup or even at a stage of failed talking, situationship which turned…

January 28, 2022
Can Valentine's Gifts be Given to Friends
Valentines Day

Can Valentine’s Gifts be Given to Friends?

There is so much love all around on the occasion of Valentine’s Day. While this time of the year tends to be focused on romantic affection more than anything else, it’s the time to celebrate all of the people in your life who warm…

January 25, 2022
Is Gifting Necessary in Valentine's Week?
Valentines Day

Is Gifting Necessary in Valentine’s Week?

Valentine’s day which is also known as Saint Valentine’s day (February 14) is a time when lovers exchange greetings as well as gifts to express their love and affection towards each other. Given the similarities, origins of this day are said to lie in…

January 20, 2022
Best Love Quote
Valentines Day

Best Love Quotes From The Greatest Poets

“If you are the desert I’ll be the sea If you ever hunger, hunger for me Whatever you ask for, that’s what I’ll be” –  George Michael As this verse from the famous pop song ‘Father Figure’ metaphorically convey, love knows no bound; love…

February 11, 2021
couple gifts
Valentines Day

Valentine’s Day Gifts for Every Kinda Couple

Valentine’s Day is the season of love. And we all know couples make the most of it. But when it comes to gifting the lovebirds in your vicinity, we just can’t think of a perfect gift that speaks the ‘we-are-together-in-love’ emotion to this mind-blowing…

February 9, 2021
perfect proposal
Valentines Day

Find Out How the World Celebrates Valentine’s Day

There’s often love in the small things, and we don’t always need grand gestures to showcase our affection. However, having a day in the year dedicated to celebrating all the love around us helps a lot. Valentine’s Day is a special day to celebrate…

February 3, 2021
Valentines Day

Valentine’s Day Rom-Com Movies To Watch

With Winter still lingering around, invoking a warm, fuzzy feeling this time added with a little sprinkle of love. Yes, it’s soon to be February, my loves. And February only means one thing- Valentine’s Day (Well, for most of us). We may love it,…

January 15, 2021
Last-minute Valentine's Day Gift Ideas
Valentines Day

Last-minute Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas That Still Work

If there’s a perfect time to level up the gifting game, surely it is Valentine’s Day. Chocolates, flowers and fragrant, scented candles, etc. are great, however, this Valentine’s, do something a bit different. Gift them something thoughtful and personal to watch the spark and…

February 11, 2020
Valentines Day

Top 10+ Valentine Gifts For Girlfriend

Special Valentine‘s Day Gift Ideas to Make Your Girlfriend Feel Extra Special It is that time of the year; once again love is in the air and butterflies are not just fluttering around in your stomach seeing your crush but they are everywhere (yes,…

January 20, 2020
Valentines Day

Things singles shouldn’t do on Valentine’s Day

You know, we know, they know, and everybody knows that Valentine’s Day is just a few days away. By this time the internet must have already gone berserk with Valentine’s Day ideas and gifts and what not! However, there is another universe on the…

January 25, 2018
Valentines Day

Unique Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas

  If you are stuck on what to get your beloved on this Valentine, then we have got you covered. Whether, you have been dating her recently, or since years, these Valentine’s Gifts for 2018 are just perfect and what your Valentine would want.…

January 4, 2018
Valentines Day

Tips on choosing online Valentine’s Day gift for him

Online Valentine Day Gifts for Him can be sent with ease these days as there are many gifting portals like that offer this service with great discounts including free shipping to many countries. So, if you love your boyfriend/husband/partner very much and want…

December 18, 2017
Valentines Day

Tips on choosing Valentine’s Day Gifts for her

Valentine Day gifts for Her are very important for couples. According to a trend that we all have been following since ages, this is the day when a person shows his/her affection towards his/her partner by exchanging gifts. So, if you happen to be…

December 17, 2017
Valentines Day

Send Valentine Gifts to India for mens

As a special category in their “Men’s Grooming” section of Valentine’s Day offerings, is home to some of the best grooming products online. These health products online are a great way to say “take care” to your loved ones. This boutique of men’s…

December 5, 2017
Coupon code
Valentines Day

How to Celebrate First Valentine’s Day after Marriage

Are you the lucky one who has just initiated the blissful journey of marriage? Do not believe all those ninnies who say love diminishes after marriage. On the contrary it keeps on getting stronger and more intense after marriage. So when first Valentine Day…

November 17, 2017
Valentines Day

Flowers to Gifts on Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day is celebrated in all over the world. People celebrate the universal feeling of love on this very special day. There are stories behind origin of Valentine’s Day but this day is not bounded with any particular country or community. This day is…

November 14, 2017
Valentines Day

Top Valentine Day Gift Ideas for US

If your partner is in US for some work, you can still Send Valentine Day Gifts to US. Few years back, this was not an easy task to do but now, the world has actually become a smaller place. With the help of various online…

November 10, 2017

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