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Will You Be My Valentine Ideas – 10 Creative Ways to Say Be My Valentine

January 30, 2023
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10 Creative Ways to Say Be My Valentine

Asking someone out can be the most vulnerable experience of life. Adding some grace, humor and style is always an added benefit. While Valentine’s Day is coming near day by day, it’s time to own up to your crush that his/her love has crushed you into a million hearts for them.

But, even the slightest idea to make a confession of love leaves you in a puddle of sweat while your heart races hard and your throat turns completely dry. Well, we have some really interesting ideas to ‘SCREAM YOUR LOVE’ for the significant other to which there’s no reply other than a nodding ‘Yes!’ 

So, what are you waiting for…..Valentine’s Day? Lol…..Let’s get started!

Make A Video Edit

All you need to do is make your love a visual treat. Compile all the moments of laughter, fun, dance and nostalgia into one and you can create a perfect film applauded by showering kisses and cuddles. Fanciest way to confess your journey of love to your crush!

Be Mean & Pull A Prank

Let your love know that stealing your heart has some serious consequences. So, play a prank on them this Valentine’s Day. Hide a present under boxes over boxes and make it a frustrating experience to land on the ‘grand finale gift’.

Record their reaction and make it a hilarious memory that you both can laugh up to for years to come. Here’s another fantabulous idea – get a recordable card and instead of a message, scream your lungs out on it, it certainly will make your Valentine always remember (at least in their ears) how much you love them.

Have Some Pun!(Fun intended)

Show off your punny side to your partner on Valentine’s Day. Put it on a card, a decorative piece or simply on a note; puns are enjoyed by all….especially by sweetie pies! And if you can’t spin your head around creatives puns, here are our best picks – 

Gift your beloved some delicious s’mores and say “Everyday I realise I Love You S’more!” Bring your beloved some bananas and it’s the perfect time to say “I am all bananas for you!” Confuzzle your partner by presenting him/her a ruler & you know what to say “You’re the ruler of my heart!”

Play The Role Right!

Confessing love is beautiful but make it sexy with some roleplay. Tell your Valentine that you are terribly sick and wanna visit a doctor ASAP. While your Valentine gets ready to take you to the doctor, flung a stethoscope around their neck and tell them that the love bug can only be cured under the care of a sexy doctor….wink….wink. (We leave the rest to your imagination and creativity)

Meme Your Love

Nothing says the millennial emotion than a relatable meme. So, why not bring the magic of memes to your proposal? Scroll through the net for hilarious meme templates and make a compilation of the best ones and print it on a T-shirt for them.

Can you imagine anything more beautiful than twinning in some memes that you love with your beloved?! (We surely cannot!)

Transpire Love with Inspiration

What can be more beautiful than being an inspiration for an artist?! Donne the creative hat and let your creative juices flow into some shayari, a beautiful painting, or a lovely handmade piece of art.

Saying your beloved that they inspire you will surely make you both feel love gives you wings to flutter around like butterflies. 

Fill A Hollowed Book with Love

While ‘Careless Whisper’ plays in the background and you both are looking eye to eye against a lavish backdrop of a perfect dinner date with candles, wine and a delicious feast, sneak a thick book for your special someone.

You already hollowed out the pages and have filled it with beautiful jewellery, a tiny teddy and some chocolates. Now, all you want to see is their astonished face at your proposal to make it the most wonderful day of your life.

Dedicate A Song 

Favorite songs are memorable because they are associated with something special and resonate with us beautifully. Make your crush’s favorite song etched with your love and dedicate it to them on a radio programme or post it on your social media. Truly, the magic of a beautiful song will make your Valentine own up their love for you. 

Truth or Dare 

The game’s fixed (literally)! Play truth and dare with your group and ask your friends to dare you to confess your love to your crush. Now, you can use it as an excuse to shyly blurt out your real feelings for the one who makes your heart skip a beat. Need some motivation – we dare you to confess your love!

The Missing Piece

You gotta work for this one. Sneak the missing piece of a romantic puzzle under the belongings of your crush or your partner. Make the puzzle and ask them to complete the game by finding the missing piece, signifying the fact that it is their love which completes you. Perfect way to ask them out for a romantic date later!

We have tried to compile some really exciting ideas and we are sure you will be able to pull it off. Lastly, all we can say laying your feelings bare can be daunting but it’s always the best way to put it across than keeping it to oneself. So, make the move and don’t hesitate! After all, all we need is love, love is all we need. 

Happy Valentine’s Day!

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