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How to Propose a Girl | 12 Unique Different Ways to Propose a Girl

June 8, 2022
how to propose a girl

Best Ways to Propose a Girl

You love her eyes, her laughter, her personality, her company. You love her! Yes, you are in love. You know it; she does or maybe not. We want to tell you, stop living your life with her in your mind. Take the initiative and make it a reality.

We know, even the thought of how to propose girl gives you anxiety attacks. But fella, you can and you must before she thinks you are not interested in taking it any further.

Don’t think about her reaction, just think about how you are going to say it to her. And no, we don’t mean saying it by kneeling with a red rose in hand.

If you had that in your mind, please toss it. Here are some fun, interesting, quirky and best way to propose your girl.

Take Her For A Romantic Movie

Take Her For A Romantic Movie

Every girl and guy in love enjoy a romantic movie. Take her for one, and don’t give her a hint regarding what you are planning. During a heart touching/lovely moment in the movie, look at her briefly.

Let her know through your gestures before you say it in words. When the end credits roll, shift in your seat to face her and propose her with your original lines or the ones you heard from the movie.

Propose a Girl by Text

Text Her

If reports are to be believed, 9% of men back out of their plan to propose their beloved. Why? Because their nerves decided to wreak havoc in their hearts at the wrong moment.

If by just reading this blog on how to propose a girl with gifts you are suffering from a banging heartbeat, sweaty palms, and shaking hands, then don’t fool yourself into thinking you will crack it. Instead of making a spectacle of yourself in front of her, choose a simple, less frightening way- texting.

Compose your message first and then send it. She might call you or text you with her answer, whatever it is it won’t be embarrassing for either you or her.

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Artistic Approach

Artistic Approach

Are you an artist? A painter, singer, dancer, or poet? Use your art as the means to pop the question to your lady love.

Draw her portrait with I love you written on it, sing a romantic song for her, say I love you to her poetically or simply stop her in her tracks on her way to work or college with a flash mob dance for her, just her.

Cook For Her

Personalized platter

They say the way to a girl’s heart is through her stomach. This year ditch, over expensive, crowded restaurants & sharing your space with other couples. Instead, invite her over as you cook her a delicious three-course meal of her favorite dishes that wins her heart.

Make the meal look extra good by presenting it in a Personalized Platter that has her name on it. Now, that’s something that will take her by surprise. Be her chef for the day donning a Personalized Apron that says ‘Anita’s Chef For The Day’.

Even if you don’t you’re not the best chef in town she’s going to value the extra mile you go for her and if the food isn’t right you can have a laugh over it and order. In the end, you propose and promise to be her chef for life.

Let Her Find It Out Herself

Personalized Heart-shaped Photo Frame

If you want to be extremely creative without losing your nerve, then create a puzzle game for her. Get a personalized heart shaped photo frame  for her and let her solve it to reveal a cute picture of you and her. The feelings you are trying to portray will be immediately clear to her.

Create A Card With a List Of things You Love About Her

I love you greeting card

Create a small booklet or card, listing all the things that draw you towards her. And end the list with a big I love you written in bold letters. Simple, creative and heart-warming.

Give Her a Gift

Giver her a gift

The right gift helps you express your deep emotions, the ones you cannot bring to your lips, beautifully. Giving a gift that symbolizes your feelings for her will surely create a grand effect on her heart and mind. You can buy many romantic and love filled gifts from IGP’s gifts for her page.

A Delicious Proposal

A Delicious Proposal

Does she love coffee? Take her for a casual coffee date at her favourite coffee shop without giving yourself away. Make it as causal as it can get. Ask the shop to write ‘I love you’ on the coffee she orders.

This will give her a sweet shock, make her feel delighted, and ultimately make her blush like a red rose. You can add to the surprise and buy flowers online from IGP to go along with your coffee date.

Make It All About Her

Make It All About Her

Ask her to spend a good part of the day or, if you can, the entire day with you. Do everything she likes and enjoys. Take her shopping, on a dinner or lunch date, for a walk in the park- whatever that makes her happy. This might make her ask you why you are giving her such special treatment.

You can then say your heart’s feelings. If she doesn’t ask, before parting ways for the day, ask her the big question. Even if her answer is no, she will adore you for what you did for her.

Go Glamping

Forever Love Personalized Wooden Jigsaw Heart Puzzle

The most romantic date of all time is an indoor glamorous camping date. Pull the curtains down as you light up the room with LED lights, create an indoor bonfire with 4-5 LED Light Bottles in front of your bed sheet tent.

Play some classic rom-com as you sip wine in your Personalized Wine Glass. Your S.O. will love this romantic gesture. Create a 2 min video of everything you want to say to her & play it in between the rom-com and propose to her!

She’s going to feel like the queen of this world when you do this. With a gesture so sweet, she’s sure to fall in love with you.

Take a Dance Lesson 

Personalized Wine Glasses

Get tipsy sipping on your favorite wine from Personalized Wine Glasses and get on the floor with your partner to learn a new dance form.

This is the perfect way to get close and create sweet, intimate memories. Make sure you are backed by mood lighting with LED Lights! 

Play Clue Hunt

Serenade Personalized Gift Hamper

This one is like a treasure hunt. One clue leads to the other. Each clue comes with a price your S.O. has to pay. So, get creative with the tasks to reach the clue like a kiss, dance for you, or something else that will bring you both close.

Since it’s love, on finding each clue, keep a gift for her to reward her and keep her motivated till the end, where you finally Propose Her! Personalize each gift, so she knows it’s only for her.

Now that you have an idea about How do you Propose a Girl, Hope one of the above ways has clicked with you and you are ready to pop the question soon.

Wish you all the very best!

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