How to impress a girl?

Ever thought what goes wrong when you think of impressing a girl but you keep on failing no matter how hard you try? Rejection is a part of life but what if you try a hundred times and still fail. Every now and then we hear one of our friends telling about how much he loved a girl but still got rejected. Well, impressing a girl is seems like a very difficult task but it is not as hard as it seems. First of all to impress a girl you need to make a good first impression. It is said that first impression is the last impression. When a girl engages in a conversation with you for the first time, she notices your manners, nature and character.


Dress to impress your partner while going to meet her for the first time. Groom yourselves properly before going to meet your girl for the first time. Proper grooming and dressing shows that the individual is mature and does important daily tasks. Not only this improves your looks but also makes you more confident.


When you meet the girl you love for the first time, try to create a positive impression on her. Be kind, helpful and well-mannered. Talk to her in a gentle tone and pay attention towards her. Be confident when you engage in a conversation with her. Girls love boys who are mature, independent and confident. Be polite and take care of small things like pulling the chair for her, opening the doors for her etc.


Think before you speak. You won’t get a second chance to impress the girl you love so take the advantage of the chance and carefully think before you slip out saying stupid things to your girl. Take interest in her life. Know what makes her body tingle and blood boil. Ask her hobbies. Surprise her with random questions but don’t bother her with something personal on your first date.


Tell her about yourself. Let her know of the similarities you both share. Tell her about your passion, your dreams and goals in life.

Everyone loves a good sense of humor. Girls adore boys who have a good sense of humor. Tell her a joke and make her laugh. Be honest with her if you want to last your relationship in the long run. Tell her everything that you think she needs to know about you.


You can impress girls with some special gift items like personalized gifts as they are considered quite special and exceptional, jewelry gifts that are loved by almost every women or you can go for grooming gifts for her like makeup kit or fashionable apparels.

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