Birthday Cakes

Plan the Perfect Surprise with these Delicious Birthday Cakes

February 21, 2022
Plan the Perfect Surprise With These Delicious Birthday Cakes

10+ Delicious Cakes for Birthday

Planning the ideal birthday celebration, surprising your wife on your anniversary, or simply commemorating an important occasion would be incomplete without a wonderful cake to complement the moment.

IGP’s extensive collection of designer cakes and more spoils you for choice when it comes to completing your ideal festive needs.

These delicacies, each with its own distinct flavor, are sure to satisfy your sweet craving and leave you wanting more. These baked delights are sure to impress your guests and earn you praise.

These cakes arrive in immaculate condition, adding to the visual appeal that is guaranteed to impress. Regardless of the occasion, IGPs fast deliveries and products that are the most enjoyable and reliable gift option always manage to lure the gastronomic spirit of your loved ones.

The incredible attractiveness of spongy cake layers undoubtedly awakens the gourmet in your loved ones and makes their mouths water. Freshly baked goodies are delivered to your doorstep at the click of a button anywhere in India.

IGP allows you to choose the design, weight, shape, and flavor of your choice at a reasonable price.

Black Forest Cake

Divine Black Forest Cake (Half Kg)

Several layers of chocolate sponge cake are sandwiched with whipped cream and cherries in this rich and delicate confection. Whipped cream, maraschino cherries, and chocolate shavings are added to the top. This is a feast for the eyes as well as your taste buds.

Special Butterscotch Cake

Classic Butterscotch Cake (Half Kg)

A classic English pleasure, a super soft and tender brown sugar sour cream cake stacked and topped with creamy butterscotch sauce, is moreish for more.

Truffle Delight Cake

Truffle Delight Cake (Half Kg)

This decadent delight is loaded with sinful chocolate ganache and is an all-time favorite bake to gorge on.

Fresh Fruit and Almond Cake

Fresh Fruit Almond Cake (Half Kg)

Cream Cheese, whipped cream, and fresh seasonal fruits to top it off beautifully, this fruit cake would be the ultimate eye-catcher.

Belgian Dark Chocolate Ganache Cake

Indulgent Chocolate Rosette Cake (Half Kg)

Rightly called the best chocolate in the world, Belgian chocolate is smooth, creamy and full of flavor. And it is the core flavor of the rich and delicious cake.. The layered half kg cake is covered with a creamy rich ganache to add that bang of flavor to your celebrations.

Classic Red Velvet Cake

Classic Red Velvet Cake (Half Kg)

It’s the fact that it’s been baked to perfection that makes it so delicious. A creamy vanilla cake with a trace of chocolate and the addition of buttermilk and acid, which gives it a subtle tarty flavor and a sense of saltiness.

A cream cheese icing Is a popular addition to a red velvet cake that adds another layer of flavor – creaminess. All of these flavorings combine to produce a red velvet cake, the ideal delectable dessert.

Designer Chocolate Vanilla Cake

Delicious Chocolate Cake with Premium Frosting (Half Kg)

Chocolate fudge Brownie Cake- Soft fudgy goodness with rich dark chocolate cream luscious and divine to taste.

Chocolate Oreo Cake

Chocolate Oreo Cake (Half kg)

A sinful amalgamation of oreo and rich cream to tantalize you and keep you wanting for ‘just another slice’ is one of a kind. Chocolate/Strawberry Pinata Ball Cake- a perfect birthday delight that is sure to make you grin from ear to ear just at the sight of this baked treat.

Tiramisu Coffee Cake

Tiramisu Cake (Half Kg)

layers of goodness and taste that make your palate drool over coffee-flavored richness.

Heart-Shaped Chocolate Pinata Cake

Heart Shaped Chocolate Pinata Cake (750 Grams)

a visually gratifying and delicious cake to satisfy your palatable sweet cravings.

Theme cakes

Belgian Dark Chocolate Ganache Cake (Half kg)

There is a wide range of creative fondant cakes to delight and impress, including Barbie, wedding tiered, graduation, sports, and booze-themed cakes. These cakes can be flavored to your liking and are a popular choice.

Delicious Mango Cake

Delicious Mango Cake (Half Kg)

This is an exotic all-time favorite that literally sells out. This cake is delicate and delicious, covered with mango-flavored cream, and is bursting with zesty goodness.

Photo-Print Cakes

Delicious Chocolate Personalised Photo Cake (Half Kg)

Make your special moments extra special by customizing cake in a variety of flavors of choice that is sure to add that zing to your party plans.

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