Everything to know about Pinata Cakes with hammer

March 10, 2021
what is a pinata cake

Creamy cakes, pastries, desserts and other sweet delicacies are everyone’s best friends. For those with a sweet-tooth, there is nothing more gratifying, satisfying and soulful than a delicious cake that is central to every celebration. But, do you know the cake police has arrested the latest viral Pinata cake that has taken millions of people by craze. If no, we are here to break open the cake for you (quite literally)!

The dessert enthusiasts would be aware of the Pinata cake, and quite a few of you reading this would be just getting introduced to it. Let’s have a peek-a-boo at it’s history, culture, types, and so much more.

What Is Pinata Cake?

The concept of the Pinata cake with hammer is thought to have begun in Asia over 700 years ago. It all started with Marco Polo and his discovery of Chinese fashioning figures of cows, oxen, or even buffalos; they were covered in colored paper and adorned with harnesses and trappings for bringing in the New Year. When knocked hard with various coloured sticks, the figures revealed the spilling of seeds. This was done with the belief of showering and bringing good luck throughout the year.

star pinata cake

The shell and the filling are the two components that make up the cake. For the former, you can use compound white or dark chocolate. However, if you like tempering, then any other variety of chocolate would do. Additionally, you will need a silicone 3-d mould and a hammer. That’s too much information, here’s the fun part!

What’s inside the Pinata?

When it comes to the filling, you get a lot of autonomy. One can use as much chocolate or even make cupcakes. Alternatively, one can also use chocolate sweets such as smarties, M&Ms, and others.

More so, the colourful gems add crunch, flavour, and spectacular visuals once the Pinata cake breaks open. Other fancier and popular options among children are chocolate chips, gummy bears, jelly beans, candy corns, and Sno-Caps and sprinkles.

Start every celebration with a bang, with a Pinata Cake!

The most interesting part of every celebration is the cake cutting ritual! But a Pinata cake with hammer makes the cake-cutting process a tad different, even more exciting and unique. This gives your party or occasion a ‘wow’ element that will keep your guests guessing as to what is packed inside the beautiful Pinata.

The surprise & revealing factor of every Pinata cake makes it a wonderful choice for all special occasions and parties. Anniversary, Valentine’s Day, Mother’s Day, birthday, housewarming party, baby shower, New Year, any festival-there’s a Pinata cake for every occasion! Oh did we forget to mention, gender reveal party for the baby? Yeah, imagine doing that with a Pinata Cake. So cool!

smash cake

A Pinata Cake is always filled with versatility!

Like Russsian dolls, a pinata cake is a cake within a delicious shell. But don’t think a Pinata cake with hammer is boring & mundane. You can incorporate so many themes, designs, cake flavors and ingredients into it.

Unicorn Pinata cake stands true to the historic backdrop associated with Pinata cakes, while the marble shell Pinata cake with floral decorations is a more contemporary take on this classic beauty. Just search our site,, for Pinata cakes and you will find an exciting collection of cakes that are so beautiful that you will instantly order one.

A Pinata Cake is for everyone!

Not just cute, Pinata cake with hammer can be elegant too. From adults to children, this cake is meant for everyone. There are so many choices for the shell from dark chocolate to milk chocolates & flavored sugar caramel chocolate that is adored by grown-ups and kids alike.

For the filling, the sky’s the limit, cupcakes, sprinkles, gems, macaroons, marshmallows, or a full-fledged fondant cake, anything you love finds harbor inside a delicious and lovely Pinata.

Pinata cake variety

Doesn’t it feel fun to have a Pinata cake for a celebration? Surely makes for an explosion of merriment.

Till then, do read our blog on Here are some dos and don’ts for a safe and sound Holi.

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