Dadar Flower Market: Mumbai’s Vibrant Wholesale Flower Hub

May 8, 2023
Dadar Flower Market

The Dadar Flower Market is a popular wholesale flower market located in the Dadar neighborhood of Mumbai, India. It is one of the largest flower markets in the city and is a hub for the trading of fresh flowers, garlands, and other decorative items.

The market operates early in the morning and is known for its vibrant and colorful atmosphere. It is a popular destination for both locals and tourists alike, with visitors coming to witness the hustle and bustle of the market and to purchase flowers for religious festivals, weddings, and other events.

In addition to fresh flowers, the market also sells a variety of other items such as floral accessories, incense sticks, and other religious offerings. The market is a must-visit for anyone interested in exploring the vibrant culture and traditions of Mumbai.

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You can visit the Dadar flower market or “phool gali” in Mumbai to find fresh flowers throughout the year. Take a local train, arrive at Dadar station, and exit by the western line. The phool market starts right there. 

History And Cultural Significance Of The Dadar Flower Market

The Dadar phool gali is one of the oldest flower markets in Mumbai. On visiting, you will understand the vibrant nature of the place.

Flowers refresh your mood and add to the home decor, besides helping when you want to pray to your favourite God. Name a flower, and you will find it at Dadar phool market. 

The market has been selling regular and unique flower types for ages, including fresh varieties like Lotus, Marigolds, Roses, Rajnigandha, Orchids, Hydrangeas, Chrysanthemums, and Daisies. Primarily a wholesale market, you can also buy flowers for personal use. Do bargain and settle for a negotiable rate. 

Dadar Flower Market: Colorful Hub for Fresh Flowers and Traditions

The Dadar flower market in Mumbai is open all seven days of the week. You can visit the place any time between 6:00 am to 8:00 pm. Certain varieties of flowers are available throughout the year. Otherwise, the season specials increase the overall exclusivity of the market to multiple folds. 

The best part is you will also get to buy imported exotics at the flower market Dadar. The market stands as the sole supplier of flowers during the occasion of Ganesh Chaturthi, Diwali, Christmas, and Valentine’s Day for the people in Mumbai.

Apart from flowers, you can also visit the place to taste the delicious Gulab Jamun. For photographers, this market stands as a visual bonanza.  

Exploring Dadar Flower Market

The flower market Dadar Mumbai Maharashtra is open 365 days. Here is an ultimate guide to the same. 

Variety Of Flowers And Plants Available 

You will find various blooms daily, ranging between local and imported. The list starts with Lilies, Roses, Daisies, and Rajanigandha and goes to Chrysanthemum, Orchids, and Hydrangeas.

When you seek to buy in bulk, make sure to pre-book your order. When going by road, get off at Paaneri and walk towards the station road.  

 Seasonal Blooms and Bargain Deals at Mumbai’s Dadar Flower Market

As discussed, the market is full of fresh blooms throughout the year, but there are certain seasonal specifics. Read the list mentioned below:

  • January to April: Winter Jasmine, Magnolia Flower, Carnations, Roses, Daffodils, Azaleas.
  • May to August: Petunias, Marigold, Hibiscus, Gulmohar, and Sunflowers
  • September to December: Freesia, Hyacinths, Dahlia, Calendula, Gerbera and Delphinium 

The vendors here are up for bargaining. You will find people selling vast baskets of flowers on their foreheads. A basket of marigold flowers is available for Rs 50 to 80. A bunch of roses is available for Rs 20 to 50. Also, there are other varieties that you will find at multiple prices.  

Why You Should Visit Dadar Flower Market

The Dadar flower market offers exclusivities for every other occasion at varying prices.

Insider Tips For Navigating The Market

Always try to pre-book your order when buying in bulk. Certain shops offer attractive deals. Look for good buys in Rajnigandha Florist, Yogesh Flowers, and Shyam Pandurang Bhagat.

Carry a folding cloth bag, wear sturdy shoes, and keep a water bottle handy. Avoid visiting just before occasions, as the rates are pretty high during those times. 

Best Times To Visit And Avoid Crowds

While the flower market remains open till 8 pm, you can visit the place as early as 5 am. It will help you avoid crowds and select your favourite buys as possible. In general, the flowers here are much cheaper than the rates of your local florist.  

Bargaining Strategies And Etiquette

Most of the time, the vendors are not ready to bargain unless you buy in bulk. But the vendors are friendly, so try to befriend them with your speaking abilities and then come to the main point. Complete your venture with vada pav and gulab jamun for breakfast. 

Photography Opportunities at Dadar Flower Market

The place is also termed a photographers paradise, and it is for a reason:

Vibrant colours and unique compositions of the market

The market is a fresh blend of multiple flower varieties from different parts of India and outside. When visiting early in the morning, you will find vendors to wrap the flowers in rolled bundles. There are vibrant red roses, marigolds in orange and yellow tones, and carnations in every possible colour. 

Popular Photo Spots And Angles

You will find the market under the flyover on the west side of Dadar station. You can start clicking pictures from the flyover and then gradually move down for a great angle. After seeking permission from the local florists, go for human portraits or click the regular floral baskets available for sale. 

Tips For Taking Great Photos At The Market

When you are trying to capture the vibrant hues of the flower market in Dadar, visit between 6 to 7 am to experience a buzzing crowd and vendors selling their fresh finds. The vendors here are super friendly and will pose for a photograph when you ask. Avoid clicking pictures without permission.  

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