KR Market Bangalore – How to Reach, Best Time to Visit & Bargaining Tips

March 26, 2024
Bangalore Flower Market

KR Market (Krishna Rajendra Market): Wholesale Flower Market in Bangalore – Quick Overview

KR Market, located in the heart of Bangalore flower market, has a rich history as one of the city’s most vibrant wholesale flower markets.

The place traces its origin back to the late 1920s when it started as a modest local fruit and vegetable shopping area.

Over the decades, the KR Market became a leading flower distribution center for Bangalore and the surrounding region. Let’s know more about the KR Market in-depth.

Pros Cons
Convenient location in central Bangalore Traffic congestion around the area
Easily accessible by metro, bus, and train Crowded and chaotic during peak hours
Wide variety of flowers available Limited parking facilities
Open for long hours, offering flexibility Language barrier for non-Kannada speakers
Opportunities for bargaining and getting deals Quality of some flowers may vary
Unique cultural experience for visitors Sanitation and cleanliness can be a concern
Nearby attractions for a complete experience Noise and pollution from surrounding area

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 Location and Accessibility

Address – 14, Sethu Rao Rd, Old Tharagupet, Mamulpet, Chickpet, Bengaluru, Karnataka 560053

Map Link –

How to reach KR Market

By Metro:

  • Take the Namma Metro Purple Line and get down at the Chickpet station.
  • The KR Market is located about 400 meters from the Chickpet station. You can either walk (around a 5-minute walk) or take an auto-rickshaw.

By Bus:

Several buses ply to KR Market from different parts of Bangalore. Here are some prominent bus stops near KR Market:

  • Holden Bazar Bus Stop
  • Avenue Road Bus Stop
  • Majestic Bus Stand

You can use a ride-hailing app or ask locals for the specific bus number to take depending on your location.

By Train:

The closest major railway station to KR Market is Bangalore City Junction Railway Station. From here, you can take a taxi, auto-rickshaw, or metro to reach KR Market.

Variety of Flowers

The variety of KR Market Bangalore flowers changes constantly with the seasons. Certain flowers are abundant at particular times of year.

  • In summer, you can find many bright, colorful blooms like gladiolus, zinnias, sunflowers, celosia, and orchids. The warmer months also bring fragrant flowers like tuberose, ylang-ylang, and jasmine.
  • Come monsoon season, KR Market stocks up on water lilies, which thrive in wet conditions.
  • Lotus flowers are also bountiful during the rainy months.
  • In autumn, chrysanthemums reign supreme with their diverse shapes and warm hues. Marigolds are also prolific in fall.
  • Winters have dianthus, freesias, tulips, roses, gerberas, veritable seas of carnations, aster, snapdragon, and calendula, adding a pop of color.

Operating Hours and Best Times to Visit

Regular Operating Hours

  • While there isn’t one single opening time, vendors receive deliveries as early as 3:00 AM.
  • The wholesale market operates from around 4:00 AM and closes by noon.
  • Retail sections and street vendors typically open around 9:00 AM and close around 8:00 PM.
  • By 10:30 AM, some vendors may be sold out of fresh produce.

Best Times to Experience the Market

Early Morning (around 6:00 AM to 8:00 AM) – This is the ideal time to witness the market at its peak with the freshest produce, vibrant atmosphere, and excellent photo opportunities.

Bargaining Tips: How to get the best deals on flowers?

The wholesale flower market in Bangalore is a vibrant place that caters to various budgets and preferences. Here, visitors can indulge in bargaining on bulk orders. Below are some tips to help you negotiate and get the best deals on gorgeous blooms:

  • Shop around before deciding what to buy. Visit several sellers to compare quality and pricing. This gives you a good sense of the average costs.
  • Buy in bulk whenever possible. Sellers are usually willing to provide discounts on larger quantities.
  • Pay attention to flower quality – examine blooms carefully for freshness. Well-formed, vibrant flowers come with higher prices.
  • Peak morning hours often see lower prices as sellers want to sell off inventory. Late evenings may offer deals on leftover stock.

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Shopping Advice

The Bangalore flower market is extremely busy pre-dawn as wholesalers stock up for the day. To avoid crowds and congestion, shoppers should arrive after 07:00 am. Weekday mornings tend to be less busy than weekends. Visit on a Monday, Tuesday or Wednesday for the calmest shopping experience.

Bring cash and small change, as most vendors do not accept credit cards or high-denomination notes. Wear casual clothes and comfortable walking shoes. The market has narrow lanes that can get muddy.

The place offers an unforgettable sensory experience, with countless colorful blossoms overflowing from shops. Keep an eye out for rare and exotic flowers only found in Bangalore.

KR Market Visitors Review Summary

Feature Rating Details
Variety High Fresh fruits, vegetables, flowers (biggest in Asia), spices, household goods
Prices Reasonable Good for bargaining
Authenticity High Bustling, colorful experience of daily life in Bangalore
Photography Excellent Vibrant colors, interesting people
Crowds High Especially on weekends
Cleanliness Mixed Some reviewers mentioned it can be dirty
Navigation Difficult Large and confusing market
Early Morning Recommended See fresh produce arrive, experience peak vibrancy
Metro Access Good Chikkapete station avoids traffic

People love KR market for its huge amount of fresh flowers, fruits, and veggies! It’s like a giant supermarket, but way more exciting. They say the flower market is the biggest in Asia, so there are all sorts of colors and smells.

Plus, the prices are good if you like to bargain a bit. The only downside is it can get super crowded, especially on weekends.

Some people say it’s not the cleanest place either. But if you want a real Indian market experience, this is the place to go!

For more visitor reviews, you can check out KR Market reviews here.

Nearby Attractions to Krishna Rajendra Market, Bangalore

Attraction Type Attraction Name Distance from Krishna Rajendra Market
Historical Tippu Sultan’s Palace 4.7 km
Art & Culture National Gallery of Modern Art 5.2 km
Entertainment Flight 4 Fantasy (The Garuda Mall) 1.2 km
Historical Kempegowda Tower 4.1 km
Military History Indian Military Museum 4.3 km
Parks & Gardens Cubbon Park 7.7 km
Religious ISKCON Temple Bangalore 6.8 km

Most Bought Flowers of KR Market

The most popular flowers bought and sold at KR Market are roses, carnations, gerberas, orchids, lilies, and chrysanthemums.

  • Roses, available in multiple colors, are known for their timeless beauty and charisma.
  • Carnations are another top seller known for their ruffled petals and wide range of bright colors.
  • Gerbera adds cheer with their large, vibrant blooms that span red, pink, orange, yellow, and white.
  • Orchids, phalaenopsis and dendrobium are elegant choices popular for gifting.

The KR Market has been getting a much-needed facelift in recent years. It has a special place in the Bangalore flower market. It started small but is now very big and popular.

The ultimate goal is to move the market to a more spacious location outside the city centre, allowing further upgrades to infrastructure and operations. So, experience the elegance of fresh, exotic flowers and take away some beauty at your home!

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