Learn the Meaning Behind Each Number of Roses

January 31, 2024
Number of Roses Meaning

Different Meanings of Roses by Number

“When love came first to earth, the Spring spread rose beds to receive him.” – Thomas Campbell

Ever wondered why roses come in bunches of 12, 50, or even 100? Each stem whispers a secret message, a hidden language of love, friendship, and even devotion.

Forget decoding emojis, unravel the true meaning behind the number of roses you give (or receive!). So next time you’re picking out a bouquet, remember the power of numbers – and choose the perfect rose day gift for your loved one!

Dive into this fragrant guide and discover the romantic whispers, unspoken promises, and playful winks hidden within each bouquet. Ready to speak the language of roses? Let’s bloom!

Number of Roses Meaning
1 Love at first sight, devotion, “you are my only one”
2 Deep love and commitment, balance, togetherness
3 “I love you,” declaration of love, good luck
4 Gratitude, appreciation, “thank you”
5 Admiration, congratulations, “you’re perfect”
6 Infatuation, “I’m smitten,” new love
7 Enchantment, magic, “you’re mystical”
8 Reunited love, new beginnings, “I miss you”
9 Eternal love, devotion, undying commitment
10 Perfection, completeness, “you’re everything I want”
12 Thank you for taking care of me, appreciation, “you’re my rock”
13 Secret admirer, hidden feelings, “I’m thinking of you”
14 Love’s challenge, overcoming obstacles, “we’re meant to be”
15 Passion, desire, “I crave you”
16 Unconditional love, acceptance, “I’ll always love you”
18 “You are beautiful,” stunning beauty, grace
19 To remember, forever in my heart, “I’ll never forget you”
20 Independence, freedom, “I love your spirit”
21 Playfulness, commitment, “we’re fun together”
24 “I’m thinking of you,” missing you, “you’re on my mind”
25 Congratulations, well done, “you’re amazing”
36 A long-lasting love, enduring commitment, “forever and always”
40 Hope, new beginnings, “I believe in us”
50 Unconditional love, boundless devotion, “my heart belongs to you”
100 “You’re my everything,” complete love, total devotion

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One Rose

Single Rose Bouquet

A single red rose is the classic way to say “I love you” and is a simple, timeless gesture. Gifting a single rose conveys “love at first sight” and is a romantic way to tell someone they are the only one for you.

It can also signify the start of a new relationship and the beginning of a budding romance. A sole red rose can be given on Valentine’s Day, anniversaries, or any day of the year to woo a sweetheart. Its classic meaning will melt the heart of your recipient.

Two Roses

Two Become One

Giving two roses symbolizes mutual love and affection between two people. The number two represents the couple coming together as one. Two roses express the shared commitment and passion felt equally by both individuals.

The two blooms express you want to share all of life’s magical moments as a team. They illustrate that your heart beats as one, bound by devotion and care.

Three Roses

Three Rose Glass Red


Giving three roses signifies the message “I love you.” The three roses convey the simplest, clearest, and most direct expression of love, passion, and romance. Just three roses elegantly communicates the intimate message that the giver loves and cherishes the recipient.

Some believe three roses echo the phrase “I love you,” with one rose for each word. Three red roses are likely the ideal choice for anyone seeking the perfect way to convey true feelings to your sweetheart.

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Six Roses

Box Of Romantic Roses

Giving six roses voices a desire to be together forever. This gift symbolizes wanting a romantic partner for life, viewing them as a soulmate. Six roses indicate the giver is ready to take the relationship to the next level.

Whether that means an engagement, marriage, moving in together, or another commitment, it communicates devotion, loyalty, and willingness to build a future as a couple.

Nine Roses

The gift of nine roses symbolically says, “I will love you not just until the last rose dies, but for all eternity.” It’s an extremely romantic, thoughtful, and meaningful way to express the depth and permanence of your love. Since a dozen roses is more customary, gifting nine roses shows that you put special care into choosing the meaningful number nine.

When you give nine roses, you make a powerful promise of fidelity. You are committing your heart completely and proclaiming your intention to love your sweetheart for life.

12 Roses

The meaning behind 12 roses is to express your deepest love, gratitude, and appreciation for your significant other. A full dozen long-stemmed red roses are the ultimate mark of true love. It says your affection will not diminish, and you want to be together for the long haul.

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50 Roses

Bunch of 50 Roses for your Love

You are willing to go all out when it comes to showing affection. 50 roses forge an association with golden anniversaries, signifying a relationship that has withstood the test of time. For newer bonds, the bouquet exemplifies the hope and trust that the connection will continue flourishing. Your devotion is for eternity. When words seem inadequate to convey the depth of your feelings, let 50 roses speak for you.

100 Roses

100 Days of Love

When you gift 100 long-stemmed roses, it shows that this love is monumental. It’s a sturdy, steadfast love and built to last forever. Your heart overflows with adoration for your partner, and you want to shout it from the rooftops! This premium and extraordinary bouquet demonstrates that your love is the rarest and most precious thing in the world to you.

Each rose makes the day even more romantic! Here is the meaning behind the number of roses. This day is marked as the day of love. So why not make it even more special with a meticulously curated bouquet of roses? Make your partner’s heart overflow with love by giving them each and every rose.

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