Top 10 Latest Trending Cake Designs & New Ideas (2024)

April 14, 2024
Cake Decorating Trends

Top 10 Trending Cakes You Need to Try

A cake is an integral part of any celebration, adding to its charm and helping everyone indulge in something merry. There is no way you can go wrong having decided to wish someone a cake in the flavour they like.

Suppose you are someone – a home baker, a DIY baking enthusiast, or a professional trying to make a mark with your sweet art delicacies.

In that case, these 2024 cake decoration trends are a real opportunity to grab. You will get an idea of everything from minimalist simple cake designs to over-the-top custom cakes.     

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New Cake Ideas Description Perfect for
Minimalist Simple & elegant, often with 2 flavors and fresh fruit Birthdays, showers, any occasion
Abstract Buttercream Painting Playful & artistic, uses buttercream like paint Birthdays, casual get-togethers
Geometric Modern & chic, uses geometric shapes Birthdays, anniversaries, adults
Metallic Shiny & trendy, uses edible metallic dust Birthdays, anniversaries, baby showers
Edible Flowers Pretty & natural, uses real flowers (safe to eat!) Spring/summer parties, baby showers
3D Super cool & realistic, shaped like objects or people Special occasions, birthdays (especially kids!)
Marbled Swirly & colorful, uses 2+ batter colors Casual gatherings, fun parties
Whimsical Playful & creative, uses bright colors and fun shapes Kids’ parties, themed events
Oversized Big & impressive, perfect for large gatherings Weddings, anniversaries, big birthdays
Custom Personalized & special, any flavor/design Any occasion, makes a great gift!

Minimalist Cakes

Delectable Pineapple Cake (1 Kg)

Have you heard of the phrase ‘less is more’? That is what a minimalist cake design is all about. Nothing over the top, yet you have the most elegant and optimal cake design.

Usually, one must include two flavours in clearly differentiating lines, with fresh fruits added to the garnishing. You can also include a single edible fresh flower over your geometrically perfect cake design.  

Abstract Buttercream Painting

Lotus Biscoff Buttercream Cake (1 Kg)

When working on an abstract buttercream painting cake design, get a palette knife, spatula and brush to unleash your creativity. Buttercream, a versatile ingredient, goes well with various flavours and cake preparation.

You can team it up as a frosting over cupcakes or regular bakes. For flavour, choose strawberry, caramel, coconut and cheese.  

Geometric Cakes

For your Mr Perfect or Ms Perfect, geometric cakes can be a great idea. Abstract art, ergonomic shapes and metallic-coloured sweet delectables elaborate the base pattern of a geometric cake.

One can choose a single-tier or multi-tier geometric cake based on the guests invited. Trendiest designs include retro blocks, Mediterranean mosaics, paint splatters and minimalistic motifs.

Metallic Cakes

Metallic Cakes trends

Edible lustre dust in silver or gold colour is the key ingredient to your metallic cake type. One of the trendiest options, you can apply a metallic effect on the whole cake or just some parts.

There are several ways to apply metallic dust on a cake, either dissolve the dust in alcohol or apply it directly on the cake dry. Metallic cakes are a great option for birthdays, anniversaries and baby showers.   

Edible Flowers

Some people enjoy flowers in their sweet and savoury items, leading to the trend of using edible flowers over cakes. Decorate the cake with these fresh blooms and amplify its charm quickly.

However, not all flowers are edible. Make sure to choose between – Rose, Chamomile, Calendula,  Pansy and Viola, Thyme etc. When working on a minimalist cake design, you can use these flowers to create floral patterns and decorative art that are simple yet elegant. 

3D Cakes

Spectacular Pinata Cake (750 Grams)

3D cakes are new in trend, with bakers trying their exclusive decorative skills and art exhibiting abilities to create real-looking bakes. You can avail of several 3D cake art in versatile shapes and sizes.

Starting with cartoon emittance, the particular cake art has evolved into great replicas of famous sculptures, personalities and iconic places. Iconic bakers like Samie J Ramachandran, Paul Hollywood, and Buddy Valastro have proven their mastering skills in 3D cakes. 

Marbled cakes

Heart shape Red Marble cake

Marbled cakes are another popular trend for 2024. They are made by using two or more colors of batter to create a marbled effect.

Whimsical cakes

Whimsical cakes are a fantastic way to infuse creativity and playfulness into your cake designs. These cakes are often adorned with vibrant colors, unique shapes, and whimsical decorations that reflect the theme or concept you have in mind.

Oversized Cakes

4 Tier Elegant Fondant Cake (10 Kg)

Oversized cakes are a great way to make a statement. They are perfect for special occasions like birthdays, weddings, and anniversaries.

Custom Cakes

1st Birthday Cake (Eggless) (5 Kg)

The person celebrating their special day can select any flavour, design and style in custom cakes. As a baker, you must suggest an idea and help your client determine their priorities.

When it is a surprise, try to know the favourite flavour or cake topping of the person in concern and then continue with the same. Custom cakes are the best examples of ‘freedom of choice.’

So that is all about the greatest cake decoration trends you must try on with the upcoming bakes. As exciting as the ideas are, trying and executing them for real will be more fun. Wait no more and just get started.

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