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When is Rose Day 2024 – History, Traditions and Perfect Gift Ideas

January 28, 2024
when is rose day 2023

What is Rose Day and When To Celebrate It

February, the most romantic month of the year dedicated to love and lovers, is just around the corner. The much-awaited Valentine’s week is almost here. Rose Day, the first day of Valentine’s week, marks the start of days abundant in cute gifts, sweet confessions, and beautiful unions of people in love.

On Rose Day, people give beautiful rose gift to their crushes, lovers, and loved ones, wishing them a very happy rose day. Whether a single rose or a huge bouquet of a hundred roses, the heartfelt confession is enough to make anyone swoon and melt.

Every color of the rose means something, and it is important to know when is the rose day date to mark it on the calendar and present a beautiful rose to your lover.

Rose Day 07th February Information
Date February 7, 2024
Purpose Celebration of love and affection
Tradition Exchanging roses as a symbol of love
Significance Marks the beginning of Valentine’s Week
Common Activities Gifting roses, expressing feelings, love
Popular Colors Red for love, white for purity, yellow for joy
Celebration Style Romantic gestures, dinners, heartfelt notes
Recommended Gift Bouquets, personalized cards, romantic gifts

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Rose Day Date

Rose Day is celebrated on February 7th each year. It kicks off Valentine’s week, a time for expressing love and appreciation to loved ones. Red roses symbolize romantic love, while other colors like pink or yellow can represent friendship or admiration.

The very special rose day date holds an important significance in the hearts of couples and romantic partners.

On this day, lovers plan to meet up, buy a red rose gift or a bouquet of colorful roses and gift it to their partners. It marks the start of a week that is dedicated to confessions of feelings and love.

History of Rose Day

Since Cleopatra’s time, around 30 BC, red roses have been regarded as a sign of love. It is said that Cleopatra had made a carpet out of crimson roses to welcome Antony to her chamber.

Meanwhile, Roman mythology associates roses with Venus, the Roman goddess of beauty and love, and sees them as a symbol of desire and mystery.

However, the lovely roses gained popularity in the Victorian era because people had grown fairly enticed by these beautiful flowers, particularly red. Literary legends like Shakespeare had begun to incorporate them into idioms and verse.

Since then, people all around the world have used roses as a romantic symbol of love and passion.

Roses have been around for millions of years, but it is unknown when or how Rose Day came to be. Nonetheless, it is now celebrated by people as a day to materialize the passions of love in the form of a scarlet red rose.

Ways to Make Your 2024 Rose Day Celebration Extra Special

Rose Day in India can be celebrated in several ways, but the most important element is the silky red rose.

To make your Rose Day even more special, consider incorporating some Valentine’s Day quotes or rose shayari in english into your celebration Here are a few ways to have a Rose Day special celebration.

Start the day with a bouquet of red roses.

One of the best surprises is whipping up a delicious breakfast in bed for your partner and placing a gorgeous bouquet of roses with it.

Plan a candlelight dinner

What about a candlelight dinner at a fancy restaurant? It will give couples some time away from work, and everyday stress, talking about their memorable moments, with a single rose in the middle, looking velvety as ever in the flickering candlelight.

Sweet surprise picnic

A sweet way of celebrating Rose Day is organizing a warm, sunny picnic with tasty sandwiches, a huge picnic basket, a furry friend, your partner, and a big bouquet of roses. Spend a day out in the park, riding cycles, playing catch, or reading a book with your lover.

Happy Rose Day

This year, celebrate 7 Feb Rose Day with your soulmate by surprising them with a bouquet of red, pink, yellow, or assorted arrangements of flowers from IGP that convey your feelings of love and appreciation for them.

Some best-selling bouquets valentine day roses on IGP are Red Rose Bouquet, Bouquet of 10 Yellow Roses in Tissue Wrapping, Box Of Romantic Roses, Fairy-Tale Romance, The Beloved, Floral Fiona, and Aphrodite Blooms.

You can also combine these beautiful blooms with rose day gifts such as a photo box, a funny caricature, and more to add an extra thoughtful touch to the rosy surprise.

Be it Valentine’s Day or Rose Day; you can make your loved ones feel special and amazing by giving them a rose. It is a universal symbol of love and an excellent way to express your sincerest sentiments.

You can send the perfect message of love to the love of your life at their doorstep by sending them a bouquet of the freshest roses via IGP, no matter where you live.

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