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Find Out How the World Celebrates Valentine’s Day

February 3, 2021
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There’s often love in the small things, and we don’t always need grand gestures to showcase our affection. However, having a day in the year dedicated to celebrating all the love around us helps a lot. Valentine’s Day is a special day to celebrate the warmth of endearment.

Some say “go big or go home,” and they do the most extravagant thing to win their loved ones’ hearts, and some believe in the magic of simplicity; it’s the littlest moments and the smallest gestures that make the biggest difference.

We all say “I love you” to our significant other on Valentine’s Day with a box of chocolates, their favorite flowers, and a little note to express our heart’s most authentic desires but have you ever wondered How the World Celebrates Valentine’s Day? Well, let’s take a look! Find Out How the World Celebrates Valentine’s Day-

Argentina’s – The Week of Sweetness

The tradition of celebrating Valentine’s Day for Argentinians is a little different. They don’t celebrate it in February like most countries; they celebrate a week of sweetness in July instead. Lovers around the country exchange sweets, chocolates, and of course, loads of kisses and cuddles!


South Korea – 14th of Every Month

South Koreans are known for their glass-skin and fascinating tech-savviness and their tradition of celebrating the 14th of each month as a special day for lovers. 14th of May is the “day of roses,” 14th of June is the “day of kisses,” so on and so forth.


Ghana – A Chocolatey Affair

Ghana is known for its rich cocoa! The delicious dark chocolate, with its invigorating smell, chocolate is an aphrodisiac for all the right reasons. It’s good for the heart and soul. Hence, people in Ghana celebrate the 14th of February as the National Chocolate Day, and I say it’s worth it! Who doesn’t want to indulge in a decadent, chocolatey affair?


The Day of San Dwynwen in Wales

A unique tradition started in the 16th century, but it is still practiced today in the country of Wales in the United Kingdom. On the 14th of February, lovers in Wales exchange handcrafted wooden spoons with each other. Well, we bet that adds a spoonful of sweetness to the relationship.


Get Romantic in Romania

Romania does not celebrate Valentine’s Day on the 14th of February; instead, it celebrates on the 24th of February as a romantic day for couples. It is also the celebration of the spring season; young couples get engaged on this day. They go to the forests together to pick vibrant, colorful flowers, and they also wash their faces with snow for good luck.


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