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Top 12 Flowers to Gift Your Girlfriend

June 19, 2024

Best Flower Choices for Girlfriend

Love and flowers go hand-in-hand. Wondering why? Flowers tick more than one box as a perfect gift due to their versatile and timeless appeal.

No matter how far the human race evolves, when it comes to winning the heart of your girlfriend, a bunch of beautifully wrapped flower bouquet for girlfriend serve as a romantic gesture.

Can’t be there to deliver them yourself? No worries! IGP offer a wide selection of romantic blooms and Send Romantic Flowers for Girlfriend Online , making it easy to surprise her with a thoughtful gift, even from afar.

So, whether she has been sick or you need an apology, a sprinkle of romance might ease her heart.

How do you plan the most heartfelt flower gift for girlfriend? The answer lies in choosing the perfect flowers from IGP that help you convey your feelings in the right way.

You can now Send Romantic Flowers for Girlfriend Online IGP that help you convey your feelings in the right way.


Red Roses in Heart Shaped Gift Box (40 Stems)

Gift Roses


The first thought that might cross your mind when wondering about love flowers for girlfriend would be about the mesmerising roses. Their exceptional beauty with a sweet fragrance is what attracts the most.

To find the perfect rose bouquet for your proposal, check out IGPs collection of Best Proposal Flowers.

Also, the roses come in various hues, and each colour has its own meaning. For instance, the red roses represent love and desire. Meanwhile, the pink ones convey admiration and appreciation.

The yellow roses represent the essence of joy and friendship. A bunch of white roses reflect the purity of your relationship and the innocence of your partner.


Glass Vase of 6 Pink Lilies

How about fresh and striking lily blooms? The elegant lilies add an extra charm to your gifts that symbolize purity and commitment.

They are long-lasting and can be kept by your girlfriend even for days after receiving them. The majestic lilies are the most cherished choice for conveying romantic sentiments.

Gift Lilies



Blushing Pink Tulip Bouquet

The tulips are an equally unique and versatile choice. Get a stunning bouquet curated with slender, eye-catching tulips from IGP, as they are associated with perfect love. You can find tulips in a wide range of colours.

The yellow ones evoke feelings of happiness and warmth between you and your girlfriend, while pink hues display love, appreciation and joy.

Gift Now



Opulent Orchids Bouquet

Orchids are known for their exotic beauty and represent unwavering strength. Thus, convey your heartfelt emotions to your girlfriend through white orchids that convey purity and innocence, while the purple orchids exude sophistication and luxury.

For an even more romantic touch, consider sending a bouquet or arrangement from IGP’s Love & Romance Flowers collection.

A bunch of orchids wrapped in graceful bouquets or adorned in vases is sure to leave your girl mesmerized.

Gift Now



Bouquet of Light Pink Carnations in Globe Vase (25 stems)

If you want to leave behind the traditional roses and pick an option that subtly expresses your feelings but is equally captivating, then red carnations might be the answer. It symbolizes deep affection and love.

They come in other gentle hues, too, like lavender, creamy white and pale pink. The carnation bouquets express admiration and are meant to fascinate your girlfriend.

Gift Now


Best Flowers for Girlfriend Special Occasions

When you have come a long way in deciding the best flowers for a girlfriend, you must know whether you are gifting them on the right occasion. Find listed below the types of flowers that you can present to her on various occasions.


Purple Orchids & Pink Roses In Round Vase

Anniversaries come once a year, so brighten your girlfriend’s day with fresh, romantic blooms such as classic red roses, lilies, and peonies.

Gift Now



Smiling Splendor Personalized Birthday Hamper

Looking for the best birthday flowers for girlfriend? Consider choosing the lavish floral arrangements at IGP. Pick cheerful sunflowers or a vibrant bouquet of daisies and take your love by surprise.

Gift Now



Elegant Mix of Lilies

Whether your girlfriend has got a promotion or graduated from university, the occasion calls for a celebration of her achievement. Thus, you can present her with a congratulations bouquet of mixed flowers like sunflowers and lilies in bright colours.

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Floral Enchantment Bouquet

Flowers are the best choice for celebrating important milestones in your relationship. So, whether you are celebrating your first anniversary or any other significant occasion that marks an important milestone in your relationship, present your girlfriend with a bouquet of red roses, tulips and orchids.

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Unique and Thoughtful Flower Choices for New Relationships

Just entered into a new relationship? There’s no better way to embrace the new bond than with flowers. Thus, start off on a new journey with your girlfriend by gifting her the following flowers:


Daisies (Bunch of 3)

Daisies symbolise innocence and new beginnings, making your girlfriend’s heart smile. Thus, these blooms in elegant hues would be a perfect choice.

Gift @295



80 Alstroemeria Stems

The beautiful and unique alstroemeria reflects a love language that represents devotion and friendship. Both of these are important ingredients for a lasting relationship.

Gift Now


Gerbera Daisies

Vivid Beauty Blooming Wishes

Presenting your girlfriend with a bunch of Gerbera Daisies will win her heart once again. They convey cheerfulness and purity- a perfect ode to your girlfriend’s qualities!

Gift Now

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