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Kiss Day 2024 – History, Date and Unique Ideas to Celebrate

January 16, 2023
kiss day date

Strengthen Your Relationship by Celebrating Kiss Day

 Significance of Kiss Day 2024

Originating from the United Kingdom, kiss day is an official day celebrated every year in Valentine’s week on 13th February. The concept of kissing shows your affection towards your love mate instead of seeing it as a social formality. 

Kiss day is celebrated among couples and carries a great significance in one’s life. Kissing is one of the simplest and smallest expressions of affection, and due to its significance is celebrated worldwide. 

History of Kiss Day 

Kiss day is a special day celebrated during Valentine’s week. It was borne out of the idea that many people had forgotten the pleasure you can gain from the single act of kissing.

It is simply a way to make others feel loved and express love in return. Also, the simple pleasure attached to being able to kiss your partner before leaving for work or after coming back from a long day has lost its importance in the pace of the modern world. 

However, Valentine’s week kissing day aims to bring back the celebration of expressing love. Whenever your old love starts fading out, it is important to remember how necessary it is to rekindle that flame with the minimum act of intimacy every day.

Even though kissing day is celebrated as a physical act of love, it is also a sign of a bond that may exist between you and your partner. 

When is Kiss Day – Kiss Day Date

Kiss Day is celebrated on the 13th of February, as part of Valentine’s Week. It’s a day to express love and affection through a kiss. Whether it’s a kiss on the cheek, a hug, or a smooch, it’s a sweet and simple way to show your significant other how much you care. So mark your calendars and plan a special kiss for your loved one on Kiss Day

Kiss Day Gift Ideas by Relation

Kiss Day is the perfect time to express your love and appreciation for your special someone! If you’re stuck on what to get your sweetheart, there are plenty of gift ideas for kiss day that will make them feel special.

Relation Gift Ideas
Spouse/Partner Romantic dinner for two, Couple’s massage, Love coupons, A heartfelt love letter.
Parent A handmade card, A photo album of memories, A family portrait, Homemade meal.
Friend A hug, A bouquet of flowers, A personalized photo frame, A surprise outing.
Children A handmade card, A special treat, A surprise outing, A special family outing.

Ways to Celebrate Kiss Day 

  • Sending Images

The most common way of celebrating the awaited kiss day is by sending each other images. When you have a very busy schedule or are maintaining a long-distance relationship, then the least you can do on a kiss day is send an image with happy kiss day or make it personalized, such as happy kiss day, my love.

You can find many images on the internet that you could send on the kiss day. Or if you find this method challenging, you can send a GIF of a romantic happy kiss day to your partner and express their importance in your life. 

  • Sending Quotes

If you send an image, you can send a quote to your partner through social media or any messaging app. You can share a quote that reminds you of its importance in your life and express them to your partner through sharing the quote.

If you find it difficult to type out the quote yourself, your partner would also appreciate simply receiving the image of the quote. And once you send the quote, you can also add the message happy kiss day, my love. It will surely brighten your soulmate’s day!

  • Sending Wishes

The simplest thing anyone can do for their partner is sending over the wishes of kissing day. You can send the message happy kiss day through any messaging application. Or you could send your wishes face-to-face or through a call.

If you cannot meet your partner, then wishing them through a video call would be great. And if not a video call, then a simple audio call would do. 

Benefits of Celebrating Kiss Day 

  • Strengthen Relationships

International kiss day is a great opportunity to strengthen your relationship with your partner. You could also have a small celebration for the kiss day. You could take your partner out to a romantic dinner and wish them a romantic happy kiss day.

It would be a great end to the day, or you could also start the beautiful day by bringing your partner breakfast in bed. 

  • Show Appreciation

Kiss day is simply a day where you can show appreciation for your partner. You could express how much they mean and how not having them in your life would make you feel incomplete. You can express your appreciation in various ways.

If not a candlelight dinner, you could give them a gift of something they have wanted for a long-time but have not gotten around to purchasing. It would make your partner feel special and cherished. 

  • Make memories

In the end, no matter which day it is, be it kiss day or Valentine’s day, it is the day that you can make many memories with your partner that will last a lifetime. 

Overall, kiss day is a special day where you express your love for your partner through a sign of intimacy. It is also an opportunity to rekindle any lost flame or even propose to your crush!

Also, many benefits come with celebrating kiss day. Not only does it strengthen your relationship for the long term, but it makes your partner feel prioritized and loved.

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