Valentines Day

Tips on making Valentine’s week more special for you both

November 6, 2017

Surprise each other this February with Valentine Day Week Gifts. Yes, it should not only be a single day when both of you will be celebrating, let that happen for at least a week. No, there is no need to just keep gifting each other stuffs every day but there are ways to make the whole love week special for you and your partner.

Believe it or not, the air changes when the calendar mentions its 14th of February. It seems as if love is actually in the air. You can see men holding bouquet, balloons, teddy bears or some other stuffs trying to impress their girl.

Do not be left behind and try these ideas to make the Valentine week more special:

Spend Time Together

It is a fact that our busy life does not give us much time to spend with our family. So, giving each other some quality time would definitely make both of you feel special and loved.

What men can do is, make their lady breakfast in bed (and let them enjoy your culinary skills) and women can help their men in other chores. Watch a movie together or cook your favorite dishes for dinner. All of this will help you be closer and increase your love as well.

Watch out together

Sit together on a couch and play your marriage video. Now hold each other’s hand and watch that together. Relive those lovely moments when you both vowed to be together forever.

A Night Out

Leave your office early and skip cooking for a day or two. Go out and just have fun, the type of fun both of you are missing. Go wild, dance like nobody is watching, laugh, make love or anything that will make you both happy. You will remember this craziness forever.

Spa at ‘home’

Give each other a hot oil massage that is not only healthy for the body but will also make one feel good.

Other than these ideas, you can also buy online gifts to make the week special. There are many websites that offer a variety of gift items as per age and preference along with discounts.

And thanks to this online service, sending online valentine gifts to India has also become easier. So, whether you are there with her/him or not, make use of the service and enjoy the love week to the fullest.

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