Valentines Day

How to Celebrate Valentine’s Day if You are Single?

January 28, 2022
Celebrate Valentine's Day if You are Single

Valentine’s Day is filled with happiness, excitement and genuine gratitude for the special loved ones in everybody’s life.

However, in case you have very recently turned single and went through an unfortunate breakup or even at a stage of failed talking, situationship which turned into a no-situationship, this love filled occasion could potentially turn out to be a sad and rather lonely one.

But before reaching out for a pint of that consoling ice cream, it is necessary that you know that the celebration of Valentine Day isn’t just supposed to be special for those who are in love.

It may very well be an occasion to celebrate yourself and all the people cherished by you.

Whether you are single by your own choice, had a recent break up, or simply haven’t found your perfect someone yet, don’t fight shy of Valentine’s day festivities year just because you are riding solo.

Here are some ideas so you could get through Valentine’s Day being the unapologetically single person you are. You deserve it!

Plan for Galentine’s Day

While you might be single, that doesn’t mean you only have to spend Valentine’s Day by yourself. Even if all your friends have a special someone in their life, plan ahead and work out separate plans around their schedules to experience the best kind of celebration- Galentine’s Day.

Go out and sip on a few fun drinks, relish your favorite food and take time to cherish and appreciate all the wonderful bonds of friendship you have because of their existence in your blessed life.

Get Retail Therapy

It is among the best things about not being in a relationship on Valentine’s Day that you do not have to forcefully pretend to feel excited about some gift from your significant other which you really hate.

After all, who would know you better than you? Self gifting is the way to go. There’s nothing better than buying yourself things you know you are sure to love. As the very famous singer Ariana Grande says, “I want it? I got it.”

Focus on New Year Resolutions

Valentine’s Day falls pretty early and quite close to new years eve. You could channel all the “single and sufficient” energy towards a goal or activity and for this you can always take a look at your list of resolutions for new year which you probably ended up neglecting already.

Did you decide on becoming fitter? Trying a different hobby? Exploring or reading more? This is a good time to start!

Have a Regular Day

There’s no need to do anything extra special for Valentine’s Day. Wake up when you usually would, take a bath, have some delicious breakfast, and continue with your day like you would otherwise. Because sometimes it is the best choice to not celebrate and pretend that a festival doesn’t even exist. 

Do Everything that You would if You had a Date 

Let us be real, many dates end up with Netflix anyways, which is perfect because you do not need a date for doing that.

There’s a whole lot of things you can enjoy by yourself on Valentine’s Day which couples usually do.

Go for a movie, enjoy your favorite dessert, or do anything that gives you joy. You don’t have to buy into the false idea that there’s a need for another person for you to feel happy.

You must have gotten an idea or two on your mind by now about how you are going to plan your day on the 14th of February. So go and make the most of your day on this occasion.

Have a great Valentine’s Day!

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