Valentines Day

How to Celebrate First Valentine’s Day after Marriage

November 17, 2017
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Are you the lucky one who has just initiated the blissful journey of marriage? Do not believe all those ninnies who say love diminishes after marriage. On the contrary it keeps on getting stronger and more intense after marriage.

So when first Valentine Day comes after marriage, you might be excited to give your special one all the world’s pleasures to show them how much they mean to you.

There are ample of ways in which you can make the day special for your better half. Here are five best ideas to do it:

Sweet Little Heartwarming Gifts

Gifts are obviously an inevitable part of all ideas. So firstly plan all the activities you would like to do with your spouse on that day and accordingly get them the perfect gift, preferably something he or she has yearned for a long time.

Show some creativity while packing to give them a nice surprise. Red heart balloons, heart shaped candies, heart shaped chocolates, handmade heart shaped notes are all sweet unique things that you can use to decorate your main gift. It is going to delight them like never before.

A Glorious Getaway

Take your day off and get away to a nice place nearby which would help both of you spend time with each other with undivided attention. A nearby beach or hill station would be perfect. Make sure all bookings are in order to avoid last minute disappointments.

They really ruin the mood. You can also plan some interesting activities like water sports, camping, visit to a concert anything that you can take up together. It would be real fun and best valentine gift for wife for sure.

A Romantic movie date

Nothing beats the idea of a movie date no matter how old and common it gets. Watching a movie together coupled with dinner or any other activity would be perfect. If you don’t wish to go to a theatre then you can plan to watch old romantic hits in the coziness of your own house, huddled in each other arms.

Plan a quirky surprise

Valentine is all about sweet little gestures that make your spouse feel special. Surprising him or her in a totally unexpected way would go a long way in establishing that you would do anything to see them happy and smiling.

You can stick post it notes all over the house leading them to a special place which would indicate your plan for the day be it a romantic dinner, lunch, spa treatment or any other activity that interests them.

Spice up your surprise with love quotes in the notes or one reason in every note why you love him or her.

A Shopping Escapade

Who does not love shopping? Whether it is husband or wife, you can always get a guaranteed smile upon gifting your better half a shopping voucher. Nowadays, you can find a vast range of gift cards or vouchers like jewelry shopping vouchers from Asmi, Nakshatra, apparels and accessories shopping cards from Pantaloons, Shoppers Stop, Nike and a lot more.

Give your dear spouse a loving and heart melting experience on Valentine day with such amazing ideas and show them a trailer of how their life will be with you in all the years to come.

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