How do you Propose a Girl on Valentine’s?

Well, with February 14th approaching us as close as World War III, just kidding. Say Yes to love and Say No to war. Getting back every year as Valentine’s Week gets around the corner, people in every nook & corner of the world, especially the romantics start to wander about one common thing: How Do I Propose My Girl Or A Girl On Valentine’s? According to stats ‘How do you Propose a girl on Valentine’s?’ is one of the most googled questions not just on Valentines, but all year long. Falling in love with someone is easy, but asking them Proposing a Girl on Valentines, now that’s a tough one even for us. How to propose a girl correctly to make it special, even Einstein with a brain I.Q. of 160 couldn’t solve this equation. 

Don’t you start nervously biting your nails as we have your back on How do you Propose a Girl on Valentine’s? First things first, you don’t want to be predictable when you propose your girl on Valentines, so ditch the cliches Candlelit Dinners, Long Drives or Crowded Restaurants. It’s time to get your creative juices flowing to Propose your girl on Valentine’s so you can come up with a Memorable, Unique Date Night that you and your beau will remember for years to come! Luckily for you, we have rounded some fun ideas for Valentines that will do the trick & play cupid!


  • Do not over-plan. Don’t stress out and go overboard. Women don’t need singers, limos, jugglers, Flash mobs etc. etc. Plan to be on point. You don’t include all the surprises at once. Keep some up your sleeve for Valentine’s to come. 
  • Think of the person she is- her personality type before you pick an idea, or the even the grandest proposals can be dreaded. Ask yourself- is she a girl who would enjoy the public eye or more of a private person. 
  • One of the important things to consider is documenting the proposal. Every girl likes having memories to share on social media or loves to brag about it to friends & family. So hire a photographer that’s a must!

Here are classic ways How to Propose A Girl On Valentines that can never go wrong

  1. Cook For Her 

They say the way to a girl’s heart is through her stomach. This Valentine’s ditch, over expensive, crowded restaurants & sharing your space with other couples. Instead, invite her over as you cook her a delicious three-course meal of her favourite dishes that wins her heart. Make the meal look extra good by presenting it in a Personalized Platter that has her name on it. Now, that’s something that will take her by surprise. Be her chef for the day donning a Personalized Apron that says ‘Anita’s Chef For The Day’. Even if you don’t you’re not the best chef in town she’s going to value the extra mile you go for her and if the food isn’t right you can have a laugh over it and order. In the end, you propose and promise to be her chef for life. 

Personalized platter

  1. Go Glamping 

The most romantic date of all time is an indoor glamorous camping date. Pull the curtains down as you light up the room with LED lights, create an indoor bonfire with 4-5 LED Light Bottles in front of your bed sheet tent. Play some classic rom-com as you sip wine in your Personalized Wine Glass. Your S.O. will love this romantic gesture. Create a 2 min video of everything you want to say to her & play it in between the rom-com and propose to her! She’s going to feel like the queen of this world when you do this. With a gesture so sweet, she’s sure to fall in love with you.

LED Bottle

  1. Take a Dance Lesson 

Get tipsy sipping on your favourite wine from Personalized Wine Glasses and get on the floor with your partner to learn a new dance form. This is the perfect way to get close and create sweet, intimate memories. Make sure you are backed by mood lighting with LED Lights! 

Personalized Wine Glasses

  1. Play Clue Hunt 

This one is like a treasure hunt. One clue leads to the other. Each clue comes with a price your S.O. has to pay. So, get creative with the tasks to reach the clue like a kiss, dance for you, or something else that will bring you both close. Since it’s valentines, on finding each clue, keep a valentine gift to reward her and keep her motivated till the end, where you finally Propose Her! Personalize each gift, so she knows it’s only for her.

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