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Top 10+ Valentine Gifts For Girlfriend

January 20, 2020

Special Valentine‘s Day Gift Ideas to Make Your Girlfriend Feel Extra Special

It is that time of the year; once again love is in the air and butterflies are not just fluttering around in your stomach seeing your crush but they are everywhere (yes, it’s spring, butterflies are literally everywhere), you have learned to see the beauty in things as they say, love changes perspectives.

So, cue the music to serenade the love of your life, shower them with love and some incredible valentine gift ideas that will reflect your affection. It is not always an easy task to please one’s significant other but it does not have to be so difficult; you wish someone could help you out from time to time, right?

Well, we are here – how to achieve a blissful bae on Valentine’s Day?

Here are great gifting ideas that will surely make the event more blissful.

Anything Handcrafted

Go DIY. Yes, do it yourself. Anything that is done with your own hands is undoubtedly embraced with care & affection. Perhaps a card with your heartfelt wishes or a scrapbook of your memories together. Build a book of romance and present it to the love of your life.

Cozy Blanket

Winter is not gone yet and what’s better than cozying up next to your partner? A blanket is perfect to keep the warmth of your love alive. Get an adorable blanket so that you can lie next to your partner while stargazing through the night.

Heart-shaped Gift

As cheesy as it sounds but heart-shaped things for your beloved on Valentine’s Day will never go out of fashion.

Personalized Pendants

For your lady-love, a personalized pendant works remarkably well. Personalize it with her initial to make it uber special.

Chocolate Hampers

Everyone loves Chocolates so chocolate hampers make for great Valentine’s Day presents undoubtedly. Get variants, get gourmet, dive into the rich taste of Cocoa.


Cliched, yes but they do have their own charm to them. Photo-frames have their own place, filled with cherished memories, they make for great gifting options.

Cooking Classes

Book a cooking class together so that you can spend some quality time with your significant other. The best gift to your partner is certainly the gift of ‘time’.


Well, they say that a girl’s best-friend are diamonds but Perfumes come pretty close to it. Let your angel smell heavenly, gift her a nice perfume that she can add to her collection.

Scented Candles 

Aromatic. Relaxing. Unwind together forgetting your daily worries. Celebrate Valentine’s Day in a relaxing way this year.

Travel/ Road trips

Spend some quality time in the wild or somewhere away from the hustle and bustle of the city-life with the love of your life. Go for a Road-trip or travel to someplace serene.

Flowers & Cakes

Classic combo. Absolutely perfect, pair your lover’s favorite flowers with their favorite cake and voila – you have the perfect Valentine’s Day gift.

Spa Day

Gift a spa day to your lover. YAS! Ain’t no doubt that they would appreciate it from the bottom of their heart.

Thoughtful Keepsakes

A gift doesn’t always have to be extravagant. Something thoughtful goes a long way. It can be as simple as a book or a journal with their name on it.


How about a simple movie night? They create beautiful memories that you two can cherish forever. Gift movie tickets to your significant other, join them for a fun night.


Something live, something green, something that needs care. Gifting a plant is always nourishing for one’s soul.

Champagne Glasses

After all ‘Love’ is a celebration. What’s better than Champagne to celebrate love? Personalized Champagne glasses make even better gifts.Mug Sets

Set a morning ritual. Coffee together every morning or tea, whichever floats your boat. Mug sets are cute and perfect as Valentine’s Day keepsakes.

Now that you know what to get Bae for Valentine’s, check out how to propose a girl on Valentine’s Day.

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