Last-minute Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas That Still Work

You have left this one for the last minute, haven’t you? Now you are reminded every moment of all that V’Day glam! Every brand, every banner out there is like a needle to prick you; a reminder of your forgetfulness! Everyone is preparing for that special gesture to make Bae happy and you are about to lose your mind…Well, we know what you must be going through which is exactly why we are here to make life a little easier for you. Last minute Valentine’s Day Gift-ideas! Let’s just say, this is our speciality. We have it all sorted out for you. You do want to pamper your S.O but you don’t want them to think that it was picked up last minute 😉 Let’s ditch those gas-station flowers, shall we? Luxe, luscious and lovely, that’s our theme for this V’Day!

That ever-ending sweet-tooth, no, they can’t ever get enough of it and you have always wondered how, how can someone eat something so sweet so often, but you do like your occasional bites too! It’s a treat that everyone loves and can’t get enough of. Yes, I’m talking about Cakes! An ideal V’Day Gift that is all about edible happiness. You can get express and midnight deliveries on these easily which keeps the surprise element alive.


The weakness for French desserts is understandable and to satiate that craving which also makes up for a great V’Day present, we know your excitement is through the roof right now. Macaroons are such a classic option to choose for Valentine’s Day. One of the best last-minute V’Day gift ideas ever!


Now we come to the combos. Flowers & Cakes – classic and I swear they never go out of fashion. Pair Bae’s favourite flowers (If you don’t know this one, just go for Roses) with their favorite flavor of Cake and voila! V’Day magic is here to uplift their mood. Who would think, this was all planned last minute?



We have another alternative in store for you, Chocolates with Flowers; they too have that lovely charm to them. Some classic flower bouquet with delicious Chocolate Bars, sure shot of winning S.O’s heart all over again. Ah! Just like the old times! 


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