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Chocolate Day 2023 – History, Date, and Unique Ideas to Celebrate

January 12, 2023
when is chocolate day

An entire week dedicated to celebrating the beautiful emotion of love is just around the corner. The third day of Valentine’s week is celebrated as Chocolate Day. The entire world agrees when we say that chocolates are the best way to convey the sweetness of love.

The soul-melting flavor of chocolate is the perfect complement to this wonderful feeling, and the special Chocolate Day date is meant to be enjoyed with loved ones.

Meaning of Chocolate Day

Chocolate Day in Feb is celebrated by exchanging boxes and gift hampers of sweet, decadent, rich chocolates among families, friends, and especially lovers. The tradition of gifting chocolates has been around for years.

It is a present that can be given to all. During Valentine’s Week, a whole day is devoted to these crunchy, silky, and delicate chocolates because what better way to enjoy the sweet sensation of love than having royal, rich, dark cocoa?

When is Chocolate Day, you wonder? Read on to know more about this lovely event.

History of Chocolate Day

According to history, the Olmecs, a civilization from Mexico, are the earliest to have used chocolate, and there is evidence of chocolate beverages dating back to 1900 BC. Mesoamericans used to make a variety of chocolate beverages and called it the food of gods. 

After chocolate entered Europe, famous chocolatier Richard Cadbury popularized chocolates and chocolate baskets which were the perfect gifts for loved ones.

After Valentine’s Day became a global phenomenon, people started buying chocolate baskets to send overseas and exchange with each other as a token of love. This symbol of love then got an entire day dedicated to itself and became known as Chocolate Day.

When is Chocolate Day 

The special 9 February day is celebrated as Chocolate Day around the world. It is the third day of Valentine’s week and is one of the most popular gifts among lovebirds around the world. The excitement and happiness of receiving a box of chocolates are unmatched.

Significance of Chocolate Day in India

On 9th February which day India celebrates Chocolate Day during Valentine’s Week. Chocolate is undeniably the most popular gift item.

On this day, shops and markets are flooded with chocolates of various kinds, flavors, tastes and different boxes, chocolate hampers, chocolate bouquets and more.

Couples in India eagerly buy chocolates for their lovers, and families often have chocolatey goodness to celebrate this day.

How to Celebrate Chocolate Day 2023

The Chocolate Day date allows chocolate lovers to enjoy their favorite indulgence guilt-free. The day honors the cute bond of love through various chocolate-based treats, including candy bars, chocolate truffles, hot chocolate, brownies, cakes, and everything else covered in chocolate.

Here are some ways to celebrate this Chocolate Day in Feb.

Different Ideas to Celebrate Chocolate Day

Send a box of chocolates.

Chocolate Day is a wonderful opportunity to savor and celebrate love. And giving someone a wonderful collection of chocolate goodies is one method to convey your affection for them. Pick a selection of candies like truffles, caramels, or bonbons that a lover or friend will undoubtedly enjoy.

Have a chocolate-themed party

If you’re truly a Valentine’s Day enthusiast, you can host a romantic chocolate-themed party. From sending a chocolate bar invitation, putting up chocolate-themed decorations, and, most importantly, creating an extensive menu full of chocolate recipes, you can go all out.

Chocolate Tasting Party

Invite friends and family to a chocolate tasting party where you can sample different types of chocolate from various brands and chocolatiers.

Chocolate Gift Exchange

Host a chocolate gift exchange where everyone brings a different type of chocolate to share and swap with others.

Different Types of Chocolates to Gift

Here are some chocolates you can find on IGP to send to your special someone.

  • Dark Chocolate: They are prepared without milk solids and typically range from 30 to 80% cocoa. The taste changes depending on the cocoa content. There are two varieties of dark chocolate: bittersweet and semi-sweet.
  • Milk Chocolate: It is a form of sweeter chocolate that contains milk which might be added in various forms.  
  • White Chocolate: This type tastes more like vanilla and is made from cocoa butter, sugar, cocoa solids and milk. 

This Chocolate Day, celebrate the sweet nature of love by surprising your loved ones with a chocolates and a bouquet or a gift tray full of decadent, rich, creamy chocolates via IGP.

This season’s IGP best-selling chocolates are Royal Purple Chocolate Bouquet, Premium Chocolate Truffles, Premium Couverture Chocolate Hamper, and more.


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