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10 Most Popular Valentine’s Day Flowers: Express Your Love

January 22, 2024
Best Flowers for Valentine's Day

10 Best Valentine’s Day Flowers to Gift This Year

“Every flower may be a pure soul blossoming in nature.” – Gerard De Nerval

Flowers are the perfect way to convey the utmost feelings – love, happiness, fondness, or gratitude. The emotions that flowers make you feel, their meanings, and the point they are given to somebody all come together to give you and your loved ones a special moment to enjoy.

Ah, Valentine’s Day, a time for love, chocolates, and of course, beautiful flowers! But with so many stunning options, choosing the perfect bouquet can be overwhelming.

Worry not, lovebirds! Let’s explore the most popular Valentine’s Day flowers with IGP and find the blooms that speak your heart’s language:

But what is the perfect Valentine’s flower? Explore the most popular flowers for Valentine’s Day with IGP to make the best choice.

Flower Meaning
Red Roses Love, desire, affection, romance and passion
White Lilies Purity, beauty, passion
Pink Carnations Admiration, devotion
Marigolds Warmth, positivity
Tulips Perfect love
Orchids Love, beauty and power
Sunflowers Cheerfulness
Daisies Purity, beauty, loyal love
Gerbera Daisies Positivity, innocence, purity
Carnations Love, admiration, luck, affection

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Red Roses

Dozen Red Roses

The classic red roses undoubtedly top the list when discussing the popular flower choice for Valentine’s. Roses are known to be the most romantic flowers.

You can find them in various colours, but the classic red shade is one of the most famous Valentine’s flowers. Red roses symbolize love, desire, affection, romance and passion.

White Lilies

Blissful Lilies

The lily makes a great option for Valentine’s Day because of its divine properties like beauty, passion, and purity. Showcase your pure love with a gorgeous bouquet of pretty white lilies. A beautiful display of this flower will make your loved one skip a beat.

Pink Carnations

Bouquet of Light Pink Carnations in Globe Vase (25 stems)

Pink carnations are often associated with admiration and devotion and are mostly given by secret admirers. These unique ruffled flowers make a beautiful statement in any Valentine’s bouquet.


Radiant Blessings

While marigolds may not be the obvious choice for Valentine’s Day, their vibrant and sunny outlook brings a unique charm. Marigolds are known for their warmth and positivity. Gifting them can convey a sense of joy, optimism, and the delightful connection you share with your loved ones.

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Blushing Pink Tulip Bouquet

With their graceful and vibrant petals, Tulips are a delightful addition to any Valentine’s Day bouquet. Symbolizing perfect love, tulips come in various colours, each carrying a specific meaning.

Red tulips especially convey deep emotions of love and passion; therefore, they are perfect to send on this romantic occasion.


Opulent Orchids Bouquet

This elegant flower comes in various colours and many people display them in their homes without knowing their actual meaning. Were you aware that an orchid symbolizes love, beauty and power?

This makes it one of the best options for Valentine’s Day, whether you’re gifting to a partner, friend, or family member.


My Sunflower Garden

Sunflowers are known for their vibrant and cheerful look. They can add a burst of joy to anyone’s day. These blooms are perfect for expressing warmth and affection, making them suitable for loved ones.


White Daisy Bouquet

Daisy screams cheerful vibes, purity, beauty, and loyal love. These flowers represent the start of something amazing, making them the perfect choice for expressing new love or beginning a fresh chapter with your significant other.

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Gerbera Daisies

20 Orange Gerberas Bouquet in Elegant White Wrapping

Gerbera daisies are known for their large, colourful blooms that radiate positivity. These cheerful flowers reflect innocence, purity and beauty, making them a wonderful choice for expressing admiration and fondness for your partner.


Bouquet of Pink Carnations in Vase (25 stems)

Carnations are long-lasting and very popular blooms in Europe. If you have been watching the girl of your dreams from afar, sending her a bouquet with carnations would be a great gesture. Carnations stand for love, admiration, luck, and affection.

Giving some of the most popular flowers for Valentine’s Day will help you create an extra special memory for yourself and your loved one. So, consider the above options suggested by IGP to find the perfect Valentine’s flower for your better half. We assure you they will surely appreciate your efforts.

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