Top 10 Air-Purifying Plants That Will Make Your Home Feel Fresh

July 12, 2023
Best Air-Purifying Plants

Breathe Easy with These Best Air-Purifying Plants, Recognized by NASA

Do you want to breathe in fresh air within your own home? If so, you can easily get plants that naturally purify indoor air. Some of the best air-purifying plants have an efficient cleaning system that removes the pollutants that may exist in your environment.

To inhale clean air in your home, you can get one of these plants to make your home feel fresh. You can find a plant that will suit your home while being an efficient air cleaner. You can even buy air purifying plants online from IGP, so you can have them delivered right to your door.

Many best air-purifying indoor plants can suit your home. Some of them can even be low-maintenance indoor plants for clean air.

Go through the below list to find the plant that will suit your environment and space.

Plant Maintenance level Appearance
Areca Palm Moderate Tall, tropical plant with long, feathery leaves
Snake Plant Low Low-maintenance plant with sword-like leaves
Spider Plant Occasional Trailing plant with long, thin leaves
Peace Lily Low Flowering plant with white or pink spathes
Dracaena Low Tropical plant with thick, dark-green leaves
Rubber Plant Moderate Tropical plant with thick, glossy leaves
ZZ Plant Low Succulent plant with thick, waxy leaves
English Ivy Moderate Vining plant with dark green leaves
Butterfly Plant Low Vining plant with heart-shaped leaves

Areca Palm (Chrysalidocarpus Lutescens)

Areca Palm in Jute Wrapping with Planter

Areca palm is among the most beautiful plants you can find that can clean your home’s air. These plants have long, wily leaves and are known for thriving outdoors and indoors. At the same time, you will have to give it a good placement within your room.

Snake Plant (Sansevieria trifasciata)

Snake plants are some of the best air-purifying plants recognized in NASA top 10 air-purifying plants. It has strong, thick textured and sword-like leaves. The entire plant is mostly made up of its leaves and is quite low-maintenance. It can be a great addition to your bedside table to provide you with all the fresh air you need.

Spider Plant (Chlorophytum Comosum)

Charming Spider Plant in a Glass Pot

Another air-purifying plant that comes in NASA top 10 air-purifying plants is the spider plant. It has thin and long leaves that make up most of the plant. It looks great hanging from the ceiling and gives your room an exotic vibe. While looking great, it can benefit you from fresh air, only needing occasional care.

Peace Lily (Spathiphyllum Patinii)

Magnificent Peace Lily Plant in a Ceramic Pot

The peace lily is among the best air-purifying indoor plants you can find online and offline. They are known to be very forgiving. These plants don’t require regular watering. Thus you can water them on an alternate basis, making them one of the most convenient indoor plants.

Dracaena (Dracaena Fragrans)

Dracaena Plant in Jute Wrapping with Plastic Planter

Dracaena looks like a mixture of spider and snake plants. It has the snake plant’s colour and the spider plant’s look. It can grow only upto a certain height that you can easily keep within your home. They are again one of the plants that only need a little maintenance, aiming to provide fresh air throughout the years.

Rubber Plant (Ficus Elastica)

Rubber Plant in a Ceramic Pot

Rubber plants are a great option for air-purifying but also great ornamental plants. They have thick and dark-coloured leaves that do not need proper sunlight and can thrive for nearly a decade if you give them the necessary care.

ZZ Plant (Zamioculcas Zamiifolia)

Evergreen ZZ Plant (Less Light/Less Water)

The ZZ plant is a flowering plant that has waxy and spotless leaves. It is among the best air-purifying plants. It needs partial sun exposure but is always green all year round. It has among the best abilities to keep your home feeling fresh.

English Ivy (Hedera Helix)

Jade Plant in Round Glass Vase

English ivy is a woody vine evergreen plant. Since it is more like a vine, having it in your home means supporting it to grow and climb. Depending on their species, you can observe both light green and dark green leaves. Again, these are also in NASA top 10 air purifying plants.

Butterfly Plant (Epipremnum Aureum)

Beautiful colourful bouquet with butterfly

Butterfly plants are exotic air-purifying plants that look more like small immature pinecones. The butterfly plant looks great when it gets white or purple flowers. It is among the most popular indoor plants because of its requirement for minimal care and gorgeous beauty.

If you are looking for a natural way to improve the air quality in your home, consider adding one of these air-purifying plants to your décor. You will be surprised at how much better you feel breathing in the fresh, clean air.

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