10 Best Aquatic Plants for Your Aquarium

November 20, 2023
Best Aquatic Plants

Elevate Your Aquarium with These 10 Vibrant and Easy-to-Care-For Aquatic Plants

Aquariums have the power to transform spaces and create a calming ambience. They can become the focal point of any setting with the mesmerising movements of fishes and the captivating beauty of aquatic plants.

Apart from providing oxygen to the water dwellers, aquatic plants for aquariums also absorb excess nutrients and offer shelter. They balance the aesthetic by making the aquarium look more natural and visually pleasing.

The importance of aquatic plants in aquariums cannot be denied. They add vibrant colours and natural elements, ensuring a healthy and balanced aquatic ecosystem is maintained. Mentioned below are 10 aquatic plants that you must get for your aquarium.

Aquatic Plant Characteristics
Water Lettuce Floating, light-green rosettes, provides shade, absorbs nutrients.
Amazon Sword Plant Impressive size, vibrant green, adds elegance, hides spots, absorbs nitrates.
Anubias Nana Short with broad leaves, versatile, thrives in various light, dark green, attachable.
Dwarf Hairgrass Small, grass-like, foreground for carpet effect, provides shelter, adds depth.
Indian Waterweed Excellent oxygen provider, nutrient absorber, thin feather-like leaves, graceful.
Java Fern Low-maintenance, thrives in low-light, leather-like leaves, unique texture.
Marimo Moss Ball Spherical algae, low-maintenance, whimsical, natural oxygen source.
Moneywort Bright green leaves, easy to install and maintain, unique appeal.
Water Hyacinth Popular, floats with purple flowers, absorbs nutrients, provides shade.
Water Sprite Delicate, fast-growing, can float or root, finely divided leaves, airy effect.

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Water Lettuce

Adorable Areca Palm Plant

Water Lettuce goes by the scientific name Pistia Stratiotes. It is a floating plant with rosettes of light-green leaves akin to lettuce, which makes it one of the top 5 aquatic plants in India. It offers shade and cover for fish while absorbing excess water nutrients, which helps maintain water quality.

Amazon Sword Plant

Sword Fern

Of all the aquatic plants’ names, the Echinodorus Amazonicus is the Amazon Sword Plant. Due to its impressive size and vibrant green colour, it adds a touch of elegance to the aquarium. The plant’s natural backdrop provides hiding spots for fish and absorbs water nitrates.

Anubias Nana

Wonderful Golden Milky Dracaena Pendenese Plant (More Light/More Water)

Anubias nana is a short plant with broad leaves. It is popular for its versatility and can thrive in various lighting conditions. Its dark green colour adds texture and visual appeal to the aquarium. You can attach it to driftwood or rocks and create a striking display.

Dwarf Hairgrass

Pomegranate Dwarf Plant With Metal Planter

Also known as Eleocharis Parvula, the Dwarf Hairgrass is a small, grass-like plant. It is usually panted in the foreground of the aquarium to create a lush green carpet effect. Small fish take shelter in these water plants for aquariums. It also adds a sense of depth to the overall aquascape.

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Indian Waterweed

Braided Malabar Chestnut Pachira Bonsai Money Tree Plant (More light/Moderate Water)a

The scientific name for Indian Waterweed is Hydrilla verticillata. It works as an excellent oxygen provider and nutrient absorber. Thus, it makes the water in the aquarium healthy enough for the fish to survive. Additionally, it has thin and feather-like leaves that provide a graceful, aesthetic appeal to the aqua space.

Java Fern

Asparagus Fern (Bunch of 10)

If you are looking for an aquatic plant that needs little to no maintenance, you should choose the Java Fern. Also known as Microsorum Pteropus, it basically thrives everywhere, even in low-light setups. The leather-like leaves and branching rhizomes add a unique texture to the aquarium.

Marimo Moss Ball

Green Wall with Frame 2

Another low-maintenance plant is the Marimo Moss Ball. The scientific name for this water plant for aquarium is Aegagropila Linnaei. As a spherical algae, it brings a whimsical touch to the aquarium. It serves as a natural source of oxygen for the fish and other aquatic beings.


Money Plant

The Bacopa Monnieri, or Moneywort, is another beautiful aquatic aquarium plant. It has bright green, round leaves that grow along the stems and create a brilliant appearance. The easy-to-install and maintain plan adds a unique appeal to the space.

Water Hyacinth

Golden Money Plant in a Glass Bowl

One of the most popular aquatic plants for aquariums is the Water Hyacinth. Goes by the scientific name Eichhornia Crassipes, and the plant floats with eye-catchy purple flowers. Although it helps absorb excess nutrients, it provides shade and shelter while adding a pop of colour to the aquarium.

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Water Sprite

The scientific name of Water Sprite is Ceratopteris Thalictroides. It is a delicate and fast-growing plant. You can root it to the bottom of the aquarium or leave it loose to float. No matter how you place it, the finely divided leaves create a graceful and airy effect while providing shelter for small fish.

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