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Best Indoor Plants to Make Your Home Feel Breezy and Look Attractive

May 13, 2019
best indoor plants online

Plants are the liveliest attractions of any living space.

Indoor plants make us come as close to nature as it is possible while residing in a concrete jungle. There are various kinds of indoor plants. You can select between auspicious, air purifying and décor uplifting plants. You can also select whether you want them for your home or office.

IGP has a collection of all kinds of exquisite indoor plants ready for you. There are various reasons why you should have indoor plants-

  • Plants are proven to uplift moods, relieve stress and improve productivity with their presence
  • If they are air purifying plants, they clean toxins from the air, making it fresh and healthy
  • They make any home’s interior look more beautiful

How Indoor Plant Gifts Quirky with Innovative Potters

Are you convinced or should we say more? 🙂 Gift stunning plants for your or your loved ones’ home and office from IGP. To answer your question why only IGP for shopping for plants online, we would like to point to our plants collection. A single look at them is enough to win your heart.

Have a look at some of IGP’s best indoor plants and what makes them a must-have:

Lovely Twin Braided Bamboo Plant in a Long Glass Vase


If you are looking for a mix of uniqueness with luck-bringing properties in an indoor plant, this is the one for you. This bamboo plant with its lovely braided stems will remind your loved one of a forest. The long glass vase with colorful stones adds an otherworldly charm to it.

Indoor bamboo plants are very different from large outdoor ones. They are a member of the dragon tree family (Dracaena) and are natives to tropical rainforests of Cameroon.


This plant enjoys a warm environment so it is advisable to keep it in a place that receives bright indirect sunlight. Replace the water in the vase every week or when it starts to turn dirty. Prune the plant by cutting its side branches.

Vibrant Song of India Plant


Creatively called Song of India, this beautiful plant will make your loved one’s house look like a piece of art. And the textured yellow fibre pot spells magic to the plant’s mystifying look. The USP of the plant is its look plus air purifying qualities. It also bears white flowers and red-orange berries.

This wonderful houseplant originated in Madagascar and other Indian ocean islands.


It enjoys moist soil but thrives in dry soil in the winter. Feed it with plant food every four weeks from April till September. Prune the leaves that turn yellow to maintain the plant’s attractive looks.

Asparagus Ferns Plant



This air purifying plant has a kind of delicacy and airiness to it that appeals to even those who are not fans of greens.

This is one of the most graceful looking indoor plants. It is a native to south and central Africa and Asia. You can buy this plant in the hanging pot or stunning rabbit shaped potter.


It loves bright sunlight and humidity, but take care to not overwater it. Also, it will thrive better when fed with food every week from May to September.

Gorgeous Adenium Plant


Also known as Desert Rose, Adenium is a striking looking bonsai plant with beautiful red-pink flowers.

It originates from Eastern Africa and Southern Arabia. This plant is poisonous and so it is not recommended for a house with pets and children.


This succulent thrives in full direct sunlight and less water, making it easy to grow and care for.

Elegant Succulent Cacti Garden


This innovatively beautiful arrangement of cacti plants is designed to be a centre of attention in a living space. Terrariums are loved for their space-saving nature and beauty. The pot is designed like a tree trunk, which further adds a mystifying foresty feel to the wild looking succulents.

The plants in this miniature garden include Crystal Tower Cactus, Lobivia Cactus, Haworthia and Dischidia Ruscifolia plant.


These are the perfect plants for people who don’t have green thumbs and fingers. They need very less watering and pruning. They can be kept anywhere in any conditions and still look green and healthy.

Braided Malabar Chestnut Pachira Bonsai Money Tree Plant


This beautiful bonsai tree is a native to tropical regions of Central and South America. It is supposed to bring good luck to the person who owns it. According to Feng Shui, the leaves represent green hands that grasp good luck and happiness. The multiple stems represent storers of treasure.

So they are considered great gifts for anyone’s home.


The plant’s trunk stores water and so it requires watering less often. It likes bright indirect sunlight and food once every month in summer. The amount of exposure to light influences its growth.

If the leaves turn yellow, it means it is getting too much sunlight and if it is growing fast but with fewer leaves, it is not getting enough sun. When you see these signs, changing or turning the position of the plant can be beneficial.

Beautiful Agave Gemini Flora Twin Flowered Agave Spaghetti Strap Plant


This flowering cactus plant is a must-have for your loved one who enjoys greenery inside the house but doesn’t like the hard work and patience required to care for them. These fierce-looking plants are natives to the Mexican State of Nayarit.


This one is perhaps the easiest to grow. It will stay lively and bountiful even when you don’t take care of it. Keep it in a place that receives bright sunlight. Water it once in a while. Feed it every month during spring and summer. And it will keep growing into a healthy plant.

Nolina Ponytail Palm In Earthen Pigeon Pot


The perfect houseplant to give to your loved one with pets. This striking looking plant with non-toxic leaves is a great addition to any home décor and also safe for nibbling by pets. And the cute and colourful pigeon pot only adds to its attractive appearance. Also known as Elephant’s Foot, this plant is a native to parts of eastern Mexico.


It stays healthy for long with weekly watering due to its quality of storing water in its base. It grows slowly which also means less pruning on the owner’s part. It can thrive in both indirect sunlight and dark places, so it removes the worry of where to place it.

Exotic Alocasia Plant in White Textured Pot


This one is a rare gem. Also known as Elephant’s Ear, this exotic plant has large heart-shaped green leaves that make it a standout feature of any room. And the largeness of the leaves depends on the amount of sunlight they receive.

Exposure to more sunlight makes the leaves smaller and less sunlight makes them larger. This showstopper plant is a native to the tropical rainforests of South-East Asia.


It thrives in humid soil, so water it regularly. However, avoid over watering it. Watch out for watery tips on the leaves as a sign of overwatering of the plant. But, owing to its origin in the rainforests, it also enjoys being drenched in rain once in a while. Offer plant food once during spring and summer.

Cute Echeveria Succulent In Small Ceramic Planter


Buying a plant for your mom? This one is the perfect pick. This cute little plant in the Best Mom Ever ceramic potter will be loved by your mother.

The plant is a symbol of strength and persistence because of its sturdy leaves. What else can be a better plant for our mothers?! This plant was born in the Mexican desert.


Any succulent is easy to care for. It stores water in its stems which it uses when facing dryness. So can thrive even if your mother forgets to water it between her busy schedules. Also, offering food once a fortnight can work wonders for its growth.

Enjoy Smooth and Reliable Indoor Plant Delivery

Now that you have picked the plant you want to gift to your loved one or yourself, you can proceed to make payment. You can stay assured of timely and hassle-free delivery of your online plant gifts to the destined location.

From our site, you can send your chosen plant and other gifts to more than 7000 pin codes in India. And that too without paying a penny for the shipping! Send these lovely plants to your loved ones living in any part of the world with the necessary care tips as a note along with them.

Happy shopping and happy potting!! 

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