Top 05 Creative Holi Celebration Ideas in Office (2022)

Holi Celebration Ideas in Office | Employee Engagement Activities for Holi

How to Celebrate Holi in Office

Holi is a cheerful occasion and it definitely calls for a grand celebration, regardless of where you celebrate it. Holi celebration brings everyone together and is all about love, joy, and good memories, so celebrating it with your colleagues at work is certainly something you should be excited about.

No matter how restricted the working environment is, people love to set themselves free on this auspicious occasion at work and come together to have a great Holi celebration. It is always good to add an unconventional yet fun touch to your party with some creative Holi activity for adults.

Not only do these employee engagement activities for Holi make celebrations or parties more fun, but they also give everyone plenty of memories that they cherish forever.

Here are some unique Holi celebration ideas for office spaces or workplaces.

Make a Canvas

hand painting

Make a big canvas and let people use colours to draw anything that they want to do on that canvas. Holi is a festival of colours, so the idea of studding a canvas with random drawings and colorful doodles is quite apt.

You can also tell them to create a collage of their handprints or you can tell them to splatter multiple colours all over the canvas to make it colorful. Just tell someone to monitor so they do not create a mess on the canvas and do not splatter colours all over the floor.

Put up a Gujiya cooking competition

This idea of putting up a Gujiya cooking competition is a treat for everyone who loves Gujiya. It is one of the most fun-filled Holi celebration ideas in office and is surely going to enliven your Holi party at work as Gujiya is one of the most popular Holi traditional sweets.

Different people are going to make different types of Gujiya. This way, you can not only engage everyone, but you can also satiate your taste buds with mouth-watering freshly made Gujiya.

Arrange a Holi Office Party

You can also plan a grand office party for everyone at work before they leave for their respective hometowns to celebrate Holi with their family. this is one of best Holi gift for employees

This is going to be extremely exciting and a great excuse for everyone to have a great party with their colleagues. Arrange drinks, colours, and cuisines for them and let them celebrate Holi with the utmost vehemence.

Play fun games

playing games on Holi

There are plenty of games that you can play to make your Holi celebration at work more fun. People love to play Housie, cards, rope pulling, tug of war, and other fun games on occasions like Holi.

These exciting Holi celebration ideas will surely trigger the fun-loving child in your employees and give them an overwhelming experience.

Have Holi Lunch Together

Having your lunch with everyone at your workplace is a great way to celebrate togetherness and make your Holi celebration more exciting and joyful.

This is going to be a source of immense joy for foodies. You can call two or three chefs and tell them to make a traditional Holi meal.

So, choose any of the Holi celebration ideas for offices or workplaces shown above and have a grand Holi celebration in your office space.

Everyone eagerly waits for this festival to have a great time with their friends and family, but celebrating it with your colleagues at work not only brings a sense of togetherness but also makes a great way to wish them a happy Holi.

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