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MOM – Most Important Person in Life – Know Why?

February 28, 2023
MOM – Most Important Person in Life

Life Does Not Give You A Manual. Instead, It Gives You A Mother

A mother is a person who loves and supports you unconditionally, even when you make mistakes. She is your biggest cheerleader, your confidant, and your best friend. She provides guidance and wisdom to help you navigate through life.

A mother is a source of strength and security, someone who is always there for you in times of need. She is a gift that life gives us, and a blessing we should cherish.

Importance of Having a MOM 

The first love you receive upon entering the world is your mother’s love. To be honest, you start feeling a mother’s care and love even before you are born. Is there any relationship as strong as this one? The answer is no. Therefore, when asked, “who is the most important person in your life?” Most people take their mother’s name.

The importance and need of a mother in a child’s life are endless, whether you observe the human world or the animal kingdom. Mothers everywhere have the same loving heart and qualities. They play a significant role right from the child’s birth to adulthood and even later in life. 

Role of a MOM in Our Lives 

If you think about the most important person in my life, your mother will surely top the list. Not only because she carried you, cared for you, nourished and gave birth to you but also did the same things after you were born!

A mother plays multiple roles in our lives. She becomes the caregiver in the very initial stages. She becomes an activity coordinator during a child’s motor development stages.

Later, she plays the role of a teacher and teaches her child everything from manners to basic life skills. As the years pass, mom becomes a friend, coach and confidant. 

Different Types of MOMs 

Based on the interactions a mother has with her child and their relationship, a mother can be classified into different types as per psychology. 

  • The first type is the Perfectionist mother, who has a strong sense of commitment and persistence until the best results arrive as her core qualities. 
  • The best friend type of mother treats her children as equals and has a fantastic relationship with her children. 
  • The by-the-book mom does everything according to parenting books and knows the recommended amount of food and sleep the child needs at every stage. 
  • The Martyr mom is one who keeps sacrificing her own needs and wishes to fulfil those of her children. 

All types of moms have one thing in common- unconditional love for their children.

Why Is MOM the Most Important Person in Life

A mother’s love is not only unconditional but also irreplaceable. That makes her the most important person in my life. As mothers play various roles in every stage of your life, their importance only keeps growing.

Whether you need a guardian angel, a pillar of support, a motivator, a critic, a friend, a stylist, a nutritionist, or a multitasking superhero your mother can take any identity with ease. Even when you grow old, you will always be loved and cared for like a kid by your mom. 

Importance of MOM in Childhood 

Science has proven that the fetus develops a relationship with the mother and recognizes her voice, warmth and smell after being born. That is why a mother can instantly calm down her crying baby.

She nurtures the infant into toddlerhood, puts up with innumerous tantrums and struggles to teach her kids the ways of the world. 

In doing so, a mother often sacrifices her own needs and sometimes also loses her identity. Most women give up their jobs and other duties to devote their entire time to their infants and toddlers.

Even after dealing with things such as postpartum depression, a mother strives to instil confidence, mannerisms and courage in her children so that they can face the world as they grow up. 

Impact of MOM in Adult Life 

Most people think that as children grow up and develop their personalities, they distance themselves from their parents. Whether consciously or subconsciously, every person needs their mother, even in adult life.

No matter how old you get, nobody knows you as well as your mother does. She is the one person who knows you inside out and is also the keeper of your memories. 

When a child turns into an adult and experiences the realities of the world, they are bound to face some failure or criticism. While some people reach out to friends, nothing comes close to the love, advice, and hope a mom can give her adult children. 

How MOM Can Help Us in Making Important Decisions

Becoming a mom changes a woman into a well of wisdom in matters of her children. Right from when the child is born, its mother gets involved in all the decisions. Moms take several vital decisions, from naming the child to taking care of its nutrition and from training the toddler to which school they attend. 

Later as the child grows into a teen, mothers change from decision-makers to advisors and guides. Every child knows their mother would give the most selfless and honest advice or suggestion.

That is why children often seek their parent’s guidance, especially from mothers, before making important decisions in life. 

Qualities of a MOM 


How many times have you seen a mother giving up her needs, wants or wishes for the sake of her child? While fathers are busy earning bread and securing a promising future for their kids, mothers often leave work to spend time with their babies.

You can often witness a mom make her child’s favourite dish even when she is exhausted or give away her treasured belongings to her kids. All these are nothing but acts of selfless love. 

Unconditional Love

Have you ever thought of those days when you were sick, and your mom tended to you day and night? Every mother does that for her children. Imagine you being rude to your mom and making her angry.

How long do you think her anger can last? They say a mom’s heart is made of pure gold, and that is where her unconditional love for her kids comes from. 

Emotional Support

Even though they have soft and warm hearts, mothers can offer their kids great strength and emotional support. Whether during their infant stage or in their adult life, a mother takes care of the emotional needs of her kids by being warm, accepting, attentive, responsive, involved and supportive towards them. Thus, the kids grow up with a strong emotional quotient. 

Compassion and Empathy

Have you seen a mother cry because she sees her kid in pain? Mothers can fully feel the pain and suffering of a child because they possess natural empathy. In addition, they can also understand the pain and suffering of other mothers and their kids, and that is what makes them compassionate.

Children learn from their parents, and a mother is the first teacher of her kids. Therefore, when mothers show selfless and unconditional love, they teach their children compassion and empathy.


No one can understand you better than your mother. She has seen you grow up, develop a personality, and know you inside out. Therefore, she knows your flaws, weaknesses and strengths.

Since she understands you well, she praises you when you need encouragement, disciplines your bad habits and acts as a critic when she wants you to change.

Role of MOM in Family

No family is complete without a mother. Moms are the building blocks of a family as they are the child bearers who bring happiness to the family in the form of kids. They love making everyone’s favourite food, taking care of the house and looking after the personal needs of everyone. 

From a caregiver, teacher, health care provider, cook, housekeeper, advisor, and manager, to a financial planner, a mother plays several roles in the family. Thus, my mothers became the one person who is the most important person in my life and yours. 

Importance of a Good Relationship With MOM

Young kids who grow up with a secure and healthy attachment to their mothers have a better chance of having a happy and content relationship with others. A secure and strong bond with your mother teaches you to regulate your emotions under stress and manage difficult situations confidently and optimistically. 

As your mother is the one who gave birth to you and nurtured you for a significant part of your life, having a loving relationship with her makes you lead a happy and more contented life. Talking to her over the phone, taking her shopping on weekends, or tending to her strengthens your bond with her. 

Importance of Expressing Gratitude to MOM

Expressing gratitude becomes essential when your mom has done so much for you. Whether you make her happy by doing things for her, sending her gifts or calling her just to let her know that you love her is enough to show that you are grateful for her presence in your life. 

Order the choicest flowers for your mom to make her day bright and beautiful. Send her a lovely hamper with a card that says “to the best person in my life“. Just telling or showing her your gratitude will make her feel blessed, successful, and happy. 

How To Show Appreciation to MOM

There are hundreds of ways to show your mom some appreciation for the time, care and efforts she has put into your life. Mother’s day brings a fantastic opportunity to make your mom happy. However, every day can be dedicated to your mom just as she has devoted her life to the well-being of her kids. 

One of the best ways to communicate appreciation is to show her that you care. You can do so by sending her mothers day gifts, such as Digital Pill Box,  LED frame, or Superhero hamper through IGP with a note that says, “to the very important person in my life”.

They say there is only one beautiful child in the world, and every mother has one. Such is the love and dedication present in a mother’s heart that heaven lies under her feet.

So, take advantage of every opportunity to let your mom know she is appreciated and loved. Send her tokens of your love using IGP’s same-day and midnight delivery services. 

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