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Importance of Mother – Why Mom is Important in Our Life

May 6, 2024
MOM – Most Important Person in Life

Why Mother is Important in Our Life

Mothers provide love, support, and guidance throughout our lives. They shape our values, teach us life lessons, and help us become who we are. Their influence is irreplaceable.

In this article, we’ll explore all the amazing things moms do and why they’re the BEST!

Role of a MOM in Our Lives

Moms give hugs, kisses, and kind words when we’re sad or upset. They listen to our problems and try to make us feel better, like when we scrape our knee or feel scared at night.


Moms teach us how to do things like tie our shoes, brush our teeth, and even how to behave nicely. They show us what’s right and wrong, like sharing toys with friends and saying “please” and “thank you.”


Moms take care of us when we’re sick, making us soup and giving us medicine. They make sure we eat healthy food and get enough sleep so we can grow up strong and happy.

Love and Affection

Moms give us lots of love every day. They give us big hugs and kisses, tuck us in at night, and tell us bedtime stories. They make us feel special and loved no matter what.

A mother plays multiple roles in our lives. She becomes the caregiver in the very initial stages. She becomes an activity coordinator during a child’s motor development stages.

Later, she plays the role of a teacher and teaches her child everything from manners to basic life skills. As the years pass, mom becomes a friend, coach and confidant.

Different Types of MOMs

The Cheerleader Mom

This mom is always there to root for you, just like a cheerleader at a game. She cheers you on in everything you do, from school projects to sports games. When you feel down, she’s there with a smile and a pep talk to lift you up. Her encouragement helps boost your confidence an?d makes you feel like you can conquer the world!

The Superhero Mom

This mom seems to have superpowers! She can juggle a million things at once, like cooking dinner, helping with homework, and fixing a scraped knee all at the same time. She’s the one you turn to when you need help or when something goes wrong. Her strength and resilience inspire you to be strong too, even when things get tough.

The Teacher Mom

This mom is like having a teacher at home. She’s always teaching you new things, whether it’s how to tie your shoes or how to solve a math problem. She believes in the power of education and encourages you to learn and explore the world around you. Her lessons go beyond the classroom and help shape you into the person you are today.

The Best Friend Mom

This mom is not just your mom, she’s also your best friend. You can talk to her about anything and everything, from your biggest dreams to your silliest secrets. She listens without judgment and offers advice when you need it. Her friendship is a special bond that you cherish forever.

The Comforting Mom

This mom has a magical way of making everything better. Whether you’re feeling sad, scared, or just need a hug, she’s there to comfort you with her warmth and love. Her hugs feel like home, and her soothing words ease your worries. She’s the one you turn to when you need a shoulder to cry on or a listening ear.

Impact of mom in Adult Life

Moms are really important! They help us with lots of stuff, and even when we’re all grown up, their advice sticks with us. Like when we pick our jobs, moms always tell us to do what makes us happy and work hard. They tell us stories about when they were young, and we learn from them.

Moms also teach us how to be nice to people and how to be good friends. They show us how to talk and listen to others. It’s like they’re superheroes of kindness!

And you know what’s cool? Moms help us become better people too. They support us when we try new things, and they’re always there to cheer us up if we’re sad. Moms are the best!”

That’s how moms keep helping us even when we’re grown-ups!

Qualities of a MOM


Moms are like superheroes! They’re really strong. When stuff gets tough, they keep going. Like when there’s a big storm and the lights go out, moms don’t panic. They light candles and make it fun. They’re great at staying calm and figuring things out.


Moms have so much patience. Like when you’re learning something new and keep making mistakes, they don’t get mad. They just keep helping you until you get it right. They never give up on you, no matter what.


Moms are also really good at changing plans when things don’t work out. Like if it rains on your outdoor fun day, they don’t get upset. They just come up with a new idea, like having a cool indoor adventure instead. They always find a way to make things fun, no matter what.


How many times have you seen a mother giving up her needs, wants or wishes for the sake of her child? While fathers are busy earning bread and securing a promising future for their kids, mothers often leave work to spend time with their babies.

You can often witness a mom make her child’s favourite dish even when she is exhausted or give away her treasured belongings to her kids. All these are nothing but acts of selfless love.

Unconditional Love

Have you ever thought of those days when you were sick, and your mom tended to you day and night? Every mother does that for her children. Imagine you being rude to your mom and making her angry.

How long do you think her anger can last? They say a mom’s heart is made of pure gold, and that is where her unconditional love for her kids comes from.

Emotional Support

Even though they have soft and warm hearts, mothers can offer their kids great strength and emotional support. Whether during their infant stage or in their adult life, a mother takes care of the emotional needs of her kids by being warm, accepting, attentive, responsive, involved and supportive towards them. Thus, the kids grow up with a strong emotional quotient.

Compassion and Empathy

Have you seen a mother cry because she sees her kid in pain? Mothers can fully feel the pain and suffering of a child because they possess natural empathy. In addition, they can also understand the pain and suffering of other mothers and their kids, and that is what makes them compassionate.

Children learn from their parents, and a mother is the first teacher of her kids. Therefore, when mothers show selfless and unconditional love, they teach their children compassion and empathy.

Role of MOM in Family

A mom plays a big role in keeping a family together. She’s like the superhero who makes sure everyone is happy and gets along. When there’s a problem, she’s the one who helps fix it. Like, if there’s a fight between siblings, she steps in to help them make up and share. Moms are really good at making sure everyone feels loved and included.

They also keep things running smoothly at home. They make sure everyone has food to eat, clean clothes to wear, and a cozy place to sleep. Moms are always there to listen and give hugs when we need them. They’re like our biggest supporters, cheering us on when we do something awesome and comforting us when we’re feeling sad.

Without moms, families wouldn’t be the same. They bring so much love and warmth to our homes. We’re really lucky to have them, and we should make sure they know how much we appreciate everything they do for us

How To Show Appreciation to MOM

There are hundreds of ways to show your mom some appreciation for the time, care and efforts she has put into your life. Mother’s day brings a fantastic opportunity to make your mom happy. However, every day can be dedicated to your mom just as she has devoted her life to the well-being of her kids.

One of the best ways to communicate appreciation is to show her that you care. You can do so by sending her mothers day gifts, such as Digital Pill Box,  LED frame, or Superhero hamper through IGP with a note that says, “to the very important person in my life”.

They say there is only one beautiful child in the world, and every mother has one. Such is the love and dedication present in a mother’s heart that heaven lies under her feet.

So, take advantage of every opportunity to let your mom know she is appreciated and loved. Send her tokens of your love using IGP’s same-day and midnight delivery services.

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