Popular Mother’s Day Flowers to Show Your Love: 10 Best Picks (2024)

April 10, 2024
best Mother's Day Flowers

Best Flowers for Mom

We all get slightly emotional when we talk about our mothers, don’t we? They have given us so much love and care that can’t be expressed in words.

Everyone wants to do something special for their mothers and mother figures. The celebration of Mother’s Day is an effort for the same!

As Mother’s Day approaches, IGP is all set to help you plan the most amazing celebration or surprise!

Flowers are indeed a big part of our ideas. They are beautiful and vibrant and can easily convey many emotions and messages.  On that note, shall we enlist the best flowers for Mother’s Day?

Best Flower for Mom Pros Cons
Roses Symbolize love, various colors available Can be expensive, may wilt quickly without proper care
Tulips Elegant, various colors, affordable Short vase life, sensitive to heat and sunlight
Lilies Purity, strong fragrance, long-lasting Allergic reactions, toxic to pets if ingested
Carnations Affordable, long-lasting, various colors Strong fragrance, considered less romantic
Peonies Romance, lush blooms, various colors Seasonal availability, relatively expensive
Orchids Exotic elegance, long-lasting Expensive, require specific care, less widely available
Daisies Innocence, cheerful, versatile Shorter vase life, less formal
Sunflowers Adoration, large blooms, long-lasting Limited color options, may require staking
Gerbera Daisies Bright, cheerful, wide color range Sensitive to ethylene gas, fragile stems
Hydrangeas Showy blooms, various colors, long-lasting Sensitive to heat, frequent watering needed to prevent wilting


Blooming Roses Mother's Day Bouquet

People are quick to associate roses with love and romance. While that’s true, that’s not the only truth. Roses, in different colors, can symbolize various emotions and meanings. Yellow roses exude happiness and warmth as mothers do.

Similarly, orange roses are all about energy and enthusiasm. Pink roses will show your admiration and gratitude towards her. Send your mother a bouquet of roses and see her emotional smile!


Peaceful White Tulip Bouquet

Much like roses, tulips in red represent love and passion. But when you pick pink tulips, they will show affection and admiration. White tulips, on the other hand, will signify holiness and purity, two aspects we all find in our mothers.

Here’s a secret! Tulips can easily last for some days. Order a vase arranged with tulips, and your mother will cherish it!


Peaceful White Tulip Bouquet

For Harry Potter fans, lilies are surely the ideal flowers for Mother’s Day! Outside the wizarding world, lilies are also a popular choice for Mother’s Day.

Lilies in soft colors like white and pink convey gratitude, and bright colors like yellow and orange also say ‘thank you!’ What else? Lilies smell as beautiful as they look.


Do you know why carnations are among the most suitable choices for Mother’s Day? It is because they mirror motherhood. The way a carnation blooms is compared to a mother’s journey while raising her child.

Show your love for your mother with these bright and beautiful flowers. And since these flowers tend to last long, your mother can keep them for weeks!


Peonies Command Performance (Bunch of 10)

The cheerful bloom of peonies foretells the forthcoming of summer. The delicate petals hugging each other are too beautiful not to admire!

But what makes them one of the best flowers for Mother’s Day? It is what they stand for! When you gift peonies to your mother, you will show her love and respect and wish her luck.


Purple Orchids for Mother's Day

Orchids are such exotic and bold flowers! Their unusual shapes and vibrant colors attract a lot of attention. They represent love, beauty, refinement, and thoughtfulness.

They also personify femininity, elegance, and joy. The uniqueness of orchids makes them perfect for stylish and modern mothers.


Purple Orchids for Mother's Day

The touch of bright yellow in a fare of white is mesmerizing, to say the least. Daisies charmingly portray the concept of ‘simple beauty.’ They embody innocence and sweetness.

Start the Mother’s Day celebration by surprising her with a bouquet of daisies; it will instantly uplift her mood.

For some truly unique Mother’s Day Surprise Ideas, consider incorporating daisies into a DIY bouquet or planting a pot together!


Sunflowers are like a ray of sunshine, aren’t they? They give a happy, cheerful, and friendly vibe. Brighten up your mother’s day with sunflowers.

You can opt for an arrangement with only sunflowers, and it will become your mother’s favorite gift on the day. Yes, it will be a great opportunity to make your siblings jealous!

Gerbera Daisies

These big, bright, and beautiful flowers come in different colors and will make a showstopper floral arrangement. But what message will they deliver? Gerbera daisies illustrate loyal love. They will be a cheerful ode to your mother, telling her how much you enjoy spending time with her.


Each hydrangea bloom can reflect abundance, gratitude, heartfelt emotion, boastfulness, and so much more. They can also epitomize the unconditional love mothers shower on their children.

This Mother’s Day, send your mother an arrangement made with these flowers; she will love it. Since hydrangeas are such lush flowers, they look breathtaking, even if you opt for the simplest arrangement.

Explore these Thoughtful Ideas to Celebrate Mother’s Day by placing an order for the best flowers from team IGP!

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