Say it with Flowers

June 18, 2013

Flowers are the epicentre of any jubilation. They are the most favoured means of expression of love & belonging. At there’s no dearth of choices when it comes to choosing the befitting set of flowers for an occasion. The flower suite is very well exhibited at Flower Gifts

The Bestsellers

Since Time immemorial the rose has enchanted man’s imaginations. As an ode to the most beautiful flower the portal presents poetry in the form of vivid rose arrangements. The “Pink Magic” bunch of roses adds sweetness to the accompanying rasogullas. The congregation of 75 different coloured roses in the shape of a heart will surely cheer up a dear one’s day in no time. In the “chocolaty lovers” selection a bouquet of seasonal flowers is accompanied by a delectable chocolate cake and Cadbury chocolates. The “Royal Treat” amalgamates a healthy dry fruit bite with mouth-watering kaju barfi. The yellow and red “Floral Fantasy” combines 75 Gerberas and 50 Red Carnations. For any Indian festival convey your best wishes through the unification of seasonal flowers, scrumptious soan papdi and a colourful basket of fresh fruits.

Beauty delivered in bouquets, baskets & Vases

The usual beauty of roses, carnations & Gerberas is superseded with the merging beauty of lilies & orchids arranged in a bouquet or a basket. The “Elegance 61” is the new name for classiness. The red and white beauty of12 red roses and 6 white lilies is truly breath-taking. Take a dive into the “Orchid Ocean” and break free into the blue & purple beauties. A bouquet of red & white long stemmed oriental “Splendid Lilies” is a marvellous way to show your adulation for someone special. The lilies & roses encircled with leafy greens come together as “Stunning Beauty of Love” to ease the snag of going down on your knees for your lady love. Add freshness to the living room conversations with the selection of flower arrangements in vases.

Premium Collection

The premium collection of the portal’s flower arrangement innovations gives a different meaning to the traditional bunching of flowers together. The “Bed of Perfect Happiness” is a special feature of 35 pink roses perfectly bedded on a wooden base. Delight your parents on their anniversary with the “Rosy ring” which has exclusive pink roses symmetrically entwined in a round shaped basket. Shoo the heat away with the “Summer’s Glory” arrangement of yellow roses and lime orchids. This Rakshabandhan indulge your younger sister with “Pamper Hamper” arrangement of pink carnations and peach anthuriums. “The Falkiest” flower arrangement which showcases a bed of 20 red carnations balancing a candle is the most ideal style for a candle light cake cutting. “It’s my Pleasure” is a perfect way to showcase your gratitude. This Navratre express your prayers through the “Divine Delicacy” of gerbera.

A week’s extension

The Serenades’ wonder will be a reason to celebrate a anniversary/birthday week, each day packed with pairing of exquisite flowers with either bottle of wine, stuffed toys, chocolates, cakes, cookies, toffees, fruits or dry-fruits. Make the first wedding anniversary a little extra special with any of the Serenades’ innovation. It can be an option between Morning to Night flower deliveries or 100 Red Roses sent all through the week. The Presentation Beauty stages 200 different flowers arranged in 7 different floral symmetries.

Midnight Special with Cakes & Wine

Whichever floral arrangement one chooses, it’s only complete with its midnight partnership with cakes, wine bottles or stuffed toys. A wine bottle accompaniment of a “Long Lasting” arrangement” of 100 red roses adds to the addiction of the celebration.
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