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November 20, 2018

Ever felt peaceful or energetic or happy around flowers? You are not imagining those emotions, for flowers are much more than just beauty and fragrance. There are different meanings of a single bloom. Now the question arises, who decided the meaning of the flowers? It was the Victorians! They were the ones who saw flowers for more than they were. As during their time, speaking one’s romantic emotions out in the public was considered immoral, they started expressing their love through flowers. They brought out a unique Victorian flower code or dictionary, displaying flowers and their meanings. Here we have described known and not so known meanings of your favourite flowers. Let us begin…


Known Meaning Love

Unknown Meaning­­ – When we think of symbols of love in flowers, Rose’s face effortlessly appears in our minds. But very few us know that not all colours of roses represent love. Only red roses express the emotion of love. Yellow roses carry the emotion of Friendship and Happiness. White roses are the messengers of Peace and Spirituality. Pink roses are for Gratitude, Affection and Appreciation. Peach roses represent Modesty. Orange coloured roses are the epitome of Fascination.

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Known Meaning – Purity, Sympathy

Unknown Meaning – According to Victorians, lilies carried the meaning of sharing a Heavenly Connection with someone. In complete contrast to their known meaning of sympathy, the other unknown meaning of lilies is Fertility or Beginning of a New Life. Hence, today we see many soon to be mothers being offered these elegant blooms.


Known Meaning – Divine Love

Unknown Meaning – Just like roses, carnations also come in various shades which have different meanings- some positive, some negative. Pink carnations stand for Motherly Love. White symbolize Good Luck. Purple carnations convey Unpredictability. Yellow convey Disappointment and striped carnations speak of Refusal.


Known Meaning – Regard, Unrequited Love, New Life

Unknown Meaning – Daffodils also mean Creativity and Inspiration. Some see them as a symbol of Forgiveness. If superstitions are to be believed, giving a single daffodil to someone means you are Foretelling Their Misfortune while giving a bunch of these blooms means you are conveying Joy.


Known Meaning – Happiness

Unknown Meaning – Their large petals, big, round center, bright yellow colour and their habit of always facing the sun makes one think happiness is the sole meaning of these blooms. But that couldn’t be more wrong. If you Adore someone or are Dedicated to a person, sunflowers will help you convey the emotions aptly. The flower also means Pure Thought.


Known Meaning – Perfect lover, Fame

Unknown Meaning – While the general meaning of tulips is perfect lover and fame, different colours of the flower speak of completely different emotions. Red tulips showcase your Undying Love for someone. White tulips symbolize Forgiveness. Yellow tulips bring Cheerfulness and Purple tulips signify Royalty.


Known Meaning – Exotic Beauty, Strength

Unknown Meaning – Love! In our century-old affection for rose, we often do not look at other more stunning, distinct and charming symbolizers of the complex and deep emotion. In the Victorian era, people often chose orchids over rose to express their love because the rarer the flower, the deeper were your feelings of love for someone. Other than this, orchids also mean Refinement, Mature Charm and Thoughtfulness. These are also among the few blooms that stand as the symbol of Glorious Femininity.


Known Meaning – Innocence, Cheerfulness

Unknown Meaning – The slender white petals jutting out from a large yellow center also mean Secrecy. So if you want to maintain silence regarding your feelings, daisies offer the most graceful and respectful way to say that. On the other hand, if your heart experiences Loyal Love for someone, a bunch of daisies help you convey it easily.


Known Meaning – Eloquence, Hope, Royalty

Unknown Meaning – If you admire someone’s beauty, talents, personality, etc. but feel shy to say it out loud, then you can do so through a bunch of irises. These blooms, especially purple ones, stand for Compliments.


Known Meaning – Happy Life, Good Health, Prosperity

Unknown Meaning – Giving a married couple a bouquet of these sweet flowers is a good idea as they are a symbol of Happy Marriage. You can also express Shyness, Shame or Anger on Being Treated Unfairly through peonies.


Known Meaning – Femininity, seize the moment (because of its blooming period, which lasts only a day)

Unknown Meaning – Victorians had an interesting meaning for this flower, which is not popularly known. According to them, if you give a hibiscus to a person, it means you are acknowledging and appreciating the Delicate Beauty of that person. Despite its feminist quality, it can be presented to both women and men.

Now that you are in to all the known and unknown meanings of your favourite flowers, use their silent power to express your deep emotions gracefully.

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