Special Occasion Flowers: Best Flowers for Every Occasion

July 27, 2023
Best Flowers for Every Occasion

Special Occasion Flowers: Make a Memorable Impression

Occasion Recommended Flowers
Birthdays Roses, Pink Carnations, Geraniums, Jasmine, Chrysanthemums
Anniversaries Daisies, Daffodils, Gladiolus, Asters
Weddings Ranunculus, Peony, Dahlia, Calla Lily, Protea, Lily of the Valley
Graduations Red Roses, Sunflowers, Chrysanthemums, Orchids, Daisies
New Babies Cherry Blossoms, Delphiniums, Gerbera Daisies, Red Roses
Sympathy Peace Lilies, White Carnations, White Daisies
Thank You Lucky Orchids, Hydrangeas, White Rose bouquet
Congratulations Yellow Roses, Pink Roses, Tulips, Lilies, Irises, Gerberas
Everyday Occasions Gerberas, Carnations
To Say Hello Gerberas, Carnations
To Show Appreciation Flower bouquet as a token of appreciation
To Brighten Someone’s Day Favorite flower after a fight, hospital visit

Flowers are great mood lifters and can enhance someone’s spirit in an instant, provided you are gifting your loved ones the right one. There are special flowers for each occasion type.

For example, you can choose Gardenias to express joy, Hydrangeas for heartfelt emotions, Yellow Roses for friendship and Daffodils for forgiveness. When it comes to wedding arrangements, incorporating the best flowers for wedding arrangements is crucial for creating a stunning and memorable setting

Likewise, other than special days, you can also use flowers for regular events. Wondering how to manage these all? Continue with the reading task and understand on your own.

Find the Perfect Flowers for Your Special Occasion

Here is a list of all those flowery blooms for your special occasions:


Order Birthday Vibes Online at Best Price, Free Delivery|IGP Flowers

To celebrate someone’s born day, you can always go for the blooms that signify joy and happiness. Choose Roses, Pink Carnations, Geraniums, Jasmine and Chrysanthemums. All of them are known to symbolise meanings like friendship, forever, grace, elegance and love.

You can also order flowers for birthday online and have them delivered to your loved one’s doorstep. This is a great way to show them how much you care and to make their birthday extra special.

Read More – Top 10 Best Birthday Flowers for Your Special Someone


Order Assorted Mix of Pretty Flowers Online at Best Price, Free Delivery|IGP Flowers

On a wedding day, you can always go with the simple yet not-so-ordinary flower tribe. Choose Ranunculus, Peony, Dahlia, Calla Lily, Protea, and Lily of the Valley. These stand as an abode to help the couple celebrate new beginnings and everything special.


Order Heartwarming Bouquet of Roses Online at Best Price, Free Delivery|IGP Flowers

Anniversaries celebrate togetherness and the special bond between two loving souls. When wishing for your love, you can always go for Daisies, Daffodils, Gladiolus and Asters. These blooms are known for meaning love, beauty, forever and togetherness.

If you’re looking for a special way to show your love on your anniversary, why not send Happy Anniversary Flowers Online from IGP flowers? There are many different flower arrangements to choose from, so you’re sure to find the perfect one to express your feelings.


Order Adam's Bouquet Online at Best Price, Free Delivery|IGP Flowers

Graduation is a big day for a student, marking the start of a new journey while ending school. While Red Roses remain a constant for graduation day, you can also wish someone with Sunflowers, Chrysanthemums, Orchids and Daisies. Do not forget to take a graduation gift along.

New Babies

Order Assorted Mix of Pretty Flowers Online at Best Price, Free Delivery|IGP Flowers

What more joyous can it be than inviting a new life on this Earth? It does call for a matter of celebration, with flowers helping add to the mood. To celebrate the new start, you can proceed with  Cherry blossoms, Delphiniums, Gerbera Daisies and Red Roses.


Order Sympathy Flower Stand Never Ending Friendship Online at Best Price, Free Delivery|IGP Flowers

Anything in white signifies calm, and when you are trying to sympathise with the present scenario of a person, these flowers will help. Go for Peace Lillies, White Carnations and White Daisies, praying for peace and serenity of the person who has passed away.

Thank You

Order Classy Carnation Slate Online at Best Price, Free Delivery|IGP Flowers

While thank you is just a word which cannot be enough is said without a proper gesture. You can say thank you with Lucky Orchids, Hydrangeas, or a White Rose bouquet. These flowers are the best of their kind, perfect for occasions when you want to express your heartfelt gratefulness.


Order Congratulations standing arrangement Online at Best Price, Free Delivery|IGP Flowers

When planning to congratulate someone on their special achievement in a friendly way, get Yellow Roses. When it is for a best friend, get Pink Roses expressing your happiness and admiration for them. Also, you can choose among Tulips, Lilies, Irises and Gerberas.

Flowers For Everyday Occasions

Apart from serving on the best days, flowers are also great mood lifters. How? Here you have the uses listed.

To Say Hello

You can always choose some Gerberas or Carnations to greet someone you are meeting for the first time. Indeed it is the best way to say hello.

To Show Appreciation

When someone is getting promoted or has helped you by going out of their way, you can always send in a nice flower bouquet as a token of appreciation.

To Brighten Someone’s Day

When visiting someone at the hospital, carry their favourite flower. Also, take some after a fight with your girlfriend/boyfriend. It will surely uplift their mood.

Have you ever seen anyone saying no to flowers? Well, that is for a reason. They stand for everything fresh, unique and happily ever after. .

Most flower types come with long shelf life and will continue to add freshness to your room long after the day of celebration.

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