Holi Gift Ideas

7 Unique Holi Celebration Ideas for Outdoors or Home

February 23, 2018
Holi Celebration Ideas

Different Ways to Celebrate Holi

Needless to say, Holi is one of the most fun festivals in India. Everyone eagerly waits for it. It is celebrated with utmost zeal and zest all over India and Nepal. Since, playing Holi with your friends and family is a must on Holi, so a lot of people plan their Holi celebration in advance.

A perfect Holi plan is like a party that no one wants to miss out on. It has music, colours, water, and water guns, and it is totally driven by immense excitement and love. There is a sense of togetherness associated with this festival.

The presence of your family and friends makes your Holi celebration perfect, but there are plenty of unique holi party ideas that can make it memorable and more exciting.

The tradition of planning themed parties is quite common these days and people in large numbers are opting for this tradition to make the celebration of joyous occasions like Holi more fun.

Here are 07 creative Holi celebration ideas that are definitely going to jazz up the beautiful spirit your celebration is filled with.

 Live Music

Holi live music

There is no doubt that music makes celebrations more fun and when everyone is in the mood to groove, music plays its vital role. You can invite a band or an artist to perform some live music for you, or you can invite multiple percussionists who can put you in a dancing mood.

  Bollywood Theme

Holi dance

There are so many Bollywood themed parties happening these days and the trend has definitely beguiled the complete attention of people. There are so many Bollywood songs about Holi that planning a Bollywood themed party is an apt idea.

You can call some Bollywood choreographers and plan an amazing dance performance, too.

  Include Games

holi game

There are many introverts who love to play games like poker, monopoly, and dumb charades and many extroverts who love to play games like Kabaddi and rope pulling on joyous occasions like Holi and Diwali.

You can include some fun games for elders, kids, and adults, and make their Holi celebration look like a grand party.

  Go Green

Organic holi colours

Having a safe and eco-friendly Holi celebration is also a consideration that everyone should have. Use natural herbal Holi colours and avoid using water. You can also use reusable and eco-friendly embellishments to decorate the venue.

To avoid the mess that comes along with the use of disposables, use biodegradable glasses, plates, spoons, and bowls.

  Get a Photographer

clicking pictures on holi

Having a professional photographer is the best way to capture fun moments. Good pictures remind you of how fun your celebration was, so get a professional photographer. It is definitely going to enliven your Holi celebration and would be a great treat for those who love to get clicked.


singing on holi

Karaoke is a fun set up that a lot of people enjoy, especially when everyone around them is in a great mood and drunk enough to trigger the bathroom singer in them.

You can include a great Karaoke set up and let your friends and family feel the joy of singing their favourite songs. It is definitely going to be something that people are going to talk about for a long time.

 Holi Gift

Holi Gift

Before anyone leaves your party, ensure that everyone has received their Holi gift. You can give gourmet gifts or home and living gifts to everyone as a token of your love and put a memorable haul to your party.

These gifts would always make them realize how good you are at hosting parties and how memorable the celebration was.

So, go for any of the Holi celebration ideas given above to make your celebration with your friends and family super fun and worthwhile.

Everyone is going to play Holi and have a good time with their close ones, but these ideas are definitely going to make that time more exciting and special and liven up everyone’s cheerful mood.

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