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9 Ways to Celebrate a Safe and Eco-friendly Holi

January 25, 2018
Holi Celebration Ideas in Office

Holi is a time to get all coloured up, eat, drink and spend quality time with friends and family. The great Indian festival is celebrated in March according to Gregorian calendar.

What adds to the joy of Holi celebrations is the fact that this festival can be celebrated with anyone irrespective of religion. Holi is a dynamic festival that encompasses people from all walks of life. Be it young or old, Holi brings joy to everyone’s faces.

This is the day when people can be themselves, smiling and enjoying life to the fullest. Since there are no restrictions as to how this festival should be enjoyed, one must still be careful and act responsibly while celebrating this festival.

Say no to plastics

We all know that plastics are no good by any means. Especially the polythene bags that we use regularly. One knows the amount of these bags consumed during Holi festival to throw water.

You can always avoid these hazardous non-degradable bags for a long-term gain i.e for a clean environment. After all, who wants to live in an environment that is not fit for healthy living and survival.

Go all natural

Enjoy Holi with all things natural. Rather than going for chemical colours, opt for organic colours while playing Holi. This way, you can be assured about enjoying this festival with everyone from sensitive small kids to elderly. This is also a great way of celebrating this festival with people who are allergic to chemicals.

Make it unique with flowers

There are many places in India where people use flowers rather than colours for Holi celebration Ideas. We all can follow suit and make our Holi celebrations unique and satisfying. Also flowers are quite charming and their presence enlivens the feel of every occasion.

Lesser the water, the better it gets

Many regions on earth will be deprived of water soon in the near future. So let’s understand the urgency of the situation and use this fast depleting natural resource most optimally.

No oil paints and chemicals, please

Oil paints and chemicals do no good. They not only spoil skin but also cause an allergic reaction and various discomfort if swallowed or get into the eye. Do kindly avoid them if you wish to play happy and safe Holi.

Don’t burn what’s harmful

Torching a bonfire is an important ritual practiced an evening before Holi. People add various items like coconut, colours, incense sticks and various pooja items. Some irresponsible folks don’t mind adding perilous items like tyres and plastics. Stop such people from doing this, and you will be doing a great favour to yourself and the environment.

Act responsibly during and after Holi

After you have enjoyed the day and got enough rest, please take your time to clean up the mess you have created. Be responsible for your actions and do not leave it only on cleaners or your family members. As it is rightly said “All’s well that ends well,” so make your after celebrations happy and memorable too.

Take care of children, women and elderly

Holi is a festival that includes maximum activity. People are allowed to let it loose on this day. Nevertheless, one should always keep in mind the security and happiness of children, women and elderly. One always hears some or other unfortunate incidents on Holi. So make this Holi a pleasing affair by acting responsible and taking responsibility for others in the vicinity.

Be English when eating on Holi

Celebrating Holi with delicious sweets is one important aspect of Holi. People are tempted to try gujiyas, namkeens, thandai and other Indian delicacies on this festival. Though we all love eating the Indian way, but on this day make use of spoons and forks to avoid intake of any chemicals especially when your hands are dipped in colours.

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