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Make Holi Colors at Home with Only Two Ingredients

March 15, 2021


“Bura Na Mano Holi Hai” – It’s the festival of colors and “no” is not an excuse. People love Holi for its uniqueness; no Holi party is ever completed unless everyone starts looking alike, am I right? Holi without colors is not really Holi but if you are not sure if you want to go for Holi colors available near you, here’s a way out. What if we told you that you can make Holi colors at home which will be safe and you need only two ingredients for it? Exciting and fun, right? Here you go, Make Holi Colors at Home with Only Two Ingredients:


Step One:

You will need a big ceramic or glass bowl to mix the ingredients. If you want multiple colors, get multiple bowls.

Step Two:

You will need talcum powder (any will do). Alternatively, you can opt-out for besan or maida.

Step Three:

Pour the talcum powder into the bowl and keep it aside.

Step Four:

Get food color in a separate small ceramic or glass bowl, you can take as many colors as you want. Go for lovely bright shades like Red, Green, Blue, etc. Add two teaspoons of water and mix well.

Step Five:

Add the food color into the talcum powder and mix well using your fingers.

Once you’re happy with the consistency and intensity of the color, you can leave it to dry for at least an hour. You can add more food coloring if you’re not happy with the hue, make it brighter or lighter as per your choice.


That’s how you make Holi Colors at home; it’s super easy and fun. Don’t miss out on enjoying yourself with your friends and family because you are worried about damaging your skin, this new method will let you enjoy the festival of colors without boundaries. However, do take precautions like applying sunscreen and vaseline, protect your hair and eyes, make sure that the kids are attended to at all times and it’s always safe to stay away from the liquid colors as they are mostly composed of harmful chemicals. Have a bright and safe Holi! Do relish in some delicious Gujiya and Thandai to enjoy the true spirit of Holi!


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