Holi Gift Ideas

When is Holi and How Do You Celebrate

March 24, 2021
Holi Celebration Ideas

Holi is all about letting go and having fun. It is also associated with destroying your beautiful, well-maintained locks (not literally, but you know what we mean) and running crazy with colors. Spraying colored water on uncles and aunties while they swear words and mixing colors with eggs and those rotten tomatoes. Lol…we are not giving you nasty ideas…!

Oh Yes! Haven’t we all done that? 

But more than this, Holi is about togetherness. It is the festival that calls for companions and parties and appreciates all the hard work you do all year long. 

As we eagerly wait for holi 2021, it is even more special. Why?

Well, because after a whole parade of coronavirus, things have started becoming normal, and the world is laughing again (only with masks, though).

Even when we know we have the liberty to celebrate it, we have to take certain precautions. 

Thus, here is what you can do this holi. 

History of Holi

Holimarks the beginning of spring season in India and also signifies the victory of good over evil like many Hindu festivals. The festival also depicts the immortal love and romance between Lord Krishna and Radha.

No wonder, you can see people celebrating this festival on a high note at places associated with them including Mathura, Barsana, Vrindavan, Nandagaonand Goverdhan.

Since ages, Holi has been celebrated with natural colors, waters and pichkaris. Known by different names all over the country, people follow different customs at different places.

The festival is known as DolPurnima in Bengal while lath marHoli of Barsana is famous world over with women beating up men using large sticks. The celebration at these places lasts for around 16 days.

As far as the tradition of playing with colorsis concerned, it is believed that Lord Krishna resented Radha’s fair complexion and expressed his feelings to his motherYashoda, who teasingly asked him to colorRadha’s face.

Another legend says that Lord Krishna killed demon ‘Putna’ on the day of Holiand celebrated the occasion by playing Rasleela with gouwalas and gopis.

Holi brings with it endless moments of fun and joy for every Holi lover. Don’t let distance between you deprive your loved ones from sharing beautiful memories of your love and affection.

We all know that sending gifts is one of the best ways to express your love so it’s time to select beautiful Holi Gifts for your loved ones.

When is Holi going to be celebrated?

Yeah, there are so many Holis happening! Each has its own significance and rituals which can be clearly understood by the name! We guess all moms and wives will be quite impressed with lathmar Holi…Lol!

Celebrating Holi in a pandemic? Well, Oh Well!

Amidst the pandemic, we saw a new wave of celebrations, and Holi is also not untouched by the same. But, the question is what to expect this Holi?

Holi is a colorful celebration for sure but be cautious too. Don’t step out of your house this Holi. But, do we miss the fun? No! Have a house party instead! Yeah, there is no restriction on eating, playing colors, boozing and listening to music too….and did we say raindance at home? (couples? wink, wink)

Meet Friends Virtually

holi video call

Consider this year’s holi—to take over Zoom and workshops to be held online rather than places. After all, the zoom is the new normal. Zoom antakshari will be a great party starter, followed by some gupshup and candid Holi video-chat photos. 

Play Online

holi games

Play festival-themed online games. You can set up briefly advanced crossword puzzles, a labyrinth, and more so with your group and maybe drink that bhang with their virtual presence. This can be fun too.

Gift Karo

holi gifts

Celebrate with gifts and contests. You can send them a quirky gift, colors, gourmet goodies, homemade mithai or maybe order food for them and enjoy it virtually. After all, blessings are the best way to celebrate.

Mask Fashion

holi masks

This Holi, you may not propose that crush of yours with the hidden face in colors. But you can surely impress her! With colorful masks! Yeah, colors for Holi can be sported in a unique way too.

Wearing quirky colorful masks with funny quotes will surely win the heart of the woman or man you secretly crush over. 

Family wali Holi

holi with family

Yes, this time fam jam is the theme! It’s safe and special to splash colors and water balloons while getting all crazy with each other. You can have a rain-dance party, dance to some hit Bollywood numbers, and gorge on gujiyas and confectioneries. But our favorite is still the bhaang chugging competition. That’s the real fun & thrill!

Be Thoda Creative

Make safety fun this Holi. Set the rules that nobody will touch the colors to apply them. Wrack your brains and splash colors without touching. Need some ideas? Here are some –

Keep a box of colors on the ceiling fan and when the suspect is standing right beneath the fan, you know that a switch on will turn the poor fellow into a colorful mess.

Sprinkle some colors on the pillow the night before Holi and let the suspect rest. The trick is so perfect that the poor fellow will wake up to being a mobile abstract painting. Doesn’t this remind you of Jigglypuff from Pokemon! 

creative holi celebration

Dress up in one color only and have a fashion show with the whole family and enjoy some cool Instagram content. 

Play Uno, after all….it is all about colors, isn’t it!

You can also throw a challenge to collect one thing of a particular color and the one who wins collecting the most of the assigned color wins a coveted jackpot. 

In the End 

It’s Holi! Just look out for the colors, this time they can come from anywhere, in any form! Splash them and enjoy your hearts out! And if someone feels agitated with all this fun & craze, you know what to say them – Bura Na Mano Holi Hai! Till then get some Holi color ideas with our blog – Make Holi Colors at Home with Only Two Ingredients.

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