Flower Care Guide – Keep your Flowers Fresh and Beautiful

January 27, 2023
flower care guide

How To Care For Your Flowers

When you receive a flower, keeping it with you is not enough; you also need to take care of it. Taking  proper care of flowers would make your interiors look beautiful and improve your mental health.

Having fresh flowers at your home would have many advantages, such as cultivating a joyful mood, adding a pop of color, bringing positive intentionality to your room, being in touch with nature, and more. 

Choosing the Right Flowers

When choosing the perfect flowers for your home, you first need to consider the overall lighting in the room. The lighting can affect the longevity of the flowers, along with how they would look.

For instance, flowers should not be placed in direct sunlight as they can wilt faster when left in full exposure. Instead, they should be kept in an open area with moderate sunlight to maintain their longevity and freshness.

If you don’t have the time to go to the flower shop, you can also order flowers online to get the perfect arrangement for your home.

Another necessity in selecting the right flowers is choosing the best for the season. Few flowers last for every season; on the contrary, most flowers wilt when it’s not their season. 

Preparing the Flowers for Arrangement

One of the important aspects of how to take care of flowers is to prepare the flowers for the arrangement. 

The first step is trimming the stems. It is important to trim the stems since the cut flowers have dried-out ends, which makes it important to cut them so that the xylem of the flower would again be able to carry nutrients and water to the flower. 

You must also remove any leaves that exist below the water line. If not removed, it will eventually cause the flowers to wilt faster. 

And the longevity of the flower can be increased by adding flower food to the water. 

These points are the basics of how to take care of flowers in the best way possible. 

Arranging the Flowers

Flower arrangement is a simple step-by-step process, such as the following:

  • First, you must choose a container or a vase where you will put the flower. 
  • Then, you need to fill the vase or container with water.
  • Lastly, you can begin choosing and placing the flowers into the vase in the specific arrangement you want. 

Maintaining the Flowers

To maintain and take care of flowers, you must check the water level regularly and add more water whenever needed. When any of the flowers wilt or dry out, you must remove them as well. 

Alongside this, you can trim the stems and change the water every few days. Some other parts of maintaining the flowers are, first and foremost, choosing the right type of container. 

And also, when you are changing the water of the flowers, you must ascertain that the water is of the right temperature. You could also make your DIY flower food when you nurture your flowers with a food packet. 

Common Problems and Solutions

  • Wilted Flowers

One of the most common issues with flowers is that they wilt quickly. In this scenario, you can constantly check the water level, trim the stems, and add fresh water. You could also add a few drops of vodka. Vodka contains alcohol which bars the flowers from producing ethylene gas, which is why flowers wilt in the first place. 

  • Yellowing Leaves

When your flowers start to have yellowing leaves, you must remove them and trim the stems further. Yellowing leaves could also insinuate that your flowers are not receiving the proper nutrients. In such a case, you can add flower food in the water to ensure that the flower and its leaves get all the nutrients required. 

  • Foul Smell

Often the foul smell of flowers comes from decaying leaves or petals. When this happens, you can remove the leaves or petals of the decaying flowers and change the water immediately. 

In the end, how to take care of flowers best? You can constantly nurture them and follow the steps and instructions provided above to ensure that your flowers remain shining throughout their time. Taking care of flowers is simple and an art in itself. It brings life and beauty to your home, where you can also see the flowers thrive in your presence. 

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