7 Easy Ways To Decorate Diyas At Home For Diwali

October 9, 2020

With Diwali vibing, the cleaning, the preps, the cooking, the lighting everything starts to pick up gear and sets the tone for the five days of tranquil festivities and puts everyone in a joyous mood. So, whether you’re the minimalistic kind who believes that less is more, or the ‘oh so’ extravagant types who like to go all out with Diwali Preps this blog- Easy ways to decorate Diyas at home is for you all. 

Diwali makes us all want to do something extra. In this case, there is no escaping that home decor bug for us when our beloved Diwali comes knocking at our doors. But this year, instead of making your home look like a lit-up IPL stadium by overdoing the lights decoration. Yes I mean we know it is the festival of lights but let’s not make it the festival of Electricity bills!

Here in this blog- Easy ways to decorate Diyas at home, we are going to rule out transformative ways to brighten up your home with Diya’s to bring the celebratory spirit minus the bills of course.

  1. Hang them in old Cookie Jars

Remember those old cookie tins boxes that mom now keeps knick-knacks in? Find them and empty them to use for Diwali. Paint the sides and hang them with a rope and place your Diya’s inside. Ta-dah Insta worthy decor ready!


  1. Diya Stand with Wine Glasses

Fill the wine glasses with flower petals and use an old CD to turn them upside down. On the tail end of the Wine, glass place another CD and place your hand-painted Diya on it! You have yourself a classy looking Diya stand and praises of course!


  1. Use Mason Jars

Now we all know how multi-functional Mason Jars are. Add some string light inside the mason jar, close the lid and keep your beautiful Diya’s on top of the cover. Use a rope to hang it in the corners or just keep it as it is. We love this easy way to decorate Diwali Diyas at home.


  1. Rock it with Rocks!

Make a beautiful stand with a pile of stones which are found in abundance outside. For added feels hand-paint these stones and stick them to each other. There you have a modern Diya stand that looks super stunning!


  1. Teepee Tent Holder

Grab a few sticks, a bundle of yarn, cardboard and glue gun. Place an electrical Diya in the yarn tent so that it does burn! Kids will love to help you with making this. Such an easy way to decorate Diyas at home! 

  1. Hand Paint the Diya’s

What can be better than buying the terracotta from a street-side vendor and hand-painting them with your family! This year since everyone is home, you can even have a Diya Painting Competition at home. Be it the kids or elders everyone will enjoy this activity while showing their creativity. You can also use that Diya to decorate your Rangoli design.


  1. Seashell Diya’s

For the ones with a more modern taste, the seashell Diyas are perfect. The old seashells you collected from the beach bring them out and pour some coloured wax in it to fill the cavities with the wick. Perfect Diyas to compliment your modern decor!



With these Easy Ways To Decorate Diyas At Home, this Diwali will be a rocking one. This homemade diyas are also a good option as diwali gift boxes Please share with us some of your ideas as well! Also you can go check out our blog on Dazzle the Festive Season with 10 Designer Picks.


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