7 Unique Ways to Celebrate Diwali and Spread Happiness

October 26, 2023
Diwali Celebration: A Festival of Joy and Sustainability

7 Unique Diwali Celebration Ideas for Everyone

Bringing a small change in the way you celebrate Diwali will bring a huge change in the environment. Here’s how:

Everyone goes for oil diyas to light up their home during Diwali, and it is eco-friendly. They are a good alternative to candles any day. Candles are petroleum-based and make the air toxic when burned.

They also cannot be used again and again. You don’t encounter any such problem when using diyas. So shoo away the darkness by lighting up colourful, humble, eco-friendly diyas during the nights of Diwali. Check out some of the best handmade Diwali diyas at IGP.

Replace plastic wherever necessary. You can use carton boxes, spare silk clothes or jute potlis instead of plastic wraps to cover your presents.

Use flowers, natural colours, rice to make rangolis. The readymade colours that you get in the market are full of harmful chemicals which are bad for your skin.

Aspect Action
Lighting Use oil diyas instead of candles for eco-friendliness.
Packaging Gifts Replace plastic with carton boxes, silk clothes, jute.
Rangoli Use flowers, natural colors, and rice instead of chemicals.
Noise Avoid burning crackers and playing loud music.
Pollution Consider burning negative qualities, not firecrackers.
Charity Provide goodies to the less fortunate, sponsor meals.
Support Artisans Buy handmade items from Indian artisans.
Appreciate Service Gift or assist those who make your life easier.

Celebrate Peaceful Diwali- Your Best Gift for Nature and Animals

Celebrate Diwali with your smallest of gestures soaked in love and care for these two equally important inhabitants of the earth.

Make Less Noise

Celebrations are about merriment, happy moments for all. But unfortunately, our festivals have become more about enjoyment for humans and sufferings for plants and animals. There are ways to celebrate without causing damage to other forms of life around us.

A small pledge of not burning crackers and playing loud music can help the non-speaking inhabitants join in in our celebrations. Instead, light diyas on Diwali to illuminate your surroundings and everyone’s hearts.

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Say No to Pollution

Firecrackers not only cause noise pollution but also turn the air poisonous. If you love burning firecrackers and this is the only thing you look forward to with zeal during the festival, you can try this instead. Use this auspicious occasion to burn all that is keeping you away from bringing out the best in you.

Write down all the negative qualities that you want to do away with on a piece of paper and burn it down. Of course, one of it could be not harming others and the environment for momentary pleasure like burning crackers.

Celebrate Diwali with the Less Fortunate

While we are making the best of efforts to make Diwali special and memorable for our loved ones, those who are never spared a thought, shouldn’t escape our minds. Make Diwali 2018 joyful and cherishable for the less privileged with these Diwali gifts:

Goodies for People on the Street

Roads are their homes. They sleep here, eat here, work here. You can hand out boxes containing delicious treats and everyday necessities like toothpastes, soaps, clothes, etc. to the needy on your way to work and back.

The poor might not have means to light up diyas and decorate their ‘home’, but with your meaningful gesture, you will surely brighten up their hearts and beautify their faces with smiles.  And you get a lot more than what you gift- a peaceful and satisfied feeling. Not to mention tons of blessings that come along.

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Sponsor a Meal

There are many NGO’s working for the welfare of the less privileged for years. You can make sure they enjoy wholesome and nutritious meals for a day, months or a year by contributing to these organisations according to your budget.

While we eat tasty Diwali sweets and chocolates and what not, let’s not forget the ones who are left behind.

Purchase Items Made by Indian Artisans

Come Diwali and you will see Indian craftsmen selling their self-made decoratives for the festivals. Indian artisans are master craftsmen who with the touch of their skilful hands convert simple things into intricate designs that are colourful and fabulous.

So this Diwali, let these artisans too be a part of your celebration. Pick handmade items made by them for Diwali rather than buying Chinese lamps and items made by foreign lands. Enjoy a more satisfying Diwali…..

Gifts for People Who Make Your Everyday Living Easy

They are the people without whom our lives would be so difficult. Make your servant, building and office watchman, office assistants, waste collector, police, traffic constables smile and feel appreciated with boxes of delicacies or cash. If your budget permits it, you can buy them things they have a great need for. Eg: hand gloves for the waste collector, a cap for your watchman, slippers for your laundry boy etc.

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