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7 Budget-Friendly Home Decor Ideas To Recreate Your Home

September 23, 2020
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Every time we see one of those Interior Design Magazines with picture-perfect homes skillfully designed, we secretly wish our Home too looked like the one on the Magazine cover. Only to part ways with our wish, seeing the extravagant costs of having a home like that.

But, you don’t need to stress out as we are giving you 7 Budget-Friendly Home Decor Ideas to Recreate Your Home this year Because, now that we are spending more time indoors, every few months we start getting an itch to redo our Home. And why should we not? Change is necessary. It is the only constant in our life. Both Change and Beauty are imperative to keep us inspired and motivated.  

Home Decor Ideas To Recreate Your Home

These budget-friendly home decor ideas are simple, easy, and you can do it yourselves. Doesn’t that sound Good! Yes, no spatial disruption to our busy and routine lives, and no mounting labor charges!

Plus, who wants to wreak serious havoc on the safety of our Home from Coronavirus? Give a try to our diwali budget-friendly home decor ideas; it’s all about simple tips & tricks. With our super quick and cost-efficient tricks up your sleeve, your Home too will look New. 

7 Budget-Friendly Home Decor Ideas To Recreate Your Home

Lush Side Tables or Shelves

Fill an underused nook or corner with a small houseplant in decorative planters and an all-new LED Photo Frame to instantly make it the personality-packed focal point of the room.

Gone are the days of using the conventional wall hanging mirror, we have the all-new LED Photo Frame Cum Mirror. Which is a fancy Photo frame but also acts like a Mirror when required. Isn’t it a cool budget-friendly home decor idea!

Side Table with Planter


Quirky Wall Frames

There is nothing duller than empty walls. With a few Photo frames sporting Quirky quotes and Pictures, you can create a wall of memories! This wall will become the focal point of the room, and every time you look at it, you’ll be alive as ever. A budget-friendly Diwali home decor idea that will be loved by one and all in the family. 

Collage family wall frame

Set the Tone of Your Home at the Main Door

Making a great first impression is all about getting the idea of the front door right. Painting the front door with bright colours and hanging a frame with a quote that represents your family will add a personal touch. Even the onlookers will stop to gaze at the beauty of the door and have a remarkable first impression of your style!

Welcome Sign Board

Give Old Lighting a Cinderella Treatment

If you want your Home to sparkle without adding wall lighting, then add lots and lots of decorative string lights. The slow setting adds an unmatched cosiness!


Sometimes we forget our basics. Redecorating doesn’t always have to be by adding new items; it also means rearranging and decluttering what we already have. Using a multi-functional desk organizer will help you get rid of the restlessness and will make you fall in love with the space again.

Now, this is not just a budget-friendly idea but something that will give more space to your house and clarity to you. 

Organised shelf 

Multiple-use Mason Jars!

There are so many things you can do with Mason Jars. Use it as a dressing table organizer to keep your makeup brushes, cotton balls and more. A budget-friendly as well as useful decor idea for your home, be it the living room, bedroom, kitchen or bathroom to store knick-knacks! This is also a great diwali gift hampers for your family or friends.

mason jars

Add Vintage Feels

A rustic, vintage item like a decorative lantern and hookah can change the look & feel of the ambience. Adding it to your patio gives desert safari or Moroccan vibes. A super cool budget-friendly home décor idea to recreate your abode!

Vintage Home Decor


And last but not the least take it slow! Figuring out what you like can take a while, and that’s perfectly okay. Also, if you like this blog also give our blog on 5 Tips To Attain Work-Life Balance a Read!

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