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Easy & Simple Rangoli Designs for Home (2023)

October 11, 2022
simple and easy rangoli designs

Easy Simple Square Rangoli Designs for

Colorful and vibrant, this special decor brings the festivities to life. Festival of lights is incomplete without the addition of Rangoli.

This traditional art-form originated in India are basically patterns and motifs created on the floor using different materials like rice powder, flowers, Diya or special coloured powders exclusively made for Rangoli designs.

With the passing years, this art-form has gone through modernization and various changes. Now, people are more focused on creating something unique and eye-catching for their guests.

Whether they’re showing off their Rangoli skills to the invitees or in the virtual world, easy Rangoli Designs are loved by all.

These 11 Simple Rangoli Designs for Home will uplift your festive decor to a new high.

Lord Ganesha Rangoli

There’s only one way to create this Easy Rangoli Design – make sure that the edges of the inner square must touch the sides of the outer square.

You can fill the pattern of your choice inside the squares and be sure you use bright colors like red, yellow, orange and more.


Lord Ganesha Square Rangoli Design

Feather Rangoli Design

Symmetry is the key to this one. Use royal blue and peacock green to make it look more lively. It’s unique and easy to create.


Feather Rangoli Design

Floral Design with Diya

This one’s great if you want to include other elements like Diya for that special touch during festival. If you’re feeling a little lazy, you can shop for this exclusive Easy rangoli design for home on IGP.com


Floral Design with Diya

Pom Pom Rangoli

Now, this might seem intimidating at first but it’s actually easy to make. Just have some patience and follow the pattern. Use colorful Pom Poms for this design.


Pom Pom Rangoli

Diya Shaped Rangoli

Use the Rangoli colours to create this gift hampers with easy Rangoli Design for a vibrant look.


Diya Shaped Rangoli

Lotus Shaped Rangoli

Lotus is an auspicious flower and a Rangoli shaped like a lotus will only bring more positive vibes during the festive season.


Lotus Shaped Rangoli

Peacock Shaped Rangoli

Colourful and exquisite, this Rangoli design is great for beginners.


Peacock Shaped Rangoli

Petals Rangoli

This is ideal for Diwali Gifts it’s easy and eye-catching. Try this Easy Rangoli Designs. You can use purple Rangoli colour to make this one at home.


Petals Rangoli

All Flowers Rangoli

Create this Rangoli using nothing but flower petals for that elegant and fresh look.


All Flowers Rangoli

Necklace Rangoli

Might seem tricky but don’t let those tiny details hold you back. This is an extremely Easy Rangoli Design that you can create at home with chalk. Easily achieved with a bit of patience.


Necklace Rangoli

Grand Kundan Rangoli

Now, if you really want to mesmerize everyone, try this design. All you need is Kundan, loads of them and you have to place them according to this design. You can use double sticking tape and place a Diya in the centre for that special touch. Voila! Your incredible Rangoli is ready to win hearts on Instagram!

Grand Kundan Rangoli

Lotus Rangoli

In India, religious events and ceremonies frequently feature the use of the lotus rangoli, a stunning and auspicious pattern. It is thought that the lotus rangoli gives luck and wealth on the home.

lotus rangoli design











Om or Swastika Rangoli

Om is a spiritual symbol and a sacred sound in Hinduism. Additionally, In Hinduism, Buddhism, and Jainism, the swastika is considered a sacred and auspicious emblem.

swastika rangoli design

All these Rangoli designs are easy and lovely as they are. However, if you want a little less of effort then check out our exclusive collection of rangoli design.

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