10 Easy DIY Pre Diwali Cleaning Hacks That You’ll Love

October 26, 2020
Pre Diwali Cleaning Hacks

Diwali Cleaning Hacks: Easy and Effective

The most vibrant time of the year is right around the corner and we are all busy preparing for it. This is the season of twinkling fairy lights and radiant Diya illuminating our homes with sheer auspiciousness.

Diwali is the festival of lights and also of the new beginnings, we eagerly wait for this festival throughout the year. It’s all about blessings, positive vibes, delicious sweets, lip-smacking treats and heartwarming diwali gift items.

However, there are some pre-Diwali rituals and shenanigans that we have to go through, one of them is cleaning the entire house for a new look and it might seem a little overwhelming at first but Diwali Cleaning is really a fun task, especially when everyone decides to help each other.

Here are 10 Easy DIY Pre Diwali Cleaning Hacks That You’ll Love.

Remove Water Stains with Shaving Cream

Aren’t we all tired of those water stains on mirrors in the bathroom? Well, here’s a trick that will eliminate them right away. Apply the shaving cream on the affected surface and wait for 15 minutes before wiping it off with a clean soft towel.

Baking Soda for Sofa

Baking soda is not only useful for baking delicious treats but also to clean your sofa. Use it on your sofa to give it a new look. Sprinkle it all over the sofa, you can wait up to an hour before removing it with a brush or vacuum cleaner.

Kosher Salt and Lemon for Chopping Board

Have an old, wooden chopping board that’s losing its lustre? Well, here’s a revolutionary trick. Use Kosher Salt on Lemon to clean your cutting board. It leaves a subtle invigorating smell and it’s free from harsh chemicals.

Vinegar and Baking Soda for Oven

Let’s be honest, we don’t really like cleaning our oven much, now do we? It’s such a hassle. But, here’s something to make your life easier. This cleaning hack is easy peasy lemon squeezy.

There are two ways to do this – You can put a glass bowl with lemon juice and microwave it for 15 minutes; later wipe off the stream with a clean, soft towel or you can use a solution of Vinegar and Baking Soda to clean the surface.

Old Sock with 50-50 Vinegar and Water Mixture for Window Blinds

Those rugged window blinds look dusty and that’s not a very good look. Here’s a trick that’ll solve your problem. Use a Vinegar and Water mixture 50-50 and an old sock to wipe off that dust. They’ll look as good as brand new blinds.

Toothbrush to Clean the Keyboard

Simple yet highly effective. Use an old toothbrush to clean the keyboards. Soft bristles work the best and be very gentle; it’ll take the gunk out of those tiny places your towel can’t reach.

Remove Pet Hair with Rubber Gloves

We all love our furry buddies but pet hair can be messy and all over the place. You can use rubber gloves to pick up all the hair as it creates friction and the hairs get stuck to the rubber gloves. Easy, right?

Clean Ceiling Fans with a Pillowcase

Okay, how many times have you tried cleaning your Ceiling Fans and the dust from them were all over the furniture, sometimes, even on your face? Happens a lot, right? Well, not anymore. Use an old pillowcase, slide it over the blade and clean it out – a smart and effective solution and an extraordinary cleaning hack. This are some budget friendly home décor ideas to recreate your home in 2020.

Rubbing Alcohol to Remove Polish Stain from Carpet

We all have that stain from nail polish on the carpet that we try to hide when guests come over, well not anymore. Use rubbing alcohol which can be found at any medical store to remove that polish stain. Easy peasy!

A Plastic Bag Filled with Vinegar for Shower Head

Use a plastic bag filled with Vinegar for those dirty showerheads. Tie it up and keep it there for about 30 minutes and voila! They’ll be sparkling clean.

We’re sure that you loved our Easy Cleaning Hacks on this blog, check out 7 Easy Ways to Decorate Diya at Home for Diwali

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