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Fabulous Frangipani: the Unique Types and How You Can Use Them at Home

January 18, 2022
types of frangipani

Plumerias, commonly known as frangipani, are the cosmopolitan ornaments that adorn the common household, enhancing its aesthetic appeal. An ideal gifting option for all auspicious occasions marking prosperity for your loved ones, this is a perfect go-to option.

These beautifully hued flowering plants can easily brighten up any living space and also grace open facades, gardens, and lawns, they are sure to bring positivity and leave you with compliments for the sheer choice and finesse for decor.

Cream and yellow, yellow and pink, as well as pink and red are by far the most common color combinations for plumeria flowers. Certain newer varieties, on the other hand, have more exotic bloom color combinations that include red, yellow, and sunny orange flowers.

Frangipani plants can grow up to 40 feet tall and will bloom year-round if given the right conditions!

Listed below are the top 10 frangipanis that are ideal for your gifting option:

Candy Stripe

Plumeria ‘Candy Stripe’ is a gorgeous hybrid with broad leaves and fabulous blooms. Its fragrant petals are slightly inwardly curved at the sides and feature a lovely combination of white, yellow, and deep pink radial stripes.

Vera Cruz Rose

Lilliana is another name for this type of plumeria. This has sizable 4-inch pasty canary yellow flowers with white borders and dark pink bands along the front and back of each petal. Plumeria ‘Vera Cruz Rose’ blooms in multiple clusters in bouquets of 30-50 flowers.

The varietal does have a distinctive red rose fragrance, which is among the strongest of all plumeria plants. The blooms of frangipani trees planted in any yard can fill the air from anywhere in the gardens or homes on a warm summer evening.


Plumeria ‘Sundance’ has one-of-a-kind blooms with a distinct and unique, strong scent of cinnamon chewing gum. These plants have rich pink flowers with rounded petals that reach 3 inches in length.

Each petal has orange and pale pink streaks, and the flower centers have orange and maroon streaks. The trees’ leaves are also distinctively gray-green. Marilyn Cohen of Marilyn’s Gardens named this variety, which is ideal for growing on the coast.

Thailand Red

This particular strain has rich reddish-mauve blooms with petals that curve inwards in the traditional frangipani style.

The blossoms have a distinct and fragrant scent that is especially noticeable on warm nights. As the name implies, this plant grows abundantly in Thailand and other tropical Southeast Asian countries.


The 3-inch yellow and white flowers of ‘Diva’ have thick, ruffled petals and leaves. This variety takes a long time to mature, but the blooms with stubby, ruffled petals and an incredible fragrance are well worth the effort.

This variety distinguishes itself from other types of plumeria by having petals that are at least 5 times thicker than regular plumeria petals.

Toba’s Fire

This variety is known as ‘Embers’ in some parts of the world. It produces flowers with dynamic yellow, orange, and white petals with deep pink edges and tips that are 4-5 inches long. It got its name from the jeweled tones of burning embers that the colors of its petals resemble.

This plumeria is also extremely fragrant and blooms profusely throughout the year, making it an excellent choice for a show garden or even public space.


 This rare plumeria is native to Cuba and the Dominican Republic. It produces elaborate blooms with thin, wispy, curled white petals and has an extremely sweet and captivating scent that is strongly reminiscent of jasmine.

This variety’s limbs and leaves are both thin, and their size can be easily controlled with regular pruning.

Makaha Sunn

Makaha Sunn,’ also known as ‘Inferno’ or ‘Sunkist,’ is a plumeria variety. In any case, it occasionally has stunning tricolor flowers in orange, yellow, pink, and white. The flowers are 3-5 inches in diameter, with delicately curved, rounded petals, and come in large bunches of 20-40 blooms each.

This plant is distinguished from other plumeria species by its broad, yellow-green leaves.


It is a small plant with pure white, subtle flowers. The petals are broad and intertwining, with wide pink edges and large pale yellow eyes.

They also have a sweet and lingering scent. These plumerias are well-known for their spectacular flowering ability.

Elizabeth Thornton

Named after one of the original Plumeria Society of America founders.

This variety’s flowers range in color from deep pink to mauve, and its petals are delicately lined with fine maroon streaks.

The blooms also have deep orange eyes that blend into the pink petals in the core of each flower. Besides their unusual foliage color, these frangipani plants have another unusual feature: their flowers are foul-smelling!

Frangipani flowers are frequently used to make Hawaiian garland and are also braided into the hair of Hawaiian women to indicate their marital status. A woman is single if she wears a plumeria over her right ear; married or engaged if she wears it over her left ear.

These flowers have profound and culturally significant symbolic meanings as well. In Hawaiian culture, frangipanis represent optimism and positivity, and they are frequently used to commemorate special occasions.

Plumerias signify the celebration of new beginnings and new life, making them ideal gifts for occasions such as baby showers, weddings, and engagement parties. Different types of plumeria also represent the renewal of spring, as well as grace and classic beauty.

Plumerias, according to Hindus, represent devotion and dedication to the Hindu faith. They also represent the Buddhist concept of immortality, hence these are perfect gifts for plant lovers on any auspicious occasion.


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