Rakhi- The Festival to Say You Care

July 17, 2018
handmade rakhi ideas

Best Ideas to Make Rakhi Special

You fight for petty things and don’t talk for days. You wrongly accuse each other of a doing that is completely yours. There is absolutely no end to the woes and troubles siblings get into with each other. The relationship between siblings is the most mischief driven, full of antics, and…. lovely.

Raksha Bandhan, fondly called as Rakhi, is a celebration of this crazy relationship shared by siblings. That alone speaks about its significance. It is the day when the sister-brother, sister-sister, and brother-brother duo are reminded of the love and camaraderie they both share. This one day gives them a break from their constant fights and blame games. This single day is for them to express all their love for each other, so they can continue being enemies out to make each other’s life hell again.

What justifies making this one day extra special and full of expressions of love and care?

Here’s how to make the day special, full of meaning and bonding.

  1. Make a collage of your clicked memories

Reminiscing memories is one of the things that constitutes spending time with your sibling. Photographs are the bearer of stories that never fail to invoke bouts of laughter, ear to ear smiles, and more stories.

Take those old, long forgotten photos out of the closet and give them a nice, appeasing, new look by getting them together and framed. Gift it in a beautiful package and see the magic unfold before your very eyes. IGP houses some of the best Rakhi gift ideas online that you pick to express your love for your sibling.

  1. Spend quality time together

Just you two. This is the day which should be spent in the sole company of your sibling without the interference of parents, spouses or friends.

Life has been busy for you both, and so you may not get the same amount of time that you used to get earlier. This is the time when you can impose your company on each other without any excuses.

Plan your day accordingly so that no reason can cut the time shared by you two. You could spend the day outdoors. Or simply stay in the house and indulge in talks and fun as you used to when younger.

  1. Thoughtful gestures

Gestures can covey the emotions you have difficulty saying out loud to your loved one. We spoke about gifting collage of your old photos. Likewise, you could think of many quirky and unique gifting ideas for your sibling.

Make attempts to tell your sibling what special place he or she holds in your life. Because words always fall short when it comes to expressing that you care.

  1. Listen to their problems

There are things that are shared just between the siblings and never with the parents; not even friends. While you are spending quality time together, make sure you don’t miss out on this most important point.

Ask your sister or brother about their life, the problems they are facing, and the things they’d like to share. This little pep talk will lighten up the emotions bottled up for long inside your sibling’s heart. Something good will definitely come out from your time together.

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