Why is Rakhi tied on the right hand

June 8, 2023
Why is Rakhi tied on the right wrist?

Why Do Sisters Tie Rakhis on Their Brothers’ Right Hands

The right hand is considered more auspicious than the left in Hindu culture. Tying a rakhi on the right hand is a way for sisters to show their love and protection for their brothers. The rakhi is also a symbol of the bond between siblings and the promise of mutual support.

The very occasion of Raksha Bandhan celebrates the bond between a brother and a sister. Where the brother vows to protect his sister from all types of evil purposes. 

To signify the vow, the sister ties a sacred thread around the hand of the brother. But have you ever wondered, “Why is Rakhi tied on right hand?” There are both cultural and scientific reasons backing it up.

Let’s help you dive deep into the matter. 

Cultural Significance Of Tying The Rakhi On The Right Hand

Before a sister ties the Rakhi on her brother’s right hand, she has to follow many rituals, including fasting, which are thoroughly acclaimed by Hindu culture. The same culture has made it mandatory to tie Rakhi on a brother’s right hand, and here is why. 

  • As per Hindu scriptures, the left hand is unfavorable, and most Indians use it for cleaning.
  • Also, it is thought that the right direction is synonymous with every right action a person takes. So the sister is asked to tie a Rakhi on her brother’s right hand, as it will help the latter move in the right direction. 
  • Ancient Tamil literature focuses on how tigers used to eat those prey only, which fell on their right side and not on the other side. Thus the right side has more cultural value than the left side. 

The most common way to tie a rakhi is to make a simple knot in the thread. However, there are many different unique ways to tie a rakhi, and some people even have their own special way of tying it. If you are not sure how to tie a rakhi, you can read our step-by-step guide on how to tie a rakhi

In Sundarbans (West Bengal), Tigers are believed to be the forest owners and sole protectors. And as the brothers are the sole protector of their sisters, the latter ties a Rakhi on the right hand. Signifying the power her brother has when it comes to standing at her protection.   

Scientific Significance Of Tying The Rakhi On The Right Hand

On the day of Rakhi, the sister wakes up early and prepares a Puja Thal for her brother. As the ceremony begins, the brother is supposed to sit on a wooden chowki facing east. An aarti is performed after tying the Rakhi on the brother’s right hand. 

The aarti signifies how the sister wants to save her brother from evil eyes, praying for a better and healthy future. Moving on, with the scientific significance of tying Rakhi on the right hand, here is the detail.

  • According to Nadi Shashtra, the human body comprises three Nadis – Pingala, Sushumna and Ida. Now, one has the Pingala Nadilocated on the right side of the body. And tying a Rakhi on the right hand helps impart efficiency, vitality and strength to the brother, adding to his capability. 
  • Also, as per Ayurvedic Sciences, the right hand is believed to monitor the Kapha, Pitta and Vata doshas. When a sister ties Rakhi to her brother’s right hand, all these elements start to work together, resulting in happiness and well-being.      

The day of Raksha Bandhan celebrates the purity of emotions between a brother and a sister. Tying the sacred thread of Rakhi makes it even more special, making the siblings remember their vows and oaths to stand by each other.  

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