13 Relatable Things All Siblings Do – Raksha Bandhan Special

July 21, 2021

Raksha Bandhan is falling on 22nd August, 2021 and we all are already busy planning a surprise for our siblings. Well if you haven’t already, you must surely buck up to get your sibling the perfect gift! Coz having a sibling is such a blessing and we just can’t love them enough, to be honest. You can fight with them, tease them but by the end of the day you just can’t live without them. Here’s a toast to the forever sibling frenemy and all the relatable things siblings love to do:

1. Waking Up Each Other 

Yes, you don’t need an alarm clock, if you have a sibling around. Coz they’re gonna wake you up in the most irritating way….EVERYDAY!

waking up sibling

2. Smacking Each Other 

Well, that’s a privilege that most elder siblings enjoy. And older siblings need no reason to give you a good smack on the head….ouch…it hurts!

Smack on the head

3. Annoying Each Other

Yeah, all siblings know that you can’t do something important without worrying about your sibling annoying you. Well, it’s more of an elder sibling problem!

annoying sibling

4. Pranking Each Other

As if having a sibling to deal with was not enough, now you also have to deal with their pranks too. And honestly…siblings prank each other a lot!

pranking siblings

5. Framing Each Other 

Sorry….we all got to admit that at least once, we all have framed our siblings for our mistakes!

framing sibling

6. Fighting Over Things 

This is self explanatory. Can you even be siblings and not stop fighting?!

fighting over things

7. Stealing Each Others Belongings

Whatever’s yours is theirs! And your sibling won’t shy away from stealing it from you every now and then. 

ing things without permission

8. Assisting in Dating

You must have not asked for it but your sibling won’t stop from giving dating advice and introducing you to random strangers to get you hooked up. 

Dating tips sibling

9. Being Overly Dramatic 

Drama…drama…drama….that’s what elder siblings would describe their younger ones. Ain’t we right?

dramatic siblings

10. Clicking Photos Together 

From helping you choose clothes to posing, having a sibling is the perfect reason for an impromptu photoshoot. 

Taking photos with sibling

11. Sharing Things 

Well, it happens a lot. Siblings just can’t live without sharing things. After all, they are our first friends. 

Sharing things

12. Talking Without Talking 

Just a glance or a smirk, or simply an eye contact and you can easily communicate with your sibling….need we say more!

talking without talking

13. Emotional Support 

Last but not least, siblings are the pillars of emotional support for us at home and we can happily be our vulnerable selves with them….Awww….so cute! 

hugging sibling

Let us know what all things you and your sibling do and till then do read our take on how to Celebrate #TheGreatestGift This Raksha Bandhan with IGP

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