12 Types of Sisters and Perfect Gifts for Each One

July 30, 2020
Types of Sisters

Types of Sisters and What to Gift Them This Rakhi

The countdown to Raksha Bandhan has begun. While you know that your sister has made all the secret preparations for the at-home Rakhi bash with the one of the best rakhi  you are here still struggling to even pick a decent gift for her.

Of course, we know the struggle is for real! The world of gifts for girls is an altogether different universe and it is so easy to get lost in the haze. But here’s the trick to ace your gifting game: Just follow your sister and she will tell you herself! Yes, you heard it right.

All you need to know is her likes, dislikes, favorites & pet peeves and the rest you can leave it on us. We have made an awesomesauce compilation of the various types of sisters and the kind of gifts they love to death. So, read along brothers! 

Ghar Ki Laxmi Beti

She is the one who puts the home before herself. Always up to cleaning some mess. You often call her ‘mom’s proxy’. From cooking culinary masterpieces to keeping the house spic and span, she is the star player of the home grounds (pun intended). 

*What she might like? – Home’s her weak spot! So, anything on those lines will surely impress her. Cups, home decor pieces, bedsheets and culinary essentials are the things you should look out for. 

 Ghar Ki Beauty Queen

Nobody on earth can get in between her and her beauty sleep regime. She is the Miss Universe of your house-a total diva in the making. From giving organic homemade facials to being a master of the coveted wing liner, she is the beauty guru your whole family loves to rely on.

*What she might like? – She will love everything that enhances her looks and beauty. Try to go for beauty hampers, colognes & fragrances, bathing essentials, etc. to make her go gaga over you.

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Ghar Ki Style Patakha 

Oh, she is the sensational style goddess of the house with a penchant for exquisite jewellery. From wearing the latest couture to picking the choicest accessories for her outfits, she is simply the boss lady when it comes to high fashion. Remember, she picked all your favorite suits for you?

*What she might like? – She just can’t resist a pair of alluring earrings. That’s the hint buddy! Go for personalized necklaces, studded earrings, bracelets, designer watches and chokers to be a gem of a brother for her.

 Ghar Ki Bag Bazaar 

It all started with her love for her favorite school bag. Now, your sister is a proud owner of dozens of totes, handbags, makeup pouches, sling bags, duffle bags, and clutches. Remember she is so determined that if she likes anything on earth, she can definitely bag it!

*What she might like? – Bags, of course! But the trick here is to find a good one that matches her style and also accommodates all her needs without being too bulky or space deficient. An easy bet would be to go for mid-size totes, handbags & satchel combos, adjustable shoulder strap bags, etc.

Ghar Ki Ladli Ladk

Love is doted on her by everyone in the family. She is the sweet girl who makes your day with her innocent, ear to ear smile. The most easiest to please; she can find the biggest joy in the smallest surprises of life. 

*What she might like? – Something simple yet filled with loads of love and emotions. Go, hunt for teddies, chocolates, flowers, gift boxes and cutesy hampers to make her heart swell with joy.   

Ghar Ki Pop Star 

She is the ultimate guide of all pop references, social media trends, internet slangs, dankest memes, chartbuster songs, and hoards a massive collection of the best web series to binge-watch. A master of online shopping and a total gossip queen of the latest celebrity buzz, she often makes you realise that you are still a baby boomer in the Gen Z world of web. 

*What she might like? – Quirky is the word. So, go for something with lots of options to personalize. Surf the web for trending apparels, twinning T-shirts, personalized photo frames, caricatures and make her feel #blessed. 

Ghar Ki Mithai Ki Dukan 

Always digging into something sweet and delicious, she is the confectionery connoisseur of the house. Rasgulla, gulab jamun, waffles, chocolates, rasmalai, cupcakes, ice-cream sandwich and so much more are simply a staple for her. And of course, be it any occasion or festival you always know who empties the mithai ka dabba within minutes!

*What she might like? – Land yourself up on a mithai shop and you are bingo! Obviously go for the classic Indian gourmet like kaju katli, besan ke laddu, dry fruit mithai, soan papdi, badami halwa and even treats like Cadbury celebrations, homemade chocolates, assorted chocolates, etc

Ghar Ki Doctor Bitiya 

The dietician-cum-therapist-cum-doctor of the house, she is the one who cared for sanitizers way before they were considered a priority. She does not settle for anything less but the best hygiene practices, healthiest diet and the strictest fitness regime. 

*What she might like? – A kiss of good health! She will instantly fall in love with a surprise of health hampers, green tea hampers, protein laddu, dry fruits mithai, sugar-free sweets, and fruit baskets.

 Ghar Ki Cute Chutki 

The finicky lil drama queen of the house, this tiny girl loves to do everything at her whim. She surely loves all the fairy tales and superhero stories, but adjusting to all these #NewNormal health practices just seem too much for this cute baby girl. 

*What she might like? – Hmmm….little kids love colors, cartoons and tempting treats to make their day. Explore more on cartoon-printed kids masks, dolls, toy playsets, teddies, personalized frames and cushions. 

Ghar Ki Selfie Superstar

She does the perfect pout and slays in all the angles. This dazzling damsel is the photogenic camera girl of the house. But it is not just her love to be in front of the camera, your entire family secretly knows that she is a truly gifted photographer just awaiting her big picture. 

*What she might like? – Anything to do with photos will always make her go completely crazy. Frame her pictures & collages in unique ways such as personalized cushions, round crystals, clocks, keychains, wooden plaques, and more.

 Ghar Ki Sanskari Beti

She is the epitome of sanskaari perfection. From doing the household chores to killing it in academics, she is the girl who excels in every task she does. She is highly modern but completely desi, and her love for everything desi is just as old as her. Well, do you remember that she often helped with your homework and shared her notes with you? Yup, she has always made you all feel proud!

*What she might like? – Ethnic! Yes, chase ethnic creations and handmade apparels for her. You can easily find a collection of chanderi sarees, cotton sarees, silk sarees, batik printed sarees for her. She will definitely be impressed with the six-yard fabric.

Brothers, we hope that you have found just the perfect gift for your doting sister. Till then, why not get some quick ideas for cheerful home decor. Read our blog on What Are Ferns – Ferns and Petals to Beautify Your Home and enjoy! 

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