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Nautical Pieces- 11 Best Gift Ideas for the Ones Who Love Everything Nautical

May 21, 2019

Beware, captain! We have turbulent waters ahead. If your loved one looks at his or her life like one lived on a ship on a mission, read this blog very carefully. We have things to make the mysteries and adventures your loved one imagines feel real. Presenting our exciting nautical collection. They are handpicked by our expert in-house curators. What makes these nautical pieces special?

  1. They have a vintage look that renders an authentic feel to them
  2. They are unique, you won’t find these anywhere else!
  3. They are useful too! They are not simply showpieces.

From our collection, here are 11 best nautical pieces for your Aye, aye captain. Have a look-

Brass Nautical Navigation Collectible Tool Set


It’s obvious that your sea exploration loving dear one likes travelling, a lot 🙂 So here is the perfect pick for him or her. This toolset includes a compass, sand clock and binoculars. Their tiny structure makes them a perfect companion for travels. They are made from brass for a striking vintage appeal and durability. Wherever your loved ones go, the nautical pieces will make sure they feel like sailors out on an expedition for a secret mission.

Antique Nautical Boatswain’s Pipe in Sheesham Wood Box


Does your loved one considers himself or herself to be the commander of the ship? Then gift them this attractive pipe with which they can instruct the entire family with a blow. Also called as whistle and flute, it has a beautiful design with gold, brass finish that makes it a great keepsake.

Magnifying Lens with Adjustable Stand


So your loved one likes going into the details of every problem? Here is the right tool for them. This magnifying lens will help them have a good look at everything of importance. The adjustable stand will make sure nothing of any height or angle is missed. Equipped with these, your loved one may find the solution to the problem or, well, spot the treasure!

Personalised Brass Handcrafted Nautical Vintage Design Antique Finish Frog Binocular


A good old nautical piece and on top of that personalisable! That’s the best gift for any sea adventurer. Let your loved one have fun spotting faraway islands with this handcrafted binocular. Add their beautiful name over it so everyone else knows better than to touch and use it for themselves.

Anchor Designed Personalized Brass Pocket Watch


Timing is everything for a sailor. Give the gift of time to your loved one with this brass pocket watch. It has a stunning look and comes in an elegant vintage case. The watch can be personalised with your loved one’s name. Your loved one wouldn’t be able to resist the urge to pocket it 😉

Antique Finish Solid Brass Victorian Design Globe Pillar Table Clock

Antique-Finish-Solid-Brass-Victorian-Design-Globe-Pillar-Table-Clock 1

Antique-Finish-Solid-Brass-Victorian-Design-Globe-Pillar-Table-Clock 2

Another great time gift, this Victorian-style pillar table clock is for those with a liking for unique looking things. The globe design at the back of the clock adds to the distinct charm of the entire piece.

Engraved Robert Frost Poem Solid Brass Sundial Marine Compass in Sheesham Box


Two roads diverged in a wood and I…..

I took the road less travelled by

Every adventurer swears by this poem by Robert Frost. What can be the best gift for a navigator than this brass sundial marine compass engraved with this thoughtful poem?

Engraved Brass and Sheesham Wood Marine Master Box


This master box has everything your adventure loving dear one would want for his or her travels. It has a sturdy and elegant looking box featuring a compass, telescope, scale and more. The box is engraved with the details of how to use the included tools. Easy to carry, easy to use and full of a promise for fun travels.

Personalized Sheesham Wood and Brass Hour Glass Sand Timer


Even an explorer cum sailor needs to fulfil responsibilities back home 😉 You can make sure he or she is not running out of time to complete a task at hand and also have enough left for adventures. This beautiful hourglass timer table personalisable with your loved one’s name is the perfect nautical pick.

Stanley London Engravable Large Brass Pocket Compass


Looking for a nautical piece for your lover? You have the perfect one in this brass pocket compass. It features a dreamy love quote etched on the top.

Life is Perfect Personalized Brass Compass Key Chain


Gift this cute little brass compass key chain to your always-on-the-go loved one. It has an inspiring line written on it. The name of your loved one will come below the line.

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