Hand Block Printing – The Indian Textiles Saga

June 16, 2017

India is widely known for its unique arts and crafts since the ancient days.

Before Independence, India was called the Golden Bird. One of the many reasons it was called so, was due to the flourishing trade in the country.

The key product which was used for the purpose of trade was cloth. The Indian cloth was known to be the finest in the world and occupied the major share in the world market.

There were innumerable ways in which the Indian cloth was colored and decorated. Out of those innumerable ways was the method of Hand Block Printing.

Few facts about Hand Block Printing

1) The art of Hand Block Printing has been prevalent in India since the 12th century

2) Hand printed and hand dyed clothes were famous and the fabric received the royal patronage.

3) If it is traced back, according to early records, it states that the process of Hand Block Printing was centralized just in the South India, but actually it has been famous all over the Indian sub- continent.

4) Hand block Printed items are rich in color and are made using the kalam (pen) or the wooden blocks

Hand block printing is trending again

The art of Hand Block Printing has again seen the rise for the last two decades. This was an ancient form of craft and it has now seen some major revival.

Hand block printed items like wall hangings, cushion covers, floor spreads are in demand to pep up the home decor and add a traditional touch to urban homes.

Here I am listing my personal favorite Hand block Printed items available at IGP.com.

Hand Block Printed Cushion Cover to add up in the style of sofas & chairs

Multi color handmade cushions to add a splash of colors in room


Tricolor Hand Block Print Cushion Cover Set

Tricolor Hand Block Print Cushion Cover Set

Checkout this Hand block printed Cushion Cover here.

An Office Wear Floral Cotton Sari with Hand Block Prints

Contrasted with a matching blue blouse, I think this makes a perfect summer wear for light events or even can be worn in office. Tip: When it comes to accessorize with this sari, the chicest option is to keep things minimum.

Traditional Floral Handblock Print Saree

Traditional Floral Handblock Print Saree


You can buy this sari from here.

Hand block Printed Jaipuri Quilts from the desert land of Rajasthan

Jaipuri Razai (quilts) from Rajasthan are famous worldwide because of exquisite creation by skilled artisans from Rajasthan India.

Jaipuri Razai make a perfect gift during winters especially on Christmas & New Year.


Maroon Patch Work Hand Block Quilt

Maroon Patch Work Hand Block Quilt

Check out Maroon Jaipuri Quilt here.

Stunningly Beautiful Block Printed Canvas Backpack

Hand block printing, an age old art has made its way again in the hot trends and no one is untouched with its charm.  The canvas backpack created for youngsters and sports lovers.


Green Tri Canvas Backpack

Green Tri Canvas Backpack

Maintenance of Hand Block Printed Products

Even though the colors used by the craftsmen and artisans are really good, special care should be taken during the first wash. So, it is advisable to definitely get the products dry cleaned during the first wash and to keep the sheen of the materials intact.

This festival season, explore a wide array of options, experience India’s traditional best.


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