10 Unique Gift Wrapping Ideas That Will Wow Your Recipients

August 31, 2023
Gift Wrapping Ideas

How to Wrap Gifts That Look Like They Were Made by a Pro

The first impression is the last impression, they say. And when it comes to gift-giving, the wrapping can make all the difference.

A beautifully wrapped gift shows the recipient that you took the time and effort to make their gift special. It also adds an element of surprise and delight, which can make the gift even more memorable.

An unwrapped gift might not stand out as something presentable, unique, and chic compared to the other wrapped ones.

Also, looking into the psychology behind gift wrapping, researchers have found recipients more joyful and welcoming towards gifts received with a wrap on.

It fills them with joy, screaming WOW from the inside. If you are trying to understand the various wrapping techniques and want more insights, here are some unique gift wrapping ideas.

In this blog post, we will share some unique gift wrapping ideas that will help you elevate your gifting game.

From recycled maps to upcycled sweaters, we have something for everyone. So whether you’re looking for a simple and elegant wrap or something more creative, we have you covered.

Map Wrap

Little gestures can make a lot of difference, and so does a map wrap. When you are into recycling but want your gift wrap to be unique, go for the old maps you have and pack the item with a nicely folded updo. Voila! You are done and set for the event. This is one of the best versions among multiple cheap gift wrapping ideas.

Chalkboard Wrap

When looking for DIY gift wrapping ideas, surely this can be the one at the top. Get some black matte paper, pastel colours that will help you get that chalky finish on the paper, and a jute string to tie up. Well! You have your chalkboard wrap ready. Before you start, make sure to finalize the doodles or art you want to have on the paper.

Fabric Scrap Wrap

When you are all about aesthetics and vibes, the fabric scrap wrap idea will get you excited. All you need are wrapping papers, scissors, fabric scraps, strong adhesives and ribbons. Cover up the gift using your wrapping paper, then get going with the fabric scraps you want, pasting them as cut-out shapes or using them as ribbons.

Paper Doily Wrap

Paper doilies have always been popular since the Victorian Era through the early 1950s. Still today, these are famous as laces, adorning the beautiful clothing of women. You can always use the same as wraps and amplify the overall finesse of your gift multi-folds.

Floral Print Newspaper Wrap

While newspapers are an essential offering quick bites of daily whereabouts, ones with floral motifs are great for aesthetics. You can always continue with a floral print newspaper wrap for someone’s birthday, wedding, or anniversary occasions.

Furoshiki Wrap

Heading from Japan, Furoshiki is a traditional piece of clothing, great with decorations besides being eco-friendly. When you want to try gift wrapping ideas without box, get going with these wraps made from nylon, silk rayon, or cotton materials.

Transparent Balloon Wrap

Transparent balloon wraps are chique, unique, and everything elegant. These round and clear balloons made of PVC material are durable and aesthetic at the same time. Also, adding to the surprising element, these balloons can be filled with helium or an air pump, making them float.

Puzzle Piece Wrap

Wrapping papers adorned with puzzle motifs is quirky and fun, making it a possible option for birthdays and surprise parties. You can choose to go colourful or black/white with the same.

Upcycled Sweater Wrap

Old sweaters are a vibe on their own. Also, they are wholesomely vintage adding to the aesthetics of a gift. You can always use one to make these cute cutouts or long ribbons and add to the gift. Use the buttons as accessories, adding them as a charm to the item.

Windowpane Wrap

The windowpane wrap technique has this checkered look, resembling the frame of a window. You can always make your DIY windowpane wraps with paper or clothes. Also, you can choose from other readymade ones in the market.

The art of gifting lets you express your love for a person, making them feel wanted and respected. The person understands how important they are to you. Adding a thoughtful wrap to the gift makes things even more presentable, offering an element of surprise for the receiver to be amazed.

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