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15 Amazing Benefits of Money Plant You Need to Know

March 26, 2023
money plant benefits

Amazing Benefits of Money Plant

One of the most famous houseplants, Money plant is a complete stunner in both indoor and outdoor plant categories. Loved for its low maintenance, no fuss quality, this flowerless plant can survive in all conditions even with the least attention.

Money plants feature beautiful variegations on glossy, heart shaped, green leaves and that’s not the only thing that makes them admirable.

Here are some benefits of Money Plant:

Improves Sleep Quality

Money Plant in White Ceramic Planter

One of the best money plant benefits at home is that they improve sleep quality. They are known to provide positive vibes and absorb negative energies. Therefore they change the home atmosphere to a healthy and happy one.

Unlike some plants and trees, money plants continue to produce oxygen at night, enhancing sleep quality by providing fresh air. 

Boosts Concentration and Productivity

Money Plant in White Ceramic Planter

Because they provide a constant supply of oxygen, money plants also help increase productivity and concentration. Having a money plant on your office desk or study table can decrease your anxiety and stress levels and, in turn, improve your productivity.

It also absorbs radiation from devices such as computers, televisions, etc. and protects you from harmful rays. 

Enhances Positivity 

Money Plant In Square Glass Vase

One of the many money plant advantages is that it also enhances positivity. The plant is believed to remove anxiety, depression and bad mood.

Science has proven that having plants indoors and interacting with them can reduce tension levels and promote comfortable and positive feelings in the body. Therefore, having a money plant in your house is always an excellent choice. 

Promotes Healing

Rose Gold Good Luck Pot

Money plants can prevent the Sick Building Syndrome in the residents of a house by absorbing negative energies. If you place a money plant near the Wifi router, it can help protect the children from falling sick regularly and can also minimize heart pain in adults and elders.

Therefore, a money plant is believed to have healing properties. 

Improves Indoor Air Quality

Money Plant in a Baby Groot Planter

Another money plant benefit is that it improves the air quality inside your home or office. It is considered a natural air purifier. Therefore, many people make it a point to have at least a medium size money plant indoors as well.

It keeps your place fresh and clean by removing harmful particles such as carbon monoxide, benzene, and xylene. 

Provides Food for Herbivorous Pets

Golden Aura Money Plant

Money plants are known to suck nutrition from other plants if grown together. Since these plants are highly nutritious, they make good food for some herbivorous pets. They are rich in copper and contain antifungal properties.

Therefore, you can feed them to pets such as rabbits, tortoises, parakeets and some fishes too.

Improves Water Quality

Golden Aura Money Plant

When placed in an aquarium, the money plant can purify the air for the water organisms as well. You can leave the roots of the money plant inside the aquarium and maintain its growth outside instead of growing it in a pot.

Doing so removes nitrate from the water and prevents the growth of algae in the water. It also balances the pH level. 

Reduces Noise Pollution

Golden Money Plant in a Glass Bowl

Another one of the fantastic money plant benefits is that it can also absorb sound energy. Using the deflection, absorption and retraction properties, it blocks unwanted sounds and thus helps in reducing noise pollution.

Money plants also eliminate echoes and are perfect for workspaces, bedrooms, kitchens, or living spaces.

Money Plant is Considered Lucky

Love Grows Deep Golden Money Plant

Money plants are said to bring prosperity and good luck to its keeper and that keeping them at home can help to attain great heights in both personal and professional spheres of life.

This is one major reason that makes this creeper such a common plant in homes, offices and even cafes. According to Vatu & Feng Shui, money plants should be kept indoors in the south-east direction. Keeping it in any other direction might bring negativity to the home.

Provides Good Foliage

Jade & Money Plant in Rectangular Ceramic Pot

One of the amazing benefits of keeping money plants at home is that you can manoeuvre its path and create excellent natural arches, wall hangings and other decorative looks with the healthy growth and bright green foliage of these pretty climbers creating an enviable tropical look.

They add the necessary aesthetics to living rooms, gardens and even roofs, doors, gateways and windows. Beautify your homes with this natural decor to add greenery to your indoor and outdoor spaces.

Purifies Air & Anti-radiation Pro

Money Plant Variegated For Wonderful Mom

It’s not just doing what plants do best – purifying air naturally, but also acts as an anti-radiator inside our homes and office spaces. Among the many money plant uses, minimizing harmful radiation levels emitted by everyday electronic devices like computers, mobile phones and laptops is especially very helpful.

Money plants add value to a healthy lifestyle by removing airborne pollutants from indoor air, such as benzene, carbon monoxide, formaldehyde, and xylene; thereby filling the room with more oxygen.

This helps in easy breathing which leads to the minimizing of pollution related health issues. Since they remove toxins and air pollutants from the surroundings, they are beneficial for people who have asthma.

Helps Clean Aquarium Water

Money Plant in Ceramic Pot - Customized with Message & Logo

Amazed at the many advantages of Money Plants? Here’s one more- you can grow money plants in aquariums to make the water free from nitrates, which are harmful to the fishes & other water animals. This will give your pet fish a clean and healthy environment to live in.

Increases Humidity in the Air

Money Plant In Textured Yellow Planter

The golden money plant benefits homes in dry regions. It increases humidity in the air through evapotranspiration- a process through which plants transfer water to the atmosphere. This added moisture in the air helps concerns such as chapped lips, dry skin, dry throat, nosebleeds and also prevents allergies.

Excellent Plant for Beginners

Money Plant in Ceramic Pot - Customized with Message & Logo

Trying your hands at growing plants? The easy growing money plant is here to captivate your heart. Growing Money Plants is perfect for first time gardeners as it requires little to almost no plant care required. The plant can tolerate light to severe light conditions and can survive in rough climates as well.

Medicinal Benefits

Money Plant in Plastic Planter

There are plenty of medicinal uses of money plants that are yet unknown to us but according to Feng Shui experts, keeping this plant near the WiFi router would keep elderly people from getting heartaches and children from falling sick too often.

Money plants tend to keep your mind calm and release your stress. One of the biggest benefits of a money plant is it can reduce your sleeping disorders and anxiety thus bringing on a healthy lifestyle.

We bet after knowing these you can’t wait to have your own money plant. You can buy Money Plant online quite easily and it is widely available on IGP.

Your search for buying Money Tree Plant online has come to a stop as we offer a variety of Money Plants to be gifted to your loved ones. So, go ahead and send some best wishes to your loved ones on their way.

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